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Planet 9 Might Be a Black Hole

In 2016, scientists proposed that our solar system is home to a ninth planet with an orbit beyond those of Neptune and Uranus. Known as Planet 9 and located in the farthest reaches of the solar system, it is a shocking 400 to 800 times farther from the Sun than Earth and it would take 15,000 years to complete one orbit. But in a recent stunning revelation, two scientists now believe that Planet 9 is not a planet at all but could actually be a tiny black hole. Learn more from SciShow Space.

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Bernie Sanders: A Has-Been?

Talking all things Bernie Vs Cruz debate on taxes, socialism and “human rights”, Uranus, missing bugs, transgenders in sports, women in sports and more. Featuring special guests Karen Straughan, Iraqveteran8888 and RazorFist. More from Steven Crowder on Louder with Crowder.