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Monkees’ Christmas Show

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again! Christmas-style, even!

Okay… The MONKEES aren’t technically a cartoon, but they’re about as close as live action can be, and they were rerun in the network Saturday Morning block way back when. And since we just lost Michael Nesmith, I thought we’d slip them in as a Christmas entry.

Y’see children, back in the ’60s, the most successful band of all time, the BEATLES, exploded onto popular culture, dominating the music charts, filling stadiums at concerts, and making some weird movies… So naturally, TV producers got the idea of creating a knock-off group to be featured in a sitcom. Hired four actors to play the band members on screen, planned to have them ape performances over music recorded by professional musicians. But the boys actually gelled as a group, had substantially more talent than expected, and released a bunch of hit songs in the real world. Many of which are still popular today.

The sitcom… If you can call it that… Was a glorious mess. Full of 4th Wall breaking utter nonsense and plain goofing-off. This particular episode features none other than Butch Patrick (Eddie from the MUNSTERS) as a joyless rich kid the band has to get into the holiday spirit.

Instead of their usual pop-rock video segments, the episode finishes with an impressive, uncut performance of a very old, archaic Spanish carol “Ríu Chíu”. Then the whole production crew comes onscreen in lieu of the usual closing credit screens.

Now somebody check on CIRCUS BOY… He’s the only Monkee we’ve got left!!! From 1967. More from the OldHorseman.

The Hollywood Stardust File

The Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, interviews Bruce Ross Morgan. He’s the son of Hollywood actress Yvonne De Carlo, seen in such films as The Ten Commandments and McLintock, but probably best remembered for her turn as Lily Munster in the TV series The Munsters.

Morgan has an upcoming memoir, Sapphire In The Sand, in which he discusses De Carlo’s career struggles, as well as her adventures with the likes of Howard Hughes, the reclusive aviator and legendary Hollywood showman.

This interview not only covers the dark side of Hollywood, but also gets into some truly mystical territory. For instance, we learn of De Carlo’s psychic abilities, and her encounters with UFOs and inter-dimensional humanoid beings. All is set against the backdrop of America’s entry into the space race and secret nuclear testing done in the Nevada region.

Go! Girl! Go! — Treinta y Cinco

A masked Yvonne De Carlo appears in 1958’s The Sword and the Cross, an Italian-made peplum that paved the way for more Biblical adaptations by featuring several characters from the Bible — Mary Magdalene (De Carlo), as well as Pontius Pilate and Lazarus. The Canadian-born De Carlo (real name: Margaret Yvonne Middleton) appeared in more than 100 films, and played Lily Munster for three seasons on the TV comedy The Munsters. This is but one of many clips and full movies you’ll find on the SapphoPeplum channel on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/SapphoPEPLUM?feature=watch

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