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Glenn Beck: Evil Is Everywhere

During his Christmas address last December, Pope Francis warned Cardinals to be vigilant of an “elegant demon” lurking in the Vatican. Additionally, Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretary announced plans to release a tell-all book that his publisher says will describe certain “dark maneuvers.”

Glenn Beck’s personal experiences in Vatican City led him to believe there could be sinister forces attempting to gain a foothold in the holy city. In the following clip, Beck describes the last time he visited the Vatican and the spooky meeting he had there. Beck says his story proves that evil isn’t just spreading in America, but across the world.

Pope Francis Resigning?

Rick Rene, host of Blessed To Teach, says news is swirling around Vatican City that Pope Francis is preparing to resign. He also reports there is more evidence that military tribunals are now active, including the latest prophecy from Julie Green. He explains further.

Explaining Vatican City

Just how did the world end up with the tiny nation of Vatican City? The short answer is Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. The long answer is a bit confusing and entails the role of the Pope, one of the remaining true monarchs on the planet, the Holy See and its strange government. CGP puts it all in perspective in the following video.

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