Pentagon’s UFO Cover-up

On Balance’s Leland Vittert reports that Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett is attacking the Pentagon over its apparent cover-up of the UFO phenomenon.

Vittert says, “It’s not us saying that the government won’t tell us the truth. Members of Congress want answers. They want more from the Pentagon, who won’t say much, about those who have visited us in these videos.” Here’s more from Vittert, including Burchett’s resolve to hold the Pentagon accountable.

Trump: New House Speaker?

Trump for Speaker of the House could be closer than we know. Also, Williamson County in Tennessee is kicking Dominion Voting Systems to the curb and Trump responds to the Unselect Committee…More from RedPill78.

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas…Is My President Back. Billy Falcon sings a stirring anthem, presented by Simon Parkes. Falcon is a longtime musician and composer, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Against All Enemies: Judgment

The [Deep State] is now preparing for the fallout when the Arizona forensic audit is produced. Depending how bad it is, the [Deep State] is ready to spring into action and they will censor as many people as they can. Once the information begins to flow and they lose control, they will take it to the next level. This might take a couple of days/week but when it happens people will see the [Deep State] push their plan. It had to be this way. Everyone has a choice, against all enemies foreign and domestic. Judgment day. More from the X22 Report.

Ken Bennett details what we should expect form the audit results on Friday, Sidney Powell gets to depose Eric Coomer, mass shooting in TN a distraction and Hunter Biden laptop confirmed by Politico. More from RedPill78.

Burger Kangz Gets Riddled

A woman in Memphis, Tennessee whipped out her guns and started firing because she was upset over the wait time at a Burger King drive-through window. We kid you not! The moral of the story: If you’re on the road heading through Memphis, don’t wait — just drive right on through. More from The Salty Cracker.

Did Black Hats Bomb Nashville?

I saw and listened to retired US military intelligence officer and whistleblower Jeffrey Prather interviewed on the Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams last week and what he was saying about the Nashville Bombing made a lot of sense to me. I have covered the Nashville bombing False Flag/Hoax since it happened on Christmas Day and my main two main question’s have been

A) what caused it – because I know it was not caused by a RV blowing-up (they used that one in Oklahoma already) and

B) What was the reason for it?

After listening to Jeffrey Prather for one hour and then listening to his podcast for another hour, I believe that I found my answers to both questions and I want to share them with you as I break down Prather’s investigative report and share my thoughts on it as I give you a slideshow presentation on The Truth Behind the Nashville Christmas Day Bombing. More from GlobalAgenda@BitChute.

Nashville: Done By White Hats

In his latest update, Simon Parkes says his sources have confirmed the Nashville explosion was an operation done by the White Hats.  A space weapon was used to pull off or coordinate the blast. The camper was not part of the explosive operation but was carrying the recording to warn citizens to leave the area. This was done to minimize any potential loss of life. If the White Hats had not carried out the explosion, the Deep State had a counter operation they would have staged. It likely would have been far deadlier and larger in scale.

The Trump administration, Parkes adds, is now engaged in major operations to seal off the borders and prevent the escape of bad actors. In Great Britain, where he is at, there are gold vaults under Heathrow Airport in London. The reason: Bad actors can withdraw their gold, and fly off in private planes, should they come under scrutiny and face arrest. Likely, similar escape pads or pods exist across the United States.

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White Dude With The Camper

Already the FBI has identified a suspect in the Nashville bombing, and how surprising, it looks like it’s a white guy, Anthony Quinn Warner, and likely a Trump supporter. Google maps have shown pictures of the suspect camper parked outside Warner’s home in the town of Antioch, Tennessee, a small bedroom community to the southeast of Nashville. It’s already looking like history will repeat itself!

By that we mean, with Leftist Democrat Joe Biden about to ascend to the White House, suddenly false flag attacks are becoming all the norm in America once again. That’s one thing you can count on happening: The Democrats will always resort to lying, with the FBI and CIA working the scams! More from Mr. Obvious.

The thing to bear in mind about the camper: It’s just a prop! The camper did not carry the explosive devices. The explosion occurred across the street, most likely underground, before engulfing the camper.

Global Agenda also shares footage that confirms the blast occurred across the street, so it didn’t involve the parked camper whatsoever. This was likely a false flag: The detonation caused by an explosive underground bomb or a missile striking from above.

Here’s a second video that’s even stranger, involving drones and a nearby crash site and what might be laser firings that can bend through space and time. They are all connected via the Nashville explosion and a nearby crash in McMinnville, Tennessee. More from the Florida Maquis.

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Explosive Christmas In Nashville

A huge explosion early Christmas day damages the 33-story AT&T Building, or Batman Building, in Nashville. Apparently a motor home exploded outside, damaging not only the AT&T  Building but also other structures in the vicinity. Fires were reported inside the AT&T Building, so firemen have so far not been able to venture inside and determine the extent of the damages or if any fatalities occurred. There were apparently at least three injured citizens outside.

Was this purely a distraction, or was there some deeper chicanery involved? The building, the tallest structure in the state of Tennessee, has a weird owl-like appearance, resembling many structures favored by the Illuminati. Also, AT&T appears to be experiencing some deep financial upheavals. The company is heavily involved in telecommunications as well as sports and entertainment. More from Memology 101.

(EDITOR’ NOTE: The explosion occurred at 6:30 a.m. outside 333 Commerce Street. Note the numerological correlations. 6:30 a.m. is the equivalent of 3+3+3, equal to 333, the address on Commerce Street. Remember: We are fighting Globalists foes who always abide by certain numbers.)

Global Agenda says AT&T got the contract to audit Dominion Voting machines fraudulently used in the 2020 Presidential election. Says Global Agenda, “So as soon as I heard about the Nashville Christmas Day (morning) Explosion the first thing that I did was punch the key words into the Gematrinator and shook my head knowing that it was an immediate psyop. (My recent videos looking at the ‘American Revolution 2.0 and the upcoming January 6th ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ connected to the Nashville Bombing RIGHT AWAY. So that will be the topic of my next video (to be published on Sunday). In the meantime it did not take too long for several of us to figure out that the Nashville Explosion is a big FBI Cover-Up for the Democrats and there is more shenanigans going on with the Dominion Voting Machine psyop.”

If you play the audio warning message backwards, you can, around the midpoint hear, “Have a merry Christmas. y’all.” This is uttered at least two, possibly three times. There are other expressions earlier, but those can’t be made out as of yet.

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For more on the mysterious messages, visit RedState at

AT&T Building in Nashville

Good News For A Change

The first shipments of coronavirus vaccine have been sent to the FedEx hub in Memphis, Tenn., straight from a Pfizer manufacturing plant in Portage, Mich. It won’t be long before CNN is thanking Joe Biden for his incredible work getting this done! More from Mark Dice.