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The Frickert Fracas

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

Not long ago, my weekday upload for grownups was an episode of WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME featuring an appearance by Jonathan Winters. Like Don Adams and Phyllis Diller, Winters had also guest starred on Hanna-Barbera’s top Saturday Morning ‘toon… But, in his case, he also brought along the same Granny Maude Frickert character to both shows.

SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? (Basically ersatz DOBIE GILLIS characters crossed with the old I LOVE A MYSTERY radio show plus a semi-anthropomorphic dog thrown-in for good measure.) was a big hit for the studio in 1969. Not only did it get a second production season, which was kinda’ rare for Saturday Morning Cartoons, but is spawned a slew of follow-up series, one-shot video features, and even big-budget live-action movie adaptations.

Scooby and the gang also became the go-to template for many of HB’s ‘toons through the ’70s, as YOGI BEAR had been for the ’60s. Just rename the Meddling Kids, and swap-out the dog for a semi-anthropomorphic car, phantom, cat, shark, or even a goofier-looking dog, and there’s your new show. Heck, even the Justice League got a pair of Meddling Kids and their dog when HB took over the superheroes’ license with SUPER FRIENDS.

Scooby’s second program, the NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES, had the mystery adventures extended to an hour-long, and featured guest stars. And what a mixed-bad that lot was! Sometimes real people, like Cass Elliot, Davy Jones, or Jerry Reed, voiced by their real-world selves. Sometimes fictional characters, like Batman, the Addams Family, or the cast of other HB Scooby-esque cartoons. Sometimes a splitting of the difference, with the onscreen personas of real people voiced by impersonators, as with the THREE STOOGES and LAUREL AND HARDY due to the originals being retired or dead. From September, 1972. More from the OldHorseman.


Let ‘Em Eat Pie

The introduction of the Three Stooges into society takes a sharp left turn as the rabble- rousers revert to their ornery ways. An interesting anecdote to this short film: Curly suffered a stroke before the pie-fight scene and was unable to finish production of the piece. Clever editing and the use of clips from previous episodes made it look like he was in the pie fight. We’ll be back right here on LOL next Tuesday for another saunter through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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Three Stooges Thanksgiving

The Three Stooges venture into Plymouth Colony in search of a decent-sized turkey for their Thanksgiving celebration. But as usual,  the masters of misfortune find danger. …

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And Curly Joe shows off his culinary talents with a quick lesson on how to stuff a Thanksgiving turkey. Please return to LOL next Tuesday for another journey into the lighter side of life. And have a great Thanksgiving! — The Wickel

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High-Voltage Stooges

The usually slap-happy Three Stooges resort to more violence, when Moe keeps Curly’s  nose to the grindstone–literally–then ups the ante with a skull-crunching wrench and a white-hot torch. Curly retaliates with a razor-sharp climbing spike and a spark or two in this high-voltage routine. Please visit LOL again next Tuesday for a sojourn through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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