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The Hollywood Creep Show

Bob Saget and the Olsen Twins! Did Saget rape and murder a girl in 1990, as Gilbert Gottfried joked? Something’s creepy…Must be Hollywood! Cymatics! First ladies who look more like first men! Dopey Dems! More from McAllister TV.

Comedian Heather McDonald collapses and suffers a skull fracture during a live show in Tempe, Ariz. This follows the death of comedian Bob Saget from a head trauma. Is there a pattern here? And what could be the cause? Jamie Dlux examines the evidence.

A Man Of Many Faces

Brit Charles Hopkinson takes a double-barrelled shot at the lighter side of life with impressions and a slice of comedy. His stand-up is a character act about a retired math teacher and includes dead-on impressions of Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Liam Neeson and Sir David Attenborough, among others.

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King of the One-Liners

Comedian and musician Henny Youngman skyrocketed to fame during a six-decade career with the mastery of the one-liner. Youngman’s wowed audiences with his one-line jokes–punch line and all–and an occasional musical interlude on his violin. In the following video by Sneakers, watch as Youngman rapidly rattles off a series of one-liners, much to the delight of the audience in this edition of the lighter side of life.

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