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Threats To Americans Escalate

Threats to Americans have escalated over the nation’s support for Israel. The State Department has issued a global travel alert over “increased tension” following Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

Also in this edition, Israeli lawmaker Ofer Cassif speaks out. Cassif was just suspended for denouncing the war on Gaza. Here’s a new Systems Update from Glenn Greenwald.

Biden: Corrupt As They Come

After Trump’s lawyers explained the discovery in the J6 case amounted to 8 Washington Monuments worth of physical discovery, Jack Smith responds. We review the government filing and why Jack Smith is asking the Court to order Trump’s lawyers to commit malpractice.

More evidence confirms Biden went to Ukraine with the specific intent of firing Ukrainian Prosecutor Victor Shokin. State Department memos obtained and assembled by JustTheNews.com show how Prosecutor Shokin was getting praise from U.S. Officials for his anti-corruption efforts. If Shokin was doing a good job, what justification did Biden have to threaten to withhold the $1 billion in federal loan money?

Reps. Jim Jordan and Jason Smith fire off four new subpoenas to FBI and IRS officials who worked on the Hunter Biden investigation. We review each of the subpoenas and their recipients and check in with Jim Jordan and the lawyer for the IRS Whistleblower. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Gonzalo Lira On The Run!

Independent journalist Gonzalo Lira, fresh out of  prison and three months of torture by the secret police in Ukraine, continues his legal woes on Aug. 2,  when he is scheduled to face charges of being a Russian propagandist.

But inspite of the facade of a fair trial for charges that his videos were critical of Ukraine, which Lira claims is a pipe dream, he has opted to run! As of the filming of this video on Monday, July 31, Lira is 5 kilometers from the Hungary border, where he will seek asylum from Ukraine. “Because of corruption and extortion in prison, I will be found guilty, I will not get a suspended sentence, I will have to serve out my sentence and likely die in prison,” he says. Here’s his story.

Criminals Are Being Exposed!

Criminals at the highest levels of the federal government, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are now being exposed! Will we see mainstream media tribunals? False flags, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, drag. Pray! More from And We Know.

It’s All Coming Out

Redacted’s Clayton Morris reports that Russia is desperately trying to alert the world that the United States is, indeed, funding biolabs in Ukraine, despite adamant denials from the State Department and DOJ.

The denials are lies, Morris says, because Victoria Nuland, undersecretary of state and political affairs, admitted as much in Congressional testimony and the info is also documented on the State Department website.

Morris also reports that the Ukainian government conducted AIDS research on its military and its citizens. He adds that journalist Mike Jones has seen these labs in Luhansk and has spoken to Ukrainians who confirmed that people in this region were being experimented on. More from Redacted.

Nord Stream Bombing Ignored

Paul Joseph Watson calls Seymour Hersh’s investigative piece on the Nord Stream pipeline bombing “easily the biggest news story of the year.” The Substack story said the CIA and U.S. Navy, in conjunction with the Norwegian Navy, brought down the pipeline under orders from President Joe Biden.

But the fake news keeps ignoring the story, continuing to provide cover for the leftist dolt Biden. Will the press ever wise up and begin doing its job instead of playing politics? Are the New York Times or Washington Post actually newspapers, or just left-leaning propaganda mouthpieces?

Not only Joe Biden, but various mucky-mucks within his administration — like Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs — threatened that the United States would intervene if Russia invaded Ukraine. These politicos implied they would strike down the Nord Stream Pipeline as their most likely target. Now, Dan Bongino says the pipeline bombing scandal is about to get way bigger. Will it precipitate World War III?

Demonic Rituals Across The US

China, Asia Foundation, Satanic rituals televised, children targeted, vile affections. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Grammy Awards on Sunday night didn’t even try to hide it anymore. The music business has turned into a full-throttle Satanic sideshow.

And who should emerge as a leading sponsor for this carnival act? Pfizer, of course. More from Jamie Dlux.

Blown Up: Chinese Spy Balloon

The Biden Administration finally decided to destroy the Chinese spy balloon. China responds with anger and indignation. The White House and the Media say the Trump administration had prior balloon encounters and Mike Pompeo and John Ratcliffe responded.

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price takes questions from the international press about the U.S. actions against the Chinese spy balloon. Did the US overreact and how does this impact US-China relations?

Karine Jean-Pierre takes questions from the press on the Chinese Spy Balloon and explains the decision-making timeline. Biden reminds us he ordered it on Wednesday — Dd he? The media wonders how damage has been done to the U.S.-China relationship. Did Trump really not know about prior balloon incursions?

Republican Senators fume at Biden’s incompetence in eliminating the Chinese Balloon. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Rand Paul all weigh-in while the Capitol is secured for Biden’s State of the Union speech. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

Ze Russian False Flag Exposed

An Associated Press reporter actually does his job and hammers at a State Department spokesman. The State Department claims the Russians are engaging in a false flag operation to spur a war with the Ukraine. In reality, it’s apparently Joe Biden’s administration that’s trading in ze false flags. Are we surprised? More from Mark Dice.

What Happened In Wuhan?

In a comprehensive probe into the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sky News Australia investigative reporter Sharri Markson reveals what really happened in Wuhan, China, in the days leading up to the first coronavirus cases.

Her investigation begins with the Wuhan Military Games in 2019, when several athletes from 100 countries fell ill with what later would be discovered as an early strain of coronavirus. More than 9,000 athletes attended the games and officials were immediately alarmed at the potential of a super-spreader virus. Says David Asher, former State Department Covid investigator, “It is suspicious. We see indications in our own data, that NIH has, that there was Covid circulating in the United States certainly as early as December (2019), possibly earlier than that.”

Markson says no one was ever tested at the games, but Chinese activist and the country’s most famous defector to the U.S., Wei Jingsheng, knew something was wrong. He believes China took the opportunity to spread the virus at the military games, because the event was flooded with foreigners from across the world. “I told Dimon (fellow activist Dimon Lui) of the Chinese government using some strange weapons,” he says, “including biological weapons, because I knew they were doing experiments of that sort.”

Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says that if there was no one to blame, the Chinese government would not have shutdown Wuhan. “They would not have silenced doctors, scientists and journalists, and disappearing some of them,” he says. In the following report, Markson brings us more details, including analysis with President Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other officials.