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Time Traveler From the 1800s

Ingersoll Lockwood was an author from the late 1800s, but many believed he had a secret, that he, in fact, was a time traveler, as he wrote a book called Last President pertaining to Trump, and another about his son Baron Trump way back in the late 1800s. Then, coincidentally, he ends up being the named website for Trump’s branch of government known as Space Force!! Wait until you see what’s on that page ya’ll! So much to think about! Here’s more Nightgod333 Secrets Revealed.

Time Travelers And Clones

Kim Osbol says a recent 1800s photograph that appears to be a likeness of Greta Thunberg was unearthed in a library recently, which was authentic and there’s no mistaking the resemblance. In another stunner, a vintage video surfaced revealing a person speaking on a cellphone before it existed!

Are we really living in the year 2023, or is something going on with multiple timelines? Or are we witnessing time-traveling clones stuck in a Matrix glitch or the Mandella Effect? In this episode, Osbol turns to the Bible to learn about what’s really going on. Here’s more, and please use discernment when watching the video.

Amazon Can Strike You Down

A man had his smart-home shut down by Amazon without any warning or investigation. This episode is about the dangers of subscription services in the Great Reset world. More from Amazing Polly.

Here is a followup video from Amazing Polly. She also delves into spiritual warfare and time traveling.

Off-Planet Sale Of Scientists

Are brilliant scientists being kidnapped and sold off-planet?

Christian 21 returns with more details on the galactic war. He explains how portals are used in the trafficking of scientists and how some are kidnapped and then sold off-planet.

The domes can be turned on and off to access different portals. Ice is created to hide bases!

More Admiral Rogers memes! Flash memes! They never thought she would win! More from McAllister TV.

Red Hot Creepy Conversions!

Christian 21 and Q! Are we in the future now? Are the Q-posts coming alive and making more sense? Does Q refer to the flash event….sky event…and shut down?

Red Hot Chili Conversions! Who is Admiral Rogers? More from McAllister TV.

Reptiles Own The Planet!

The Queen owns one-sixth of the planet! Reptiles own the world! Draco Reptilians!

Q posts are now coming into focus!

1901 newspapers! Voovoo in Haiti! Blood drinking fad in Paris! Child sacrifice in the West Indies! Channel updates! Christian 21 update! Viewer mail! All in this episode of McAllister TV.

Updated Execution List!

Trump rally notes! Christian 21 Intel!

New update execution list! The list names 260 individuals, many of whom are said to have been executed. Others are awaiting trial while a few have received lifelong prison terms. European royalty, Hollywood stars and American political figures dominate the identified suspects.

Trump time travel! The Domes! Titanic! 5th Dimension! Mutants! More from McAllister TV.

Time Travel Families

Christian 21! Looping! Trump…Tesla…Assange…All time travel families! Reptilian net inside dome harvests negative energy for fuel! Gold comes from plasma! Articulans drink gold water! Pregnant women will stay with their children during shift!

Russell Brand is dead! Pacino and DeNiro: Snatched! Bob Geldof and Bono are high demons! Michael Hutchence of INXS…Paula Yates and daughter…Whitney and daughter…all under witness protection! More from McAllister TV.

Indictment: Maybe? Maybe Not!

Mark Dice says it’s not clear that former President Donald Trump will be indicted. Dice gives roughly 50-50 odds on an indictment happening.

The decision rests in the hands of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump thinks it’s likely, but others believe the slow-witted Bragg will back off. Surely, there are Democrats smarter than Bragg who will do what they can to stop his corrupt carnival act.

Here, we get much of the background behind the scenes, starting off with the shaky Stormy Daniels-Michael Avenatti charges. We also revisit the hypocrisy of Fox News trying to silence former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Most of all, we are reminded of the absolute evil of George Soros, the Democrats’ chief fundraiser and the man behind Bragg and most of the leftist retards masquerading as attorney generals and district attorneys around the nation.

Fox News, the first news source to disclose a possible Trump indictment, is now saying it will not happen on Tuesday. Fox cited unnamed law enforcement officials who claim it won’t happen for another week or two, if at all.

Former Fox host Bill O’Reilly also conferred with Secret Service agents who read the Manhattan District Attorney the riot act about jailing Trump or doing any kind of “perp” walk. “Do everything virtual” was how O’Reilly summed up the Secret Service recommendation. We shall see what transpires.

The desperate Democrats are in a state of panic as the GOP unites around Trump. It’s the Democrats’ own fault, trying to build fake charges against Trump, based on the years-old slop lingering from the Stormy Daniels case. The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is playing whack-a-mole, mixing and matching state and federal laws, in a bizarre contrivance to push the Democrats’ Trump derangement syndrome. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Really happening? Or just another distraction? Could be one. Could be the other. Could be neither. Could be both. More from Really Graceful.