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Humans Ruled By Dead People?

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores the theories of the late P.D. Ouspensky and asks “Is humanity ruled by dead people?” This is an eight-minute highlight from our recent X-Series episode on Ouspensky and his intriguing view that dead people are ruling the world through what’s called “Eternal Recurrence.”

Earth Surrounded by Space Junk

For 60 years, we have launched rockets and spacecraft into orbit, but now, thousands of objects from tiny screws and bolts to dead satellites encircle Earth, transforming the space above us into a junkyard. In the crosshairs of the high-speed junk is the International Space Station, which has already been hit. Scientists search for solutions to the problem in this edition of DCode by Discovery.

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A Glimpse of the Past

If you’ve ever taken in the wonders of the night sky, chances are you may be glancing into the distant past. Even the things you see surrounding you are old news. Well, maybe only mere nano seconds old. “Light travels at about 1 foot per nano second,” says Katie Mack of minutephysics. “Everything you look at is to one degree or another in the past. The farther away in space, the more ancient in time.” Take the Andromeda Galaxy, our Milky Way’s closest neighbor. If you’re lucky enough to see this cosmic giant on a clear evening, you’re viewing it 2.5 million years in the past.

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The Fake Space Guru

Let’s take a look at Jason Silva, the salesman for New Age optimism and One World techno-mysticism. He’s now a prime spokesman for Google and National Geographic, but in reality, he’s not at all a visionary, just another fake space guru and liar.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The original video has disappeared so we present a second one, where Silva gives a Ted-Ed talk on What Is the Future Of Us?)

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Unraveling Space Myths

Our universe is full of mysteries, many of them not close to being solved. But scattered about what we do know of the Final Frontier are a handful of myths. Many of the wider-known misconceptions have been debunked, such as the myth that a human body would freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space. But space is beyond freezing, measuring -270.45 Celsius. Your body wouldn’t freeze, you’d actually overheat because there is nothing for your body heat to transfer to. Nine additional myths are explained in this special science issue of Alltime 10s.

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Extraterrestrial Land Grab

While space probes make gigantic strides in gathering interstellar data, it’s only a matter of time before humans begin migrating to other extraterestrial planets and moons, including our own. So that begs the question, Who owns these planets and moons?

Believe it or not, there is an official compact addressing this very issue called the Outer Space Treaty. Says Michael Sevens of Vsauce, “One-hundred, twenty-nine nations have signed or ratified the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which says outer space is not subject to national appropriation. It says nothing about a private individual or a company owning part of outer space.” Steven delves into the details and documents in this edition of Vsauce.

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Our Universe and Beyond

Every time you get upset about something insignificant, just sit back and think of our home–our Earth, our solar system, our universe, our Milky Way Galaxy. But that’s not where it ends. In the following 209 seconds that will make you question your existence, Buzz Feed Blue takes a mesmerizing look at our universe and beyond.

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Titan’s Missing Waves

Titan (or Saturn VI) is the largest moon of Saturn. It is the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere and the only object, other than Earth, for which clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found. However, these bodies of liquid are incredibly still, with no sign of wave activity. What is causing this incredible phenomenon?

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Free Falling in Outer Space

If you were to orbit the Earth, you’d experience the feeling of free fall, not unlike what your stomach feels before a big dive on a roller coaster. With a little help from Sir Isaac Newton, TedEducation contributor Matt J. Carlson explains the basic forces acting on an astronaut and why you probably shouldn’t try this one at home.

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