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Emergency On The Border!

Todd Bensman, journalist and  senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, joins “The Pete Santilli Show” to discuss the growing emergency at our southern border.

Bensman says illegal migrants have trashed the area with thousands of yards of trash and human waste that eventually ends up in the river. “Where are the environmentalists on all this?” he asks. Bensman and Santilli explain further and offer some solutions.

GOP Just As Guilty As Dems

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer tells “The Pete Santilli Show” that the Republican Party were just as guilty as the Democrats in stealing the 2020 election from Donald J. Trump.

“This is not just weaponization of government by the Democrats,” Loomer says. “It’s uni-party weaponization of government.”  She explains further and joins Santilli at the Election Crime Bureau Summit in Springfield, Mo., to discuss the real plan behind the indictment of Trump in Georgia, plus more.


CCP Lowering Boom On Trump

Pete Santilli warns to prepare yourself for the biggest perp walk you have every seen, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party.

The target: Donald J. Trump. Santilli says that unbeknownst to the public, the CCP, in a roundabout way, has purchased and captured the people that are sitting in the White House. He says there won’t be an indictment surrounding Trump’s role in the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection, by a more serious charge of leader of a conspiracy, with thousands of his allies involved. Santilli says the CCP contends that Trump’s actions have been elevated to sedition and he will no longer be allowed near the White House, because he now has been involved in a conspiracy.

The plan, says Santilli, has already been pre-established and ready to go. He’s joined by Frank J. Gaffney, executive chairman at Center for Security Policy, to discuss the shocking truth behind hidden agendas and covert operations of the CCP, and the untold story of  its infiltration of the White House and their manipulation of key figures. More on “The Pete Santilli Show.”

Guilty Until Proven Democrat

Jeff Zinke, a Congressional candidate in Arizona,  joins “The Pete Santilli Show” to lament the disgusting two-tiered system of  justice in our country that has all but destroyed his son, Ryan Zinke’s, life.

Zinke discusses the charges faced by Ryan in relation to the events of the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection, highlighting the unjust treatment his son has received compared to others involved in similar situations, such as Hunter Biden. Here’s more.

CIA Stole Hitler’s Plan

MK Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien tells The Pete Santilli Show how the CIA stole Adolf Hitler’s plan for a compliant society through mind control.

Obrien says this unfolded following World War II via Operation Paperclip, which brought hundreds of Nazi scientists, engineers and the research of Hitler and Heinrich Himmler to the United States. “The CIA knew exactly what they were doing,” she says. She details the operation and explains its goal to further the globalists’ New World Order agenda.

The Hypocrisy Of Georgia Rinos

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer exposes the hypocrisy of Rinos in Georgia state government, who were among a group of election fraud deniers and anti-Trumpers attending CEIR, a George Soros- and Mark Zuckerberg-funded election summit in Washington, D.C.

In the following video, Loomer confronts Ryan Germany, general counsel for Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, about the conference, while Raffensperger sneakily avoids the drama behind them. Here’s more. Video courtesy of The Pete Santilli Show.

Anatomy Of A Stolen Election

Gregg Phillips tells The Pete Santilli Show how he and his colleagues produced the controversial 2000 Mules documentary, perhaps the most successful political docs of all-time, which exposed how the Deep State and Democrat Party stole the 2020 Presidential election.

Phillips, who teamed with such luminaries as Dinesh D’Souza and Catherine Engelbrecht, served as executive producer for the film, as well as providing technology investigation, geo-fencing and data research. To date, 2000 Mules has received an incredible 35 million views online.

In the following video, Phillips and members of  the Santilli show’s “The Big Mig,” break down the anatomy of a stolen election. Phillips also reveals that a lawsuit filed by Konnech, a small Michigan-based election software company, has dismissed all charges against his Texas company True the Vote.

Baphomet Stormy Daniels!

An animated Pete Santilli says the person showcased by the Deep State’s efforts to take down  President Donald J. Trump is none other than demonic Stormy Daniels.

In the following video, Santilli reveals a photo of Daniels dressed in a Baphomet suit and playing the role. “This is who’s coming against the United States of America–Ms. Baphomet Hell!” he says. “This is Stormy Daniels dressed as a demonic being, doing the most disgusting crap you’ve ever seen. Who does that? Only the evil.” Here’s more on The Pete Santilli Show.

DeSantis Is Skull And Bones

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer reports that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a member of secret societies when he attended Yale University, possibly the notorious Skull and Bones order and the higher level St. Elmo’s group.

Loomer, a recent guest on The Pete Santilli Show, says DeSantis was always complimentary of the Bush family, especially President George W. Bush, also a Skull and Bones alum whom he call the greatest Yalie ever.

Furthermore, Loomer says, when DeSantis was a JAG officer in the Navy, he worked closely with the Bush Administration overseeing torture at Guantanamo Bay during the Iraq War. Here’s more.

Lee Harvey Oswald A CIA Asset

Jack Roth, author of Killing Kennedy, tells The Pete Santilli Show that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset who thought he was tasked with preventing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Roth says Oswald wasn’t a defector, but part of a CIA false-defector program, thus his quick return to the U.S. after a trip to Russia. He says Oswald was an intelligence agent who understood spy craft, a good soldier who followed his orders.

The CIA moved Oswald to Dallas and got him a job at the Texas School Book Depository. “They were setting him up and he didn’t realize it until it was too late,” Roth says. Here’s the rest of the story with Roth and Pete Santilli.