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What’s In Our Water?

You won’t believe what is in our water. It’s an absolute horror show. Diane Kazer is back to explain, and to help us detoxify and get healthy. More from the SGT Report.

Trans Women in Sports

Despite the obvious difference in physicality, woke sports officials haven’t budged from the outcry of allowing transgenders to compete in women’s sports.

The results speak for themselves, says investigative reporter John Stossel. In this edition of  his blog, Emma Hilton, a developmental biologist from the University of Manchester in England, gives her take on the controversy and we also hear from proponents and opponents of the issue.

Testosterone Levels Dropping

Studies show that testosterone levels in men have been decreasing over the span of decades – a fact that is celebrated by some who think that testosterone reduces men to simpler, more impulsive animals. But is this really the case – or could there be some kernel of truth in the ‘virgin vs chad’ meme? More from Lauren Chen.

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What is a Simp? We explain the Simp meme as well as the Simp problem.The Simp: Part Sissy, Part Pimp. More from Mr. Obvious.

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You Are Being Castrated

That’s correct. Or at least, chemically castrated. Male testosterone levels are dropping significantly across the United States.

Meanwhile, chemicals are being released into the environment that have been shown to affect male hormonal levels. How, for instance, has the chemical atrazine received EPA approval and what are its hormonal effects? Don’t count on the government for answers — they have been covering up the problem for many years now. Here’s a report from The Truth Factory.