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Hitler, Holocaust, The Holy Land

Here’s a Christmas gift to us from Sir Patrick Mack at In Pursuit of Truth. His new Pop video, Episode V Acts III and IV, is entitled Hitler, Holocaust and The Holy Land. 

Sir Patrick Mack opens with the closing days of World War II, the Allied bombing attacks over Germany.  Learn how the Allied and Communist fighting the Nazis weren’t heroes, but rapists and cold-blooded murderers, who even butchered children and zoo animals. We also see the machinations among political leaders — Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Josef Stalin of Russia — to divide the lands and regions formerly within the Nazi sphere.

Among the many controversial positions: Has the Holocaust against the Jews has been fabricated and blown out of proportion? Was the concentration camp at Auschwitz a sordid death camp, or was it actually quite different, and much more amendable, involving even bordellos for inmates?

This video isn’t restricted to World War II. Sir Patrick Mack also gets into the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, the establishment of Israel, and even Jewish mysticism embodied in the Talmud and Kabbalah. There are also sinister hints of deeper, darker rituals, touching upon Moloch and child sacrifice. Buckle up. This is an in-depth work — nearly two hours — but quite riveting and revealing, as all of Sir Patrick’s works always have been.


Cloning Centers For Real

Nicholas Veniamin delves deeply into the world of cloning and its effects on humanity with experts Meghan Walsh and Penny LA Shepard.

Shepard, who suspects she was a victim of MK-Ultra and claims to be related to Josef Mengele, aka the “Angel of Death during Hitler’s Third Reich, says that after World War II, many of Nazi Germany’s top officers fled to Argentina, where Mengele created a “clone town.” She says the first-ever cloning center was situated in the Caribbean and other centers have now spread to Canada and Las Vegas, NV.

Walsh also describes her experience with cloning and talks about her father’s coverage of the Raelians and Clonaids in the Bahamas. Here’s more of their story on NickV.TV.

This War Is Spiritual

Mel K joins me for part one of this incredibly informative discussion about the roots of the spiritual warfare that’s being waged against humanity. And stay tuned for the dynamic one-hour long part two coming later this week. Merry Christmas friends. More from the SGTReport.

Germany’s Fourth Reich

Addressing a German audience, Simon Parkes opens a Q&A session with a stunner, revealing the origin of the Fourth Reich following World War II.

He says the history books  tell us that Germany lost World War II in terms of bullets and bombs, but he contends it didn’t lose the war in terms of secret government, which was transported to America and other countries. Meanwhile, Parkes says, America was desperate for the secrets and holdings that the Third Reich had developed and didn’t stand in the way of a small group of Germans and others forming a Fourth Reich, which didn’t want to bring Hitler back, but wanted to preserve the culture, concept and values they created.

Parkes elaborates on the formation of the Fourth Reich and its influence in today’s world and America’s gain of German secrets, including non-terrestrial technology, among other topics, in this edition of Chembuster.

White Supremacy, With A Tan

A recently released article on the CNN website, titled “White Supremacy, With a Tan,” celebrates the network’s new racial world order. The article refers to it as the increasing browning of America, but suggests this will not destroy white supremacy.

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters correctly call out CNN for its disgraceful presentation of the article, capitalizing the “W” in white and “B” in black as if they were sovereign nations within the U.S., a disgusting reminder of the Third Reich Nazis who perpetuated the same ideology. Even more disturbing from the interpretation of the piece, says one of the podcast hosts, is not what you think the definition of a white supremacist is. “They’re not talking about people who are wearing clan hoods, they’re talking about average, everyday Americans.”

Says another podcaster, “There are going to be no white people. There are just going to be people with brown skin and white supremacy is going to live through them.” When you realize how far to the left these ideologs have veered, it makes you want to throw up! Here’s more with the Lotus Eaters.

Trump Making Moves

Despite premature reports about President’s Trump’s demise by the mainstream media, the 45th Commander in Chief is doing just fine and remaining hyperactive in the political wars.

Riss Flex reports that not only is Trump and his advisors invested and working behind the scenes to impact politics, they also are actually honing in on certain 2022 Congressional races. Their immediate goal is disposing of RINO Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney. Trump has met with several possible Cheney opponents in order to make an endorsement and preserve the conservative ideals in the race. In the following segment, Flex also digs deeper into Liz Cheney and her father, former Bush Administration Vice-President Dick Cheney, and their close association with George W. Bush, whose grandfather allegedly helped Adolf Hitler rise to power.

A Different Outcome in WWI

Author Niall Ferguson’s The Pity of War examines what the world be like–especially the European Union–if Germany had been victorious in World War I. In his tome, Ferguson destroys many myths of the world’s first major conflict and asks many direct and impolite questions.

Political pundit Dick Morris says perhaps the major benefit of a German victory would have quashed the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. “The stab in the back theory that animated Hitler’s rise to power was based on Germany losing World War I when it thought that it was on verge of winning it,” Morris says. “And that would not have taken place and Hitler would not have been propelled into power. Germany would not have had to pay huge reparations to the rest of the world and therefore would not have had mega-inflation, would not have had the economic collapse, and Hitler would not exist.”

Morris elaborates further in this educational edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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