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Internet Going Down Soon?

Trafficking movie! Nuclear threat from Putin! Senators given emergency satellite phones!

The Border is falling! Woke companies facing a pinch!

Is the Internet going down soon? Rumors suggest that the plug could get pulled on or by Thursday. Operators in harm’s way!  More from And We Know.

100 satellite phones were offered to all members of the U.S. Senate, sparking rumors that something big could happen. Is a global internet shutdown or manmade disaster really the reason why they were given the phones? Or are people just hyped up for nothing?

Speaking of strange things, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found a list of some of the most ridiculous events that have happened in the Senate, which they’ll cover on this Edge of Wonder Live show. They’ll also discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmailing of Bill Gates over Gates’ alleged affair with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova. Is something deeper going on?

Obama Puppets Pushing WW3

Attorney Todd Callender and Dr. Lee Vliet return to SGT Report the discuss the puppet “President” and his endless tyranny and treason, and to expose the power behind the throne, the stay-behind networks that include Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland and CIA asset Barack Hussein Obama. These are the demon creatures behind Sleepy Joe who are extorting the world, and who are hellbent on taking us all into World War 3.

Masks Not What You Think

Warning: Masks are not what you think! They have nothing to do with protecting you and others, but are basically a dark occult symbol of mockery and psychopathic control.

History will tell you that slaves were forced to wear masks, a symbolic gesture to mark them as not having a voice and to be owned while under the control of another entity. As our world continues to spiral into a state of tyranny and chaos, we come to realize that government is slavery. Here’s more, courtesy of the Sam2IAm channel.

2023: The Year Of Contraction

Natural News’ Mike Adams proclaims that 2023 will be the year of contraction! This after living most of our lives in a world of expansion, which has led to increased globalization, supply chain and wealth.

“I’m hear to tell you that it’s been an artificial expansionary blip in the history of the world,” Adams says. He explains further and touches on how the new era of contraction will affect the food crisis, the economy and tyranny.

Fighting Tyranny In Virginia

Matt Strickland is the owner of Gourmetlz in Virginia, one of the only businesses in the state to stand up to the nonsensical Covid mandates and remain open. He’s also a candidate for State Senate and the establishment has decided he must be punished for having the courage to stand in the face of tyranny. More from RedPill78.

Battle For Future of Civilization

The [Deep State] is now panicking over Twitter. They have lost one of their main weapons and now the people control it. The [Deep State] are now pushing everything they have at Trump to stop him from running, but they have nothing that is going to work. They are desperate.

Kari Lake is ready to pounce as soon as they certify the elections, then she can take action. There is only one way forward. Trump has the plan. The military is behind him. The people are about to learn the truth and the truth will bring down the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Starry, Starry Night

All eyes on China as the Chinese fight against tyranny. Repressed no more! Starry, starry night! Perhaps, they’ll listen now. More from And We Know.

Information War On Overdrive!

The information warfare is on overdrive! The j@b info is going viral! People crying out for freedom from Brazil to Iran! Pedos are being exposed! Tyranny opposed! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State] intelligence Op no longer controls the people. The fake news and the social media platforms can’t even go a day before their narrative is debunked.

Elon makes a move to bring on all those that have been suspended. The Pedo ring on Twitter and around the country is being exposed and the people are learning all about it.

The truth cannot be swallowed. It has to be digested a little bit at a time. There is extreme panic in DC. More from the X22 Report.

No Escape, No Deals

They have tried many October surprises and none have worked. They have backfired.

The people are now seeing the big picture. They are seeing tyranny. The FBI/Department of Justice treasonous acts, the election fraud and their agenda. It is all falling apart on them and they cannot stop the sinking ship.

Now, Musk is taking over Twitter, Trump has Truth Social and Kanye is calling out Hollywood. The [Deep State] is now running on empty so they are going to go to the extreme. There is no escape/. There are no deals. More from the X22 Report.

Cabal’s Strategy: To Break You

Award-winning filmmaker, author and activist Kay Rubacek returns to the program to warn America what life will be like under the brutal tyranny the Cabal is implementing.

Her new book, No Where Left to Run: 10 Steps for Surviving Tyranny Today, will give you practical guidance on how to keep your resolve during this brutal battle raging over our collective spirit. We are in for a long fight and we must not give up. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.