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Fauci Finally Admits It

Anthony Fauci, the disgraced former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, now acknowledges that Covid-19 vaccines cause myocarditis. Here’s more from Elijah Schaffer on The Gateway Pundit’s Weekend Review.

White House Coke: No Suspect

The U.S. Secret Service concluded its investigation into the White House cocaine scandal and they have no suspect!

The cocaine supposedly was left in a location lacking in camera surveillance. Sounds like the Secret Service, just like the FBI,  will never divulge the truth if it means hurting a corrupt, rancid, leftist, smelly Democratic administration. More from The Gateway Pundit.

The Secret Service has closed its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House, insisting that it was unable to gather enough evidence to “single out a person of interest.” But Glenn Beck is calling BS. Glenn explains from personal experience how secure the White House is and argues that there are only two options: The Secret Service and FBI either didn’t do their jobs … or the culprit is someone who doesn’t have to be searched, like a member of the First Family.

So, are these agencies incompetent or LYING to you? Either way, Glenn Beck says it’s time for Congress to take its power back …

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The CIA Broke Federal Law

The CIA broke federal law by organizing the bogus Hunter Biden laptop petition ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Formed in 1947, the agency is forbidden from interferring in partisan politics.

Yet that’s exactly what this agency did when such miserable, phony-baloney louses as John Brennan and Leon Panetta, former CIA directors, categorically stated that the laptop was Russian disinformation.

Will anyone punish these lying creeps? We’ll have to wait and see, but at the minimum, Republicans need to bring down the hammer on both the CIA and FBI, and force these two supposed law enforcement agencies to halt their political shenanigans and to actually follow the law. Here’s more from Kash Patel, former chief of staff for the U.S. secretary of defense, on The Gateway Pundit.

Bible Thief Caught In The Act

Watch as a Democratic State Representative in Arizona steals Bibles from the Legislature’s membership lounge, hiding them underneath the cushions of  a chair. The culprit: Stephanie Stahl Hamilton.

All the more surprising? Stahl Hamilton is supposedly a Presbyterian minister and attended the Princeton Theological Seminary. Obviously, she has issues. More from the Gateway Pundit.

Don’t Mess With Momma Bears

Pepe represents. Truth is spreading. They want you divided. Stay together. There is hope. Pray. More from And We Know.

Former President Donald Trump offered a rousing address Saturday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Committee in Maryland. Trump pledged to defeat the Deep State, including the derelict RINOs, and vowed “we will never go back to the Republican Party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove and Jeb Bush.” The throng cheered wildly. More from The Gateway Pundit.

The Truth About James O’Keefe

Mr. Reagan has contacted employees at Project Veritas and found out what’s really going on over there. The good news: Pfizer has nothing to do with James O’Keefe being suspended. The bad news: We hear about the dirt that’s being glossed over, and it’s not pretty. More from Mr. Reagan.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas staffers loyal to James O’Keefe called upon the board to resign. The staffers told the board they will quit as a bloc if the board members pressuring O’Keefe don’t leave.

The Gateway Pundit quoted one Project Veritas insider, who said, “The only thing that makes sense is that someone on the board of the organization is trying to destroy it from within. There’s no other explanation.”

This squares with what happened at The Intercept, when board members forced out its co-founder Glenn Greenwald. These board members, it was alleged, had been maneuvered into place by the CIA. Do we have prove that’s the case here. Not at all. But if it is later proven to be so, don’t be surprised!

Arizona Voters Say ‘Enough!’

Rick Rene reports that Arizona patriots have had enough and are demanding a new, legitimate election. Sourcing The Gateway Pundit, Rene says the patriots released a statement requesting a do-over of what they feel was a “stolen” election, to be held Dec. 6.

The statement takes dead aim at Democrat governor-elect and current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who refused to recuse herself from the election process, despite the obvious and massive conflict of interest. The statement reads: “The officials in Maricopa County are actively obstructing the will of Arizona voters.” In this episode of Blessed To Teach, Rene discusses the drama in Arizona with Clay Clark, plus features Julie Green’s prophetic word.

Nuremberg 2.0?

If Republicans reclaim the Senate, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul may lead a Nuremberg-style investigation into the Covid-19 crimes.

Josh Sigurdson reports the calls to prosecute the Covid tyranny is growing from other politicos as well, including Kari Lake, who says she wants a commission formed to probe how Covid was handled in Arizona. Here’s his report.

U.S. Behind Pipeline Bombings

We’ve already been speculating for a few days now, but Fox News host Tucker Carlson lays it out squarely: The United States, in all likelihood, orchestrated the Nord Stream pipeline bombings in the Baltic Sea that cut off Russian natural gas flowing into Europe.  Carlson says recent comments by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirm the American role.

In other words, our Leftist leaders are pushing us into war. More from The Gateway Pundit with a clip from Fox News.

FBI’s Evil Transformation

Miranda Devine, columnist for The New York Post, describes how the FBI has turned into a den of traitors engaged in shocking deceit in an effort to block and arrest conservatives. This is no longer a legitimate law enforcement agency, but simply a thuggish extension of the leftist Democratic Party. Here, Devine shares revelations from one of the many FBI whistleblowers who’ve come forward in an effort to stop the chicanery. More from the Gateway Pundit.