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Rediscover The Electric Universe

Physicists and art researchers stumble upon an impossible coincidence repeated all over the world. Is plasma proof we live in an electric universe? And did the ancients know the truth about the cosmos millennia before today’s scientists rediscovered it?

A protective Assyrian statue is buried for decades to shield it from war. What strange features did it have that point to an advanced past culture? From strange symbols and magic worship to modern morality and inventions, this Edge of Wonder Live will take you on a deep dive nobody else is going on. See you out on the edge!

Gene Decode: The Cabal Ends

Gene Decode proclaims that we are in a biblical moment–a hand of God interval, if you will–where everything comes to an end for the Cabal.

Appearing on The Sovereign Soul, Decode says the Cabal is in panic mode, though they will never stop their sinister ways because they have no reverse gear. It’s all or nothing. “Their time is coming to and end,” he says. Decode explains further, plus also discusses where and how the human species originated.

Pence: A Luciferian Pedo-Clone

How many children have been murdered by Mike Pence, the demonic Luciferian clone? How are clones made?

Christian 21 rejoins the program with more explanations regarding the creation of the universe. Who created God, the creator? What is the most protected place in the universe?

Here’s more, including a channel update, from McAllister TV.

Who Were The Rosicrucians?

The ancient and mystic Rosae Crucis Order is the world’s oldest fraternity, destined to experimenting, practicing and  studying the highest principles of  human nature and the universe.

Among the most influential names in the history of humanity, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Paracelso, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were members of the order, known as the Rosicrucians.

But who really were the Rosicrucians? Were they an order of secret masters to rule the world.  What did they want and seek? And what did they teach?  In the following video, Sync Mind takes a deep dive into some of the answers.

The Universe Speaks In Numbers

In-depth description of the frequency fence and how it works! This is how we learn to communicate with positive ETs! Channel Update! The universe speaks in numbers! Oblowzo from Placeboing! More from McAllister TV.

Nikola Tesla’s Last Interview

Fearless Nation reports that a mind-boggling article surfaced a while back of a lost–or intentionally hidden–interview with the master of electricity himself, Nikola Tesla. Rumors suggest the interview is fake, but it’s impossible to prove.

The interview emanated from the theater play, Tesla: Or Adaptation of an Angel, by Serbian playwright Stevan Pesic. But the real question remains: Did Nikola Tesla really conduct such an interview? Fearless Nation says even if the interview was fake, it still holds plenty of thought-provoking wisdom. Here’s the interview and please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Gene Decode: DUMBS Update

Gene Decode joins the Michael Jaco podcast to break down the progress of shutting down the DUMBs throughout the planet, including the final assault on the Antarctica tunnels.

Decode also explains that the “war” with the Deep State–aka the globalists, the Cabal, the bad guys–is a war for creation for all of humanity everywhere. “This is the beginning of the war for dark and light,” Decode says. “If we do not prevail here, we’re done.” More with Decode and Jaco.

In a brief, but related video, Decode confirms that some of the DUMBs in the United States have been cleaned out, including the evil and infamous “Nightmare Alley” in Dulce, N.M., which vibrated at high fifth-density negative. He says it’s akin in darkness to the DUMB below Libya, which is part of the vast South African tunnel system that envelops the lower three-sevenths of the continent.


Alien-Government Treaties

Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, tells Xandrewx that the rumors that her great-grandfather met and signed government treaties with aliens is true. She says the treaties had to do with bartering planetary goods–natural resources, elements and compounds–in exchange for human abduction.

She explained the the alien abductions were carried to unlock the secrets of the universe, which they believed was hidden in our DNA. Here’s the video and please judge the material for yourself.

Scammers Are Going To Scam

Cristen Weldon final chapter! Great truths are often quite simple. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck! Scammers are gonna scam!

Also in this video: The divine blueprint for our ascension! Black holes and star gates! Backwards mathematical inversions! How old is the universe? More from McAllister TV.