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Biden Ushering In Recession

The Biden administration is bragging about job creation, yet unemployment is rising. What gives?

Looks like a lot of lower-middle class employees are taking second jobs. They no longer can get by with one job, so they’re now holding down more part-time jobs. These might be 10 to 20 hours a week, but they provide enough cash to offset escalating food costs, utilities, gasoline, the inflationary spiral.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 says this spurt of second-tier jobs likely signals a deeper recession ahead. Another sign of a looming recession: rising credit card debt. So button down, and get prepared for tough times.

The Fall Of The West Explained

Decline and decadence: The fate of empires. Economic instability lies ahead, as AI (artificial intelligence) assumes a greater proportion of the work force, leaving fewer paying jobs available for humans. This will come as nations crumble from unsustainable debt and globalization rears its ugly head. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Ex-Twitter Employee Seeks Job

Mandy Zanderton was laid off by Elon Musk, because he is an evil billionaire. Now, she’s applying for actual work. It didn’t go well. But don’t take our word for it – bah dum DUM! More from The Babylon Bee.

Fed Risking Great Depression

Economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com, says the economy is in trouble. A Fed rate hike, he believes, will cause a hyperinflationary Great Depression. Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Williams.

Real inflation is coming. The Fed is out of ammunition. Those are the assessment of Jonathan More, who also believes gold will destroy the old system. More is the CEO of Starr Peak Mining LTD and also serves as a Director of Power Metals Corp. and Superior Mining International Corp. He is appearing as a guest on the X22 Report Spotlight.


Audit Reveals Patterns Of Fraud

Patterns in types of specific election fraud have been revealed after the Arizona audit across multiple swing states. We examine the watered-down language of the Cyberninja’s report and some new data about even more invalid ballots in Arizona, as well as provisional ballots in Michigan. More from RedPill78.

Former CIA Agent Michael Jaco says the audits eventually could lead to a decertification of the 2020 Presidential election results, but it will take time to oust the cheating pretender Joe Biden from the White House.

The problem? In the meantime, Biden and his Democratic hombres could ruin the nation. They are working hard to undo all of the advances that President Donald Trump had accomplished. We are seeing the results: Mushrooming inflation, soaring unemployment, massive illegal immigration, energy shortages, you name it.

Here, Jaco discusses the audits with Nicholas Veniamin. Other topics covered: The Deep State, clones and human trafficking.


America Needs Donald Trump

Beijing Biden has only been in power a few months and already he has wreaked the U.S. economy. Not only has he destroyed many jobs, particularly in the energy sector, but he has unleashed a skyrocketing hyperinflation the likes of which Americans haven’t seen in more than 20 years. This president — honk! honk! — is a boob — brain-dead, insincere, corrupt to the core.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 explains exactly how Biden is wrecking progress and why America needs Donald Trump back in 2024. We won’t get there, though, if our elections are rigged and unfair, so now is the time to exert power and authority to take control of local governments, and ensure our elections  are safeguarded from crookery and thievery.

We can kick the evil Joe Biden to the curb. But we also need to subdue his Leftist minions and the globalist Republicans — like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney — who are just as corrupt as the Democrats.

Everyone Knows Biden Sucks

Push polls do not coincide with observable reality- a border crisis, inflation, high unemployment, and various foreign policy issues. More from Styxhexenhammer666.


The GOP Has Died

On January 6, we saw the death knell of the GOP. When so many leaders of the party, like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConell and Mitt Romney, are proven to be sniveling liars — pushing censorship just as vociferously as the corrupt Democrats — you know it’s the end. The final chapter! The last rites!

It’s not President Donald Trump who will be cast aside, but these shaky Republicans and warbling Democrats who have completely trashed America. You allowed our children to be abducted, raped and murdered for more than 30 years without making an effort to end the carnage. Yes, we are talking about Jeffrey Epstein and all of his rich fat-cat friends. We don’t care if he was CIA or Mossad, or CCP or KGB, or what? He was clearly a cad, a fiend, a monster. He should have been stopped — dead cold — if we had genuine leadership in Washington. But we didn’t.

We had a bunch of bozos who let our nation deteriorate, who even sold our inventions and our factories to China and Mexico, taking your cut for the sales and leaving us unemployed, and banging our heads. Yes, the GOP is dead. Let’s hope our next party doesn’t have to be entirely a lynch party, nor a party run by cowards and turncoats. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, appeared Saturday night on the Watters’ World show on Fox News and told host Jesse Watters that there has secretly been an anti-Trump clique operating among Republicans for quite some time in Washington DC. Among the members of this clique: U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

Let’s hope both of those cretins, as well as any other traitorous Republicans who took part in this clique, receive primary opposition the next time they run. Those Republicans undermining our own President, and siding with creeps like the Socialist Democrats, must be defeated. No, we’re not going to recommend they be put into gulags or concentration camps or subjected to Maoist-style reeducation. We’re not Fascists like the Democrats! But we will remember this treachery!

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Huge Debt Crisis Lurking

While talk of enforcing lock downs and handing out stimulus checks dominates the news cycle, there’s a larger, more devastating crisis lurking in the background that threatens to disable our economy for decades.

We’re talking about the consequences of long-term debt, currently being fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. While taking on debt to solve today’s financial problems could be a good thing in the short term, it almost always bodes badly for the future. The only way to relieve the pressure is to lift the lock down mandates and get Americans back to work, but the prospects of such a reversal probably won’t occur for a while.

The prognosis: If unemployment continues to rise, both individual and national debt will continue to rise to help us stay afloat, and this will happen at record levels that we have never seen before. Is there light at the end of the economic tunnel? Find out in the following analysis from the Jack Chapple channel.

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