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China Warns On Lab Leak

China issues warnings after news that the U.S. Department of Energy considers the Wuhan lab leak theory to be plausible. Dr. Li Meng Yan and Rand Paul respond and Chinese social media warns Elon Musk

The House Oversight Committee holds a business meeting to debate potential bills aimed at fixing government censorship. We review several bills under consideration and hear from Reps. James Comer, Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Nancy Mace and Byron Donalds.

After proving to be poor stewards of public care and public trust, the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice beg Congress to continue to empower them with FISA 702 authority to pursue unconstitutional investigations. We hear from Matthew G. Olsen from the DOJ, the ACLU, and Reps. Darin LaHood and Thomas Massie. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching the Watchers.

We now know the “conspiracy theorists” were correct all along, and Covid-19 — in all likelihood — was released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. We still don’t know if it was an accidental release or planned in advance to weaken the world’s economy. Still, it’s going to be tough to believe anything the rigid, “lab denial” leftists ever tell us again.

They ran a doom-ringing blitzkrieg to frighten us about Covid-19 and enforce their endless rounds of mandates and lockdowns. They censored anyone who challenged or even timidly questioned the many strident elements in their campaign. Now, they’ve all got egg on their faces.

You have to wonder: What lies will creeps like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert spin next? How will the New York Times modify its policies in the future so it’s not blindly pushing such blatant and phony propaganda? How can Anthony Fauci have remained the federal government’s most highly paid employee for so many years? Here’s more from Mark Dice.

Paul Joseph Watson has fun trolling the leftist stooges. But he doesn’t just stick it to Jimmy Kimmel and the “reporters” from Vice. He also lambasts Fauci’s medical goon squad who orchestrated the big lie. We must hold those accountable who pushed the bogus theory that Covid-19 came from a bat or some other raid animal, and that hydroxycholoroquine was so evil as a tool to combat it.

Again, these alleged scientists outright lied and showed no inclination whatsoever to learn the truth. They preferred to lead the masses down a path of self-destruction.

10: Mexico City’s Subway Gangs

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been in existence nine years now, and we have made 15,000 posts. To celebrate these milestones, today we re-publish our top 10 posts as measured by their popularity with our readers. We begin with No. 10 and will work our way up to No. 1. All of these posts have more than 900 views each, the best nearly 50,000. Here’s No. 10, originally published Aug. 3, 2013.)

It’s Saturday morning in a Mexico City subway station, and the members of the Panamiur gang are headed to a party. Their leader, Cidel, is wearing huge sunglasses, a fauxhawk slathered in hair gel, cargo pants, and a T-shirt with a giant 2 and 6 airbrushed across it—a reference to November 26, 2010, the date the Panamiurs were founded. Vice reports.

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Buzzfeed Goes Woke, Broke

Buzzfeed goes work and literally goes broke. The company fires almost its entire Australian and British staff. Looks like this overseas news was not bringing in the kind of money Buzzfeed projected. More from Memology 101.

First Buzzfeed. Now Vice has announced lay-offs both from its domestic and international reporting teams. Seems like the Leftist digital army is getting decimated by the day. More from We Are Change.

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Journalists Getting Laid Off

Surprise, surprise. Another brutal round of layoffs has hit the lying Leftist media industry. Looks like fewer Americans are reading these newspapers, or magazines, or watching the TV or cable news, or following Internet outfits like Vice and Buzzfeed. The reason: Most Americans prefer news that’s not so biased, not so politically motivated, not so full of baloney. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Zach Vorhies, former programmer at Google, discusses why he left the company and the role it has played to censor President Donald Trump’s supporters and other conservatives. Zorhies predicts it’s going to be a hot spring and summer. Why? Because patriots have changed the [Google] algorithms, so buried news about pedophiles and other criminals is now becoming more widely available, even using the corrupt Google platform. Vorhies appears on the X22 Spotlight Report.

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The Leftist media is collapsing and in a state of absolute panic. Buzzfeed says this is a “media extinction event.” Wrong! It’s extinction for the Leftist media. Those of us doing conservative media will survive. We have already endured the worst of the censorship efforts. Our numbers are growing — our readership is up, our outreach expanding. In other words, We’re not crying as we watch these lying Leftist outfits shrivel up and go belly up! More from Tim Pool.

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President Donald Trump rips into NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander, allegedly a journalist, but actually just another shill for the corrupt media companies. How many of these clowns will be revealed to have been fomenting dissension for the C-I-A? How many have been taking money under the table, either directly or indirectly, through family members and relatives? Stay tuned. More to come.

