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Gene Decode: Fall Of The Cabal

Gene Decode says we are in the critical phase of the war against the Cabal. He says we see all of the Muslim countries coming together and even in BRICS nations uniting, such as the Saudis working with countries they never dealt with.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, newly elected Javier Milei vows to eliminate the Central Banking system from his country and the Netherlands is moving toward a gold monetary standard. “What this is, is the end. We are watching the fall of the Cabal,” Decode says. He explains further and also discusses the underground wars from California to Maine, where the Alliance is at war with the drug cartels and non-terrestrials.

Game Over

The mainstream media is now being forced to admit: Putin and the Russians have defeated Zelensky and Ukraine. The war in the Ukraine is effectively done. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

The World Is On The Brink!

Fox News’ Jesse Watters reports that the world is officially on the brink!

The United States is now sponsoring a double proxy war against the Iranians and the Russians, China is eying Taiwan, North Korean weapons were just discovered in Gaza, and the State Department has just issued a worldwide travel warning to all countries.

Watters says our embassies are being mobbed, our military bases are under attack in Iraq, we just had to shoot down two Iranian-made missiles and we keep catching Middle Easterners sneaking across the southern border, all while Vladimir Putin is in China coordinating. Ladies and gentlemen: The storm is upon us.

Egypt’s Border Crossing Bombed

Egypt’s border crossing with Gaza was bombed Monday by Israel, ending any chance of aid trucks delivering food, water or medical supplies. Meanwhile, are we intentionally heading into a regional war with designs that go back decades? Putin is set to speak with Netanyahu before he leaves for China’s Belt and Road Initiative conference. Here’s more from Clayton and Natali Morris on Redacted.


Khazarian Mafia Blood Sacrifice

Kerry Cassidy tells NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that the Khazarian Mafia is running matters in Israel and Ukraine and there’s a direct link between the war drums beating in both countries.

Cassidy says the Khazarian Mafia has a philosophy of blood sacrifice, which goes back thousands of years. “This is the underbelly of what goes on in Israel as well,” she said. “There’s no way Hamas infiltrated the Israeli borders without being led in. So you have to look at the government. You have to look at who in Israel the military takes their orders from.”

She dissects the chaos, plus reveals more intel on Joe Biden, the alleged $6 billion sent to Iran, a Ukraine war update and more.

Russian Heat

Russian President Vladimir Putin has delivered a threat to the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schawb, warning him his days are numbered. The WEF is an organization of globalist goons who have bought off much of the Western world’s leadership, from Canada’s Justin Trudeau to Glowie creeps like Al Gore and Henry Kissinger. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

The Calm Before The Storm

Who is meeting in secret? We see you! These evil, sick creatures are stupid! The traitors are now seen and heard! Iron Eagle: The hunt continues.

DEFCON 1. We are in the calm before the storm! Power moves are being made!

Things are unraveling at the border. MAGA is under attack! Potus was up all night! Pray! More from And We Know.

Russia Issues WW III Warning

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is warning of World War III if the United Kingdom sends troops to Ukraine!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Medvedev called out UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, who recently claimed UK soldiers and contractors could end up on the ground in Ukraine. Medvedev said such a move would lead to Russia attacking UK officials. He went as far as to say the UK and the west would be “ruthlessly destroyed.” More from World Alternative Media.

Hold The Line

Patriot Underground says the Deep State continues to be exposed, but on a deeper level, the Satanic presence that has always been amongst us is being revealed.

He takes a deeper dive into these topics, plus discusses the impeachment inquiry of fake Joe Biden that is going to be monumentally important in unraveling the web of evil. Here’s more.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Here in its entirety is Nick Alvear’s new documentary The Greatest Show on Earth. Learn how former President Donald Trump. backed by a coalition within the U.S. military, is orchestrating what would, in fact, be the greatest show we’ve ever seen on this planet, if this documentary can be believed.

The documentary charts a long effort by Trump and his allies to end human slavery, child trafficking and other venal crimes. We come to see the connections between Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas, Nevada, and how a former Saudi prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal, was behind the firestorm at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in October, 2017. The deposition of this prince also plays a factor in Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

We arrive at a better appreciation of Trump’s “capitulation tours” in which the great nations of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as Pope Francis at the Vatican, signed on board with Trump’s campaign to end worldwide corruption. Much of the documentary draws from Derek Johnson’s research, as well as the notion of a military occupation of the United States. Trump might not be the president but does he remain the commander in chief?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We’d like to thank Tim Shey for recommending this film. Shey is an amazing fellow. A Christian, born and raised in Iowa, he hitchhiked across the United States for many years. He also found the time to write three books. You can visit his website here:https://hitchhikeamerica.wordpress.com/).