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2023 Theme: Go Woke, Go Broke

Sara Carter explains that Americans are tolerant people, but when Bud Light, Target and many other corporations aggressively promote an agenda that millions of us reject, it’s time for us to protect our kids and take our dollars elsewhere.

Enter Public Square. That’s the new app directing customers to businesses that don’t mock our values or take absurd social stances, such as diaper companies promoting abortion. Instead, they’re focused on providing you the best possible products and services. In today’s episode, Carter is joined by Public Square founder Michael Seifert to explain how the app works and why it was necessary.

Your Nation Depends On Prayer

When we pray and add works to our faith, God moves to change our culture. Whether it’s a boycott of woke-ism at Target or a judge who tosses out a plea deal for a political criminal, we are seeing prayers answered. Here are four areas that need our immediate attention! Here’s more from Lori Colley, touching upon censorship and persecution of those most vulnerable.

How The Left Hates Patriotism

Freedom is always only one generation away from extinction and we need to be serious about teaching our kids the values that made our country great. Sara Carter welcomes author David Harris Jr. to the program to discuss this theme and the importance of protecting our children from today’s radical-left ideology.

Woke Ideology Takes Whooping

Woke ideology is being rejected all over America, brands are pulling back and children are fighting for their right to stay unindoctrinated! Pride Month is getting attacked, but also Black Lives Matter and many other woke fixtures. Here’s More from RedPill78.

YouTube Ups Its Censorship

You can tell we have an election coming near. YouTube once again is going apeshit with its censorship efforts. As we reported earlier today, The United Spot says it will take down its YouTube channel because it can’t deal with the non-stop censorship.

Now, YouTube is even banishing and branding more mainstream conservatives, suspending Candace Owens and Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire. Much of the uproar surrounds their coverage of transgenders and the news surrounding boycotts of Target, Bud Light and other patently leftist companies.

Here, the commentators from Tom Pool’s channel Timcast discuss the latest censorship nonsense. How many more conservatives will be banished? What does YouTube get from the corrupt Joe Biden regime for employing such heavy-handed practices? Is YouTube motivated by rewards or reacting to threats? Let’s dig in.

Bud Light Deposed As Top Beer

Modelo Especial has now ousted Bud Light as the number one selling beer across the United States.

For the month of May, sales figures for Modelo Especial topped $333 million, a 15 percent rise over the same month a year ago. Meanwhile, Bud Light — the former No. 1 selling beer — saw its sales figures drop to $297 million for the month of May, a 22.8 percent decline.

The moral of the story: Woke advertising has ended Bud Light’s reign, just as it is ending Target as a dominant retail chain. Go woke and you’ll go broke. Here’s more from Tim Pool.

U.S. Bioweapons Program

Dr. David Martin says the U.S. bioweapons program was created from World War I forward to build domestic-terrorist events and change the populace’s willingness to accept a police state.

Appearing on “The Stew Peters Show (:28:19 of video), Martin says how he exposed the U.S. propensity for bioweapons  to the EU Parliament and across Europe in general. Among his shocking reveals, Martin says it was the U.S. Department of Defense who were behind the weaponized anthrax attacks in 2001, aerosolizing the bacteria and mailing it to media outlets, killing Americans.

Peters brings us more with Martin, plus reports on how woke corporations worship LGBT pride month.  Video courtesy of Ivory Gebnuton.

Obliterating The Vax Narrative

Dan Bongino reports that more research has surfaced revealing that masks may offer a small benefit for Covid-19, but increased CO2 may be tied to stillbirth.

Sourcing Just The News, Bongino says the research by U.S. Navy experts also shows testicular toxicity in adolescents. The reports reveals that after five minutes of being masked, CO2 concentration rises higher than Navy exposure limits in submarines carrying a female crew.

Says Bongino, “Everything we told you about the ‘rona is starting to come true. I believe in science, unlike the lefty goons and public health losers like Fauci. … And on masking, at least, the body of research shows that it sucks and doesn’t do much of anything.” He explains further, plus brings more analysis on the issues of the day.