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Gene Decode: Hidden Tech

Gene Decode takes a deep dive into questions surrounding what hidden technologies could be released to the public in the coming months, following Dr. Steven Greer’s ultimatum to the Deep State.

Greer, perhaps the world’s leading authority on UFOs, aliens, advanced energy and propulsion, gave the Deep State six months to disclose hidden technology at a press briefing earlier this year or he and his team would release it for them.

Appearing on Testing the Waters, Decode details some of the eye-popping technology, including, zero point–or free–energy and advanced healing, such as the med beds, that can actually grow new limbs. Says Decode, “There’s so many exciting technologies out there like sliding parallels and time travel. And all of these come with responsibilities and problems that create problems.” Here’s more of the story.

The Dome Is One Big Portal!

New Christian 21! Silicone technology is the most advanced tech in the universe! The sky is full of mirrors and lenses! The domes are portals to different densities! Dome technology is under the ice with alien bases! Positive electromagnetic forces are outside the dome! The Black Sun changes positive energy to negative energy fields!

Mel’s Hole! Missing hikers and portals! Northern Lights activate the dome portals! Reptilians re-engineered Earth’s disk to look like an eye from every angle! Gateway 10 is the most controlled gateway in the Solar System! More from McAllister TV.

Aboard The Darpa Meat Wagon

Is Dick Cheney an Omicron Reptilian? DARPA meat wagon! Tory Smith! Omega memes throw light on the Event! Full (Disclosure?) Moon coming! Bigger than you can imagine! Dome! Sun! Lenses! New stars will be discovered! More from McAllister TV.

New Twist To Roswell Incident

Author and ufologist Dr. Sean David Morton tells Patriot Underground there’s another twist to the 1947 Roswell Incident.

At the 1:29:55 point of the video, Morton, who has written several books on the UFO phenomenon and alien presence, says there were actually three  ships involved in the Roswell crash. He says the first craft exploded, the second crashed outside of Corona, N.M., in which there was one survivor that turned out to be some kind of robot, and the third ship was able to pull a switch and jump through 10 years in time.

“The reason all this was happening around Roswell is because we were using atomic weapons to open big gaps in the time continuum,” Morton says. He explains further, plus also provides intel on the Dulce Wars, our government’s teleportation technology, Area 51 history, the Atlantis-Bermuda Triangle connection, plus more. Please do your own research and use discernment when watching the video.

Montauk Time Traveler

Montauk time traveler Jimmy Paine tells Super Soldier Talk (SST) that he journeyed into future many times, traipsing through alternative timelines and dimensions, and even visiting the past as far back as 630 AD.

Paine says he served in the secret space program from 1959 to 1996 as a shuttle-craft pilot for the Tall White warriors at Area 51 and participated in time travel missions with the Montauk Boys at Camp Hero. He also recalls working for the Weyland Corporation where he encountered a xenomorph at LV426, which the movie aliens were based off. He has been stationed on Mars, Titan and the Moon.

He gets into the details with host James Rink, revealing there will be a major fracturing of the United States. He also offers a different version of the John F. Kennedy assassination, plus reveals that some elements in the filming of Planet of the Apes were true. Here’s more, and please use discretion when viewing the video.

Tesla And The Pyramid Mystery

We’re not a science blog, so we generally don’t cover heavy-duty physics here. But there are times when every general rule requires an exception or two. This is one of those times.

What we bring you is a discussion between the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and physicist and historian Joseph Farrell that delves into the electromagnetic wave theories of the great wunderkind Nikola Tesla. Why get into this subject now?

Because this will open doors for you in understanding so much about the universe — so much that remains unknown or barely recognizable. The conversation lasts an hour and a half, but you don’t need to soak it all up in one sitting. In the course of this talk, you’ll get a much better grasp of the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, notions of time travel and why nuclear weapons might have focused alien attention on Earth.

Most of all, you’ll see how our planet, our sun, most of the stars, are akin to living organisms. Our stellar environment will begin to come alive. You’ll see space not as a cold, mechanical place, but something much more spectacular, mirroring in so many ways the deeper, biological patterns of species and life itself.

A Time Travel War!

Super Soldier Daryl James discusses the Time Travel War! Military base breakdown! Giants! 3-9 dimensions! Inter-dimensional demonics! Super Soldier avatars! Reptilians and gender! The time travel loop! Denver Airport! Hybrids and bloodlines! Secret underground Reptilian world! More on Greys! More from McAllister TV.

Gene Decode: Saving The World

Gene Decode joins Conservative Patriot Nation Network to discuss the time travel plan devised by Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla and the Trump Brothers to save the world from the demonic Cabal. He also weighs in on the Inner Earth Alliance and the truth behind Turkey’s recent earthquake, plus more.

Galaxy’s 1st Looking Glass War

Christian 21! Negatives and positives using Looking Glass! We’re seeing a Looking Glass War! The Trump Family (including, Tesla and Assange) are known as “the Time Travel Family.” We will become closer to Trump and Family in 5D! First time this has been done in our galaxy!

People on house arrests…The most “public” people…they will be the ones to be publicly disgraced through live trials and executions! New vessels are waiting for people who die from the vax! The kindness of 5D will blow your mind! More from McAllister TV.