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More Rapidly Decaying Stars!

Hollywood looks hideous! Check out the grotesque babes and rapidly decaying stars! The sky-high price of adrenochrome will never salvage these monsters!

Also in this edition: Trump arrest! Ancient witchcraft! John McCain’s tribunal! Cornelius Agrippa! Dome! All that and more courtesy of the latest edition of McAllister TV.

The Ball’s In The Patriots’ Court

The patriots are now putting on a show of all shows. The [Deep State] players have been stripped of their roles and the people can see their true agenda. They can see how they don’t follow the rule of law, how they don’t care about the Constitution. They see the two-tiered justice system.

Trump confirms that he is exposing it all. He is showing the corruption and is showing what the [Deep State] system really is. Patriots have had the ball the entire time. More from the X22 Report.

Hawaii, Iowa, tarmac comms! We are winning the information war!

Make the connection. Where are the autists? Pray! More from And We Know.

Hollywood Now Decomposing

The decomposition of Hollywood! Avoid going downwind from the stench!

Who are these people? Who has the clearance to grasp the full picture? Admiral Michael S. Rogers + JFK + Trump! Who are the anons of Q?

Mega meme extravaganza! Martial law! Gold fringe! Never fly above 40,000 feet again! Plus, we take a new look at the George H.W. Bush Funeral! And this and more from McAllister TV.

They Sold Their Souls To Satan

Potus Turning Point rally! Is he really setting the stage for tribunals? He will “obliterate” the Deep State! These people are stick and tippy top! DC will self-destruct! DeSantis is owned and controlled by the Deep State! 202o election was bullshit! Social media makeover? Hollywood meltdowns! The Snake! More from McAllister TV.

Gitmo Channel In Near Future?

Secret tribunals are legal under the law! Schumann resonance…what is it? News is indicating that a Gitmo Channel could be in our near future! Will this be the Christmas that the world gets a surprise?!

For generations, rituals have been held at Notre Dame to open a gigantic portal for the anti-Christ to enter! Did the White Hats thwart their final attempt to resurrect this fiend? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

[Deep State] Preparing Chaos

The [Deep State] is now panicking over the Durham report. The report has shown the world that the FBI/CIA/Fake News made up the entire Russian collusion event and [Hillary Rodham Clinton]/[Barack Obama]/[Joe Biden] were all involved in it.

This is the [Deep State]. They coordinated together to overthrow the US government. They are all guilty.

The [Deep State] is now moving towards creating chaos to cover up their crimes. This will fail. Patriots already know the playbook. Once this fails, they will try to bring us to war. Trump will have peace and the military will hold tribunals.More from the X22 Report.

Criminals Are Being Exposed!

Criminals at the highest levels of the federal government, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are now being exposed! Will we see mainstream media tribunals? False flags, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, drag. Pray! More from And We Know.

Prepare For Live Executions!

Christian 21 upintel! Thousands of kidnapped kids recovering! Parents think they are all dead! Kids being reunited with their families! The 20 percent have been waking up since before 2016! Gary Glitter on house arrest! House arrests will be executed live! New map updates! Tribunals and executions live worldwide! More from McAllister TV.

Juan O. Savin: Madness Ahead

As we move into Red October, the fight for the future of our country intensifies. Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that heavily guarded Cheyenne Mountain is locked as tight as a drum, while the Senior Executive Service (SES), aka the shadow government of globalists, furthers its Great Reset agenda. At stake is control of America.

Meanwhile, Savin speculates something big is percolating in China, such as the preliminary to the invasion of Taiwan, a coup to overthrow the government, or both. In Russia, Putin claims to have uncovered 56 biolabs in Ukraine and promises to bring the dark players to justice. And he vows to use nukes if threatened  by enemies.

Why the flurry of activity in these two nations? “They see maneuvers happening inside the U.S. government and they know there’s danger,” Savin says. “It could go either way. Something’s about to happen inside the American government and they can’t tell who’s going to win.” More with Juanito and Nino.

Something Really Big Is Coming!

Shinzo Abe’s assassination was the product of a “Japanese nationalist” who grew tired of Japan being played by the globalists. That’s the take of Benjamin Fulford, the Canadian journalist who has lived and reported across Asia for many years, and knew Abe personally.

In his weekly podcast, Fulford said something really big is coming soon. He also addresses the need for Nuremberg trials to arrest and punish those behind the “fake pandemic.” Fulford said the reports issued by RealRawNews appear credible, but that’s not enough.

We need actual tribunals covered by a broad cross-section of TV and radio channels. He believes former President Donald Trump should refute the part he played in pushing vaccines, as they have been shown to be causing many irregular deaths.