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Journalists In State Of Panic

Journalists are panicking after passage of a new California law that appears to make freelance writing impossible to do. “Everybody is freaking out,” says Tim Pool. No doubt, the law will get fixed over time. But the mess could last awhile. Liberals have never been especially practical or concerned about the people over whom they run roughshod. Perhaps it’s poetic justice,though, to see journalists bear the brunt of Liberal shenanigans.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses the continuing drive by YouTube to quash or even outright ban conservative channels. Not only has The Red Elephants been kicked off the platform for a period of time, but also: Owen Benjamin, Know More News, Red Ice TV, Sinatra Says, Brother Nathanael, Lift the Veil, Jake Morphonios, even Steven Crowder for a spell. Most have eventually resurfaced on YouTube, although the constant censorship struggles have left many of us to do our searching these days on alternate sites. We primarily use Bitchute,while some prefer Gab, Rumble or Minds.

Meanwhile, Verizon has been seeking to sell off the Huffington Post, a move which will likely result in layoffs regardless of the result. The company is seeking to slim down its digital media business at a time when many media companies are facing shortfalls, budget cuts, and layoffs.

CNN, VICE, BuzzFeed, Verizon, Disney and more have faced declining viewership, ratings and revenues for the past few years. This is just another trend is the downfall of leftist and far left digital media. At the same time, conservative media seems to be seeing a resurgence with Fox News doing particularly well in growth and ratings.

This all follows a trend of companies basically following “get woke go broke” as a business plan. Vice, for instance, used to be edgy and taboo but now follows the establishment political orthodoxy. Not too long after getting woke they started to go broke. Vice News sadly has merged with Viceland after being canceled on HBO.  More from Tim Pool.


He’s Borderline Conservative!

The Left is steaming mad at Dave Chappelle. How could he do an entire comedy special without poking fun at President Trump? He must be…a borderline conservative! So now, Vice and BuzzFeed and all the Leftist rags are no longer judging comedians based on whether or not they are funny, but only based on whether they toe the Leftist line. More from Jon Miller on the White House Brief.

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Yepp, no doubt about it. This comedy special has caught the attention of the outrage mob.

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You don’t think he’s conservative? Listen as he roasts that very famous French actor…Jussie Smollett!

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One thing about Dave Chappelle…he’s a true artist, like Richard Pryor before him. But Pryor wasn’t so magnanimous when he discovered that Paul Mooney had raped Pryor’s teen-aged son. Comedy is only a band-aid for pain, but it doesn’t treat the sickness. More from Jamie Dlux.

They Don’t Want Us to Speak

Globalist politicians are ERASING testimony and holding semi-secret hearings. They are holding sham hearings where they don’t let people speak and the erase testimony that contradicts their objectives. This is a dystopia. More from Amazing Polly.

So! Vice News Canada decided to sit inside its Deep State Operation Mockingbird Glass House and Throw Stones, did it?? Well we find out that VICE Canada has: trafficked cocaine, taken $250 million from George Soros, and it actively promotes child drag queens ( a Pédo favorite and gateway to normalizing their horrifying deviancy). more below…from Amazing Polly.

Jason Bermas is arriving at a similar conclusion as he finds himself in agreement with Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald on the need to protect our First Amendment from Big Tech. Seriously who cares?, Bermas says. “This Is great!”

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Are Transgender Athletes Fair?

Why is it fair for transgender athletes to compete against women and win every time? Are they pushing women out of sport? Here’s the data. More from Sydney Watson.

Steven Crowder rebuts Vice’s recent transgenders in powerlifting video, offering facts, science and actual truth.

Stormy Milestone: 10,000 Posts

Today marks a milestone in the history of Call Me Stormy. We have now published 10,000 posts.

Actually 9,998 posts as of today, while hitting 10,000 tomorrow.

To celebrate, we present the five most popular posts in the history of our blog, which we launched back in 2012. We always present hard-hitting political posts, but guess what? None of the most popular pieces we have run involve politics. Instead, they cover a stranger melange of topics: sex, pets, an anal examination, bizarre creatures and subway gangs.

Without further ado, here are the top five.

No. 1 from Sep. 2, 2012

Women Press to Go Topless

Reason.TV offers coverage of a topless protest in Washington, DC.  The video has nearly 500,000 views and Stormy readers have supplied 1,613 of those.

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No. 2 from March 9, 2015

Man’s Best Friend a Mystery

This video came from the SciShow and explores three weird things that domestication did to dogs. It has received about 1.2 million views overall and Stormy readers accounted for about 1,000 of those views.

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No. 3 from Sep. 3, 2013

Jeff Foxworthy’s 1st Colonoscopy

The comedian gets laughs with a tale of his first colonoscopy. This video has been seen nearly 850,000 times and, again, our readers account for roughly 1,000 of those views.

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No. 4 from Sep. 8, 2014

Bizarre Creatures Still Abound

This video originated with the Hybrid Librarian, identifying 10 mysterious lifeforms that baffle scientists. It’s generated more than one million views, and just shy of 1,000 on Stormy.

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No. 5 from Aug. 3, 2015

Mexico City’s Subway Gangs

Vice produced this look at youth gangs that ride the subway system in Mexico City. It’s been a popular video for Vice — nearly 2 million views — and equally popular for our readers.

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That’s it — for now! We promise to return with an update once we’ve run 20,000 videos. That will be a few years, though, so don’t sit around waiting for it!