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California Fleein’

What do 4 handsome guys gotta do to flee California? In this parody of The Beach Boys’ California Dreamin’ – itself a totally tubular cover of The Mamas & the Papas – the Bee Boys sing of Cali’s legendary brown streets, iconic muggings, and world-famous traffic. More from The Babylon Bee.

In a clear case of fascinating timing. The United Spot also released its own Mamas and the Papas parody on Tuesday, the exact same day as The Babylon Bee. The United Spot gives us four Democratic leaders — Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and Maxine Waters — walking the shit-stained streets of leftist California. Their parody is called Californians Leaving.

Satan Backs Off From Grammys

Satan loves when people worship him, but he wants a little more creativity and a little less cringe. In this press conference, the Prince of Darkness slams Sam Smith’s performance at the Grammy awards. More from The Babylon Bee.

LOOKIT MEE! LOOKIT MEE!!! OYM DA DEVOO!!!! Hey, it’s Sam Smith and his “super-edgy” Grammy performance. More from FreedomToons.