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Is DeSantis A Puppet Candidate?

Is  Ron DeSantis’ run for the presidency just another GOP candidate rollout they can manipulate? Remember McCain and Romney?

It certainly seems that’s the game plan after a flurry of Rino billionaires reached deep into their pockets to support the Florida governor. Will Donald J. Trump come to the rescue of the party? Libertarian Mindy Robinson thinks not. “This is the GOP putting forth people they can control who will tow the line and make sure the Republican Party does nothing to stop the Democrats once again, because they don’t want to stop the Democrats. They’re making just as much money on this gravy train of tax money, just the same as the Dems.” Here’s more on The Stew Peters Show.”

LGBT Lobby Subverting Trump?

Is the LGBT lobby subverting Trump? A fired-up Deanna Lorraine thinks so, in light of Donald Trump Jr.’s cave-in to the Bud Light boycott.

Lorraine says the rollout of the Bud Light marketing campaign, featuring transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney, was a mockery to real women and beer lovers. “Then we have Donnie Trump Jr. pathetically simping for Anheuser-Busch. It was so embarrassing and cringe and pathetic,” she says. “This is a clearly scripted speech. He was  bought off and paid for by Anheuser-Busch.” Here’s more of her rant on The Stew Peters Show.

Key To Ending Election Theft

Stew Peters reports that America is running out of political solutions to secure the integrity of our elections. He says our government is now a crime syndicate that is unresponsive to its constituents.

Author and political activist Josh Barnett joins Peters to explain how, according to the Supreme Court, state legislatures still have the power to directly appoint presidential electors. He’s expected to meet with the Arizona Freedom Caucus to detail how this electoral strategy will end Democrat election theft in big cities.

Everything About Jab Is Scripted

There’s more panic from the Deep State, following the report that popular online website 4chan uncovered and released the WHO’s vaccine crisis and communication manual, revealing that everything regarding the Covid vaccine is scripted. Everything you hear is a lie.

Stew Peters says the manual is a detailed guide, instructing politicians and health authorities on exactly what to say to opposition of the Covid bioweapon clot shots. He welcomes co-host Lauren Witzke to the podcast to discuss WHO’s shocking deception.

Is Damar Hamlin Brain Dead?

Kentucky attorney Eric Deters tells The Stew Peters Show that Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin is brain dead and on life support.

Deters says he has two medical sources inside University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Hamlin was treated, who claim the player has not improved and the information being shared with the public is not honest or accurate. Here’s more with Peters and Deters. Please discern the material for yourself.

More Trouble For Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is retiring from the NIH at the end of the year, moving on to the next stage of his career. But should he be moving into a prison celll?

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the podcast, who says there is undisputable evidence that Fauci is responsible for remdesivir-induced deaths and should be indicted. She explains further on The Stew Peters Show.

Covid Pandemic Trump’s 9-11

Weeks after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, we are left still questioning the logic behind the attack. Investigative journalist George Webb joins The Stew Peters Show to give his take on what the FBI was really after.

Webb contends that the entire Covid-19 pandemic may have been launched intentionally on Sept. 11, 2019. He theorizes that the documents the FBI was hunting revealed the truth about Covid-19 and its origins and President Trump was keeping the information as evidence to release at just the right moment. Here’s more with Peters and Webb.

Truckers’ Convoy Reborn

David “Santa” Riddell and the People’s Convoy of truckers are back and reborn as the 1776 Restoration Movement. Riddell, one of the founding members, joins “The Stew Peters” Show to discuss the group’s core values in its quest for freedom and liberty.

Parasites, Bots In The Vaccines

Dr. Carrie Madej tells “The Stew Peters Show” that blood clot vials from post-mortem vaccinated adults have turned out not to be blood clots at all. What  she found in the vials were moving parts, parasite-like beings and delivery devices, such as nanobots.

“We have to stop this right now. These are extreme experimentations,” Madej says. “The future of us is in peril. This is not informed consent by any means.” Here’s more detail with Madej and Stew Peters.

Milking The System

Like many of the supply-chain shortages, the baby-formula predicament appears to be a government-manipulated crises, starring Bill Gates in a major role.

National File’s Patrick Howley tells The Stew Peters Show that the Biden Administration’s FDA shut down the Sturgis, Mich., Abbott Laboratories plant, which produces a lot of baby formula, three months ago because of a faux bacterial infection that the company denies. Enter Gates and his investor fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, that poured $3.5 million into Bio-Milk, which makes artificial breast milk.

How convenient. And guess who’s on the board of Breakthrough Energy?–Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson. Here’s more from Stew Peters.