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Mass Executions For Black Hats

Daryl James, from the Super Solider program, says mass executions await the Black Hats. They are being shown evidence of their criminal deeds. They have a choice: Plead guilty and agree to death by lethal injection or face execution by firing squad. No reloads!

This game is being played in 5D! Old Reptilians get slaughtered after a certain age! Telepathy is possible in 3D! The name of Jesus Christ is prohibited in underground facilities controlled by the Reptilians!

Some off-planet Germans were raised by reptiles! There are no portals left for them to escape through! White Hats control the Moon! Learn more about these villains, including the former Air Force pedophile creep Michael Aquino! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

How Pike Introduced Satanism

Christian 21 Update! The Baphomet is how they in! Albert Pike brought Satanism into the Freemasons! Antarctica Wikileaks photos! The Navigator who crossed the Ice Walls! Margarita Minute! John Kerry! Christian 21’s Map Update! More from McAllister TV.

Here is a copy of the Nos Confunden Map, as discussed in this edition of McAllister TV.


Hollywood’s Gender Conversions

Christian 21 update! The rise of the Baphomet! Demonic Reptilians! Sports figures, musicians and Hollywood…All demonic conversions! Conversion surgeries! Goals of the New World Order to depopulate the planet! Agent Margaritaville. More from McAllister TV.

Project Mayhem!

Super Soldier Michael Spinler! Death matches with children! Reptilian encounters! Project Mayhem! Finger Lake Milabs! Failed clones used for torture! Channel 21 updates! Soldier spawns of the SS! More from McAllister TV.

Decode: Deception Off the Charts

Gene Decode says the level of deception in our world is off the charts. Appearing on the Patriot Streetfighter podcast with Scott McKay, Decode says, “Creation is infinite, like God. So there’s an infinite number of beings, some of them billions of years ahead of us (technology wise).”

He says NASA has actually plotted 600,000 million galaxies and there are millions of planets alone in the Milky Way Galaxy. On top of that, Decode says, we’ve been lied to about the number of planets in our solar system, “We have 11 planets at third density,” he says. “And by the time you add up first, second, third, fourth and fifth densities, you have 90.”

McKay and Decode also talk submarine waterways that come off the coast and dock as far inland as Missouri, how we’re still stuck in the technology of the late-19th century and about beings, including our future selves, are so advanced, they now communicate beyond telepathy, employing mind thoughts. Decode wraps up the podcast with a stunning update on the Afghanistan chaos.

U.S. Headed To Star Trek Future

Dr. Michael Salla, a self-proclaimed pioneer in the development of exopolitics–the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life–says our planet is headed toward a Star Trek Future.

He says that in 2019, the Air Force Space Command, recently renamed Space Force, convened 60 experts from the U.S. and internationally for a workshop to hypothesize what space would look like in the next 40 years. They developed eight scenarios, but agreed the Star Trek Future was the optimal one. It involves U.S. and global expansion into space in three main categories–civil, with many people out in space; commercial, involving companies; and military, a coalition of like-minded space pals all doing the same thing.

Salla joins Brighteon Conversations host Mike Adams to further discuss Star Trek Future, plus he talks warp-drive travel, quantum physics, the Galactic Federation, telepathy and much more.

The Movement Of Thought

Many of us have spent a good portion of our lives meditating, marching to the tune of gurus on a Tibetan mountaintop or tending to protocol in search of inner peace and silence. A special guest, known only as Jay, tells Nicholas Veniamin that humans have lived for millennia on this Earth, thinking we have evolved and developed, but we’ve never really found peace or stability in ourselves.

He says the key to discovering inner peace and silence instantly is through observing, looking and actually seeing the movement of thought. “We’ve never looked at the function of what thought is and, to me, that’s insanity,” he says. “We live with thought every single day. It’s the closest thing we have to us, even more so than our loved ones, our family, because it’s there all the time.” Tune in as Jay takes us on a journey to uncover the mysteries of thought and inner peace, and reveals a bombshell prediction of what our minds will eventually accomplish.

Know Your Monster: 29


A gigantic squid-like creature from Outer Space, Viras battles Gamera in the 1968 film Destroy All Planets, also known as Gamera Vs. the Space Monster Viras. It’s the one and only screen appearance by Viras, barring fleeting glimpses of him seen in stock footage shown during other Gamera movies.

Viras is the leader of an alien race intent on conquering the Earth. He sees Gamera as the only threat to stop his plans, so he targets the flying turtle, preying upon Gamera’s one weakness — a kindness and affinity toward children. Viras kidnaps two Boy Scouts and holds them hostage on his spaceship. With Gamera coming to their rescue, Viras can employ his arsenal of tricks, including telepathy and mind control, to defeat the Earth monster. Otherwise, Viras has a limited arsenal of weapons. He doesn’t spit fire or hurl radioactive beams. He can only smother opponents with his tentacles or spear them with sharply pointed head.

We already presented the theatrical trailer for Gamera Vs. the Space Monster Viras in our Know Your Monster installment on Gamera. So, instead of repeating the trailer, here’s a well-done review of the movie — well-done, with one exception. The reviewer slips out of the gate and calls the monster “Varan” instead of “Viras.” Oh, well, nobody’s perfect. And he does catch and correct the mistake moving forward.

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Tomorrow’s featured monster: Yonggary