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Soros Panic, Pharma Exposed

Former President Donald Trump knew! George Soros panics. Big Pharma exposed. Tucker is back and quickly back on top! Indictment talks!

Also in this episode: Let’s hear from Dan Scavino and truths from George Orwell’s apocalyptic novel 1984. Pray! More from And We Know.

Why Awakening Takes So Long?

Why is the awakening of the American public taking so long?

Michael Jaco says a lot of people prefer to slumber. They don’t want to wake up. They want to continue to live in a dream state.

But at the same time, people are wanting to flee high-tax, crime-riddled states like New York and California.

The Lion Has Been Unleashed

There is panic in DC. The warrior is now on the hunt. Justice is coming. The lion has been unleashed and the criminal syndicate is going to be destroyed.

The Democrats are fighting for the their lives. Their system is being dismantled and they cannot stop it. They are now maneuvering to shut down communication, start chaos and bring us to war.

The patriots know that this is where this is all headed. The countermeasures are in place. The World is helping. More from the X22 Report.

Trump: Master Of Narratives

President Donald Trump: A true master of narratives! Not even the blackguards from the corrupt FBI and CIA can stop the truths that Trump will spin.

Kari Lake is starting to win big herself — never mind the lies of the leftist fake news!

Also covered: Obamagate treason. Satan is attacking. Uganda standing with children, More from And We Know.

The Deep State’s Greatest Fear

What is the Deep State’s greatest fear? It’s a public that’s awake. Stay strong! Pray!

In this episode: President Donald Trump’s bow to Andrew Jackson and the European Union discards millions of unused vaccine doses. More from And We Know.


It’s here -> The PEOPLE are on the Move. More from Clif High.

Proud Boys Trial Derailed

The recent release of the newest January 6th videos causes a seismic shift in the Capitol Riot Prosecutions.

Proud Boys Defendant Dominic Pezzola files a motion to dismiss after seeing the recent footage. Ethan Nordean’s lawyer Mr. Smith demands an opportunity to impeach FBI Agent Nicole Miller for hiding communications.

Jacob Chansley’s lawyer speaks on Tucker Carlson and we look to see what videos were submitted at Chansley’s sentencing. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Thank you Tucker Carlson for finally getting the truth about J6 out, but political prisoners continue to languish in inhumane conditions and our lawmakers must act to secure their freedom. More from RedPill78.

CPS: Run By The Reptilians!

Christian 21! Child Protective Services (CPS) is run by Reptilians and Demonic Black Dust for food! The military won’t be flying in…they’ll be coming out of motels worldwide! Lists of systems and why they will come down last!

Omicron Reptilians: Bigger than Dracos and from a higher line of royalty than Dracos! Bogdanoff Twins are Omicron! Dracos, Greys and Omicrons can change magnetic fields and kill people! Reptile eggs are royalty! More from McAllister TV.

Soros Enters The Picture

The [Deep State] is trying to get back at the patriots. They are creating chaos and anarchy. Their pyramid is collapsing. They are fighting for the their lives and they do not have the ammunition to use on Trump.

Trump and the patriots have all the leverage. One of their last attempts is to try to beat Trump in the 2024 elections. Soros just entered the picture and he is now backing DeSantis. Why choose DeSantis? Because they believe they can win and then have DeSantis lose the Presidency. Lets see how this all plays out in the end. More from the X22 Report.

How The Flash Is Going To Work

Christian 21 new update and preview! Closeups of the entire map! How is the Flash going to work? More detailed information!

Marijuana, hemp and CBD are a gift from our creator! The difference between the three! Detailed descriptions of how each element works and where it is extracted from!

Truman the dog clip! Numbers speaking everywhere! Q posts coming to pass! Welcome to the Great Awakening! More from McAllister TV.