What If America Fails?

There’s no doubting the majority of Americans are patriots, diehard fans of a nation that espouses the values of principles–freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free enterprise, the right to bear arms. The moment that changes, it’s not America anymore.

Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David asks, what if a tipping point arrives, where America starts pushing people around and denying their freedoms? What are the options? “I think today there’s a great opportunity for a handful of countries to be become a second option,” Bet-David says. “But only if America gets royally cocky, arrogant and egotistical and starts pushing people around.” He points to the demise of two great American cities–New York and Detroit–once flourishing and proud and now losing residents by the thousands, and to the beleaguered state of California, wrought in debt and government overreach.

In this episode of Valuetainment, Bet-David welcomes financial planner Adam Sosnick and marketing expert Tom Ellsworth to debate the consequences of an American breakdown.

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Lessons Learned From 2020

As we prepare to ring in 2021, we also painfully reflect on a very unusual 2020. It was a year like no other, laced with a coronavirus pandemic, an economic collapse, sports shutdowns and all capped by a fraudulent Presidential election. But what a waste it would be, says Valuetainment’s  Patrick Bet-David, if we didn’t take away lessons learned from this tumultuous year.

Sadly, it’s almost set in stone that we’re going to face many crises in our lifetime. They’re not going away, no matter your social standing, how much money you have or how well you think you’re insulated. It’s a fact of life. In the following video, Bet-David points out 15 lessons learned from 2020, many of which can be applied to future catastrophes. Among the finer points, he stresses to do your own due diligence and do not rely on the media or pundits. And most importantly, don’t wait for the next crisis without being prepared. Here’s more with Bet-David.

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Democrats’ Disastrous Tax Plan

Never mind that Joe Biden’s health has dominated the headlines recently. If he were to somehow win the White House in November, his invasive tax plan would be enough to blow your wits.

Unveiling what appears to be the most progressive economic proposal in the history of presidential politics, Biden’s plan would cost Americans about $3.35 trillion over the next decade. Says Valuetainment host Patrick Bet-David, “That means $3.35 million of American peoples’ money is going to the government over a decade. That’s a lot of money.”

In line with the Democrat Party’s longstanding history of taxing the electorate into the ground, Biden’s proposal is targeting the likely suspects–corporations, capital gains and personal income. The most egregious tax increase will fall on long-term capital gains, taking the number from the current 20 percent to 39.6 percent, highest ever.

Bet-David is joined by financial entrepreneurs, Tom Zenner and Adam Sosnick to break down the Biden tax plan and its potential for disaster.

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Rules Of Mental Toughness

There are a variety of things in our life that we can measure–returns on your mutuel fund, height, weight and your clothes. But how do we measure mental and emotional toughness? Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David lays out his plan of what it takes to increase your tolerance of pain that will go a long way in improving your mental health.

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Prepare For Pre-Election Chaos

With the presidential election looming in November and the political parties farther apart than ever before, YouTube blogger Patrick Bet-David says prepare yourself for a wild ride over the next three months. The key word to focus on, he says, is anticipation.

In short, prepare for an avalanche of chaos. Bet-David gives us 15 pre-election predictions–most of them not good–that will change our country in many ways. For starters, he says, the mainstream media will go all in on manufacturing division to tear America further apart. And if that isn’t bad enough, prepare for more protests, looting and rioting on a level that we’ve never witnessed. Tune in for 13 more prognostications in this episode of Valuetainment.

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Time For A Media Detox

With all the garbage been strewn by the mainstream media, it’s more than time for a detox from these guys. Says Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David, 90 percent of the media nowadays are pundits, not journalists. And he’s absolutely correct. Instead of practicing the age-old journalistic tenets of verification, independence and accountability, these guys are more interested on imposing their views on us. “These so-called journalists today are at-best activists, some of them are clowns, some of them are puppets and some of them are purely entertainers, and they are dividing America in ways that words cannot describe,” Bet-David says. His solution to the madness: Go on a one-week detox and cleanse your system from the delusion. Here’s more from Valuetainment.

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Danger Of Using Weak Words

Entrepreneur and financial advisor Patrick Bet-David says everything in life is about language. There is a danger in using the wrong words and power in using the right ones. “Words have so much weight behind them,” Bet-David says. “There are certain words I refuse to accept. Why? I don’t like another person imposing their fears, insecurities and victimhood on me.” He emphasizes that the change from good to bad and from bad to good are both caused by words. “Be very careful what words you use,” he says. Here’s more from Valuetainment.

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Dissecting the Floyd Incident

The topsy-turvey rollercoaster that has been the aftermath of the George Floyd incident has given us substantially more questions to ponder than answers. Video blogger Patrick Bet-David, after stepping back and absorbing the truths and lies, takes a comprehensive look at what is now really transpiring with the incident. Bet-David shares his thoughts  on the key players, the cops and protesters, the implications of racism, who’s to blame and who is benefitting most, plus much more in this edition of Valuetainment.

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The Biggest Scam in America

With the rising costs of education and student loans spiraling out of control, many progressive politicians, such as Bernie Sanders, are suggesting that we should have free tuition at colleges and universities. But how do they propose to pay for it? From the American taxpayers, of course. Not a good idea, says entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David. Instead, Bet-David says the real problem lies in the colleges themselves–why an education costs so much and why the system is the biggest scam in our nation today. Bet-David reveals how our universities are tax-exempt on property, tuition, sponsorships, donations and income from activities on campus. Bet-David gives us more of the shocking truth in this episode of Valuetainment.

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Gold is King

When the dollar became the world currency after World War II, the United States was the world’s richest creditor nation. We had massive trade surpluses and we were the leader in manufactured goods. The dollar was not only backed by gold, but also convertible into gold. Then, says financial commentator and economist Peter Schiff, we exploited the situation and began spending like drunken sailors. With growing concerns over the stability of the dollar, other nations began converting dollar reserves into gold, forcing President Nixon to delink the dollar from gold to the floating exchange rates that exist today.

Fast forward to today and reckless spending has amassed a record deficit exceeding $20 trillion, a scenario that doesn’t bode well for the dollar. “We are going to go back on the gold standard eventually,” Schiff says. “It’s not going to be our decision, but the market’s decision.” He tells us why in this virtual interview with Patrick Bet-David on Valuetainment.

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