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Cayce’s Terrifying Predictions

American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce’s track record  is uncanny. He predicted Hitler’s reign of terror in the 1930s ad ’40s, called the outbreak of World War II, the deaths of FDR and JFK and the 1929 stock market crash.

Eerily, Cayce also predicted his own death within four days. But The Why Files host AJ Gentile says the prophet’s most disturbing and terrifying predictions are yet to come, including a looming catastrophe for Mother Earth, which will reshape continents and rewrite borders around the world. Here’s more.

Skyrocketing Inflation Ahead

The bond market is in a free-fall at the same time as we’re seeing a currency crash and stock market dive. In other words, all hell is breaking loose upon investors of every stripe and persuasion.

Here, financial analyst Gregory Mannarino weighs the damage and predicts we’re going to see skyrocketing inflation — much higher than anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes!

Biden Economy A Dumpster Fire

With inflation rising out of control, the stock market catering and the Biden Administration now increasing the national debt by $1 trillion every few months, the American economy has turned into a dumpster fire.

Mike Adams  dissects the financial gyrations of the administration and updates the FBI assault on Mike Lindell, plus more.

Nothing Shall Remain Hidden!

Saturday Intel! Crash before DeClass! Mayan tablets? Higher Dimensions! Ascension symptoms! Planetary changes! Ancient battles! Final stages! Nothing shall remain hidden! More from McAllister TV.

The Coming Depression

Bob Kudla joins me to discuss the Twitter bot situation, market collapse and oddities surrounding the recent Buffalo shooter. More from RedPill78.

Great Reset Power Shift

Josh Sigurdson reports on Deutsche Bank, once one of the largest banks in the world, warning of a massive recession in the face of large inflation numbers and potential conflict, supply-chain breakdown, stock market crash, printing and more.

In this edition of World Alternative Media, Sigurdson discusses how the United States and Germany are bracing for record inflation numbers that will force their hand in a global currency power shift.

How Bad Can It Get?

So you think it’s bad now? Well it may be about to get way worse…What might we expect: Food shortages, rising gas prices, a stock market crash and cryptocurrencies banned by the lamebrain Biden administration. More from RedPill78.

Fake News Crashes Market

Josh Sigurdson reports that news of a fake Covid-19 variant hit the propaganda mill on Friday, sending the stock market to its largest Black Friday crash in 70 years.

This is especially disturbing, says Sigurdson, since the market is already manipulated and propped up by the Deep State. He says there have been no fundamentals in play for a while and fear has gripped  traders. If this continues, the consequences will be dire–worse inflation, more supply chain woes and, most of all, blind complacency as people continue to fall for every single absurd claim by the pharma-funded mainstream media. In this video, Sigurdson breaks down what we need to do to survive the bloodbath.