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Till The Last Ukrainian

Here is a new full-length documentary on the Ukraine War from Black Pigeon Speaks. The documentary opens in Berlin but covers a lot of ground, showing how the intransigence of the United States, and industrial demands across the West, have contributed to the Ukraine War. Here are the chapter headings in case you don’t have a full two hours to watch the show and want to zero in on a particular segment.

🔴 Part I: Berlin (00:00)
🔴 Part II: The End of History (Again) – (11:02)
🔴 Part III: Warsaw (18:17)
🔴 Part IV: Darth Vader vs The Avengers (26:42)
🔴 Part V: The Monroe Doctrine (44:52)
🔴 Part VI: Prague (49:26)
🔴 Part VII: Prelude to War (01:03:20)
🔴 Part VIII: Budapest (01:15:37)
🔴 Part IX: Endless War (01:26:20)
🔴 Part X: End Credits (01:43:30)

CIA Plotting World War III!

More reports have surfaced regarding CIA sabotage attacks inside of Russia and Ukraine, as the proxy war continues and shifts closer to a full global conflict.

Josh Sigurdson says an anti-air missile hit a residential apartment complex in Dnipro, Ukraine, recently, causing at least 44 casualties. He says both sides blamed each other, which led to the resignation of a Ukrainian official, who admitted on live TV that it was indeed a Ukrainian missile.

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Jack Murphy has exposed the CIA’s involvement in the conflict and its efforts to plot a U.S.-Russia war. More from World Alternative Media.

Russians Don’t Bluff!!!

Scott Ritter, a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer, explains the sea of lies that engulf the Ukraine government and the Neo-Nazi hardliners who actually call most of the shots in the Ukraine. Ritter says never mind what the mainstream media reports. The Russians are winning the Ukraine War decisively. “Russians don’t bluff.” says Ritter. “They’re going to do exactly the way they said.” More from the Finance Mail.

Corrupt Politicians: Time’s Up!

The people have been waking up. They need to wake up to see the [Deep State] system. Now, the people are starting to realize how the country is, how much control the [Deep State] had over the people. Now their control is gone. The people are awake and now the crimes of the [Deep State] are being exposed.

Trump wants to know what the consequences will be for all of their crimes. The people now will demand accountability. They will want trials. The question is: Did Trump just activate Wray? More from the X22 Report.

The Men Who Own Everything

We live in a strange new world where talking cats make more sense out of reality than our corrupt political leaders. Here, The Truth Factory introduces The Men Who Own Everything, a video that explores the reign of the World Economic Forum. This is the outfit run by Klaus Schwab, the bureaucrat who wants us all eating bugs and owning nothing.

Ukraine’s Zelensky confirms he will be participating at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss postwar reconstruction. Zelensky appeared at Davos in 2022. Who is Klaus Schwab? Vandava Shiva explains what happened in India

Sam Bankman-Fried is released on a $250 million dollar bond and sent to live with his parents. Sam Bankman-Fried gets a new judge after a conflict of interest is revealed. Caroline Ellison takes a plea deal and starts working against Sam Bankman-Fried. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

Will Poland Be The Next Proxy?

Gonzalo Lira says the Ukrainian military has dwindled to 200,000 boots on the ground, compared to 600,000 and growing Russian troops.

Meanwhile, Lira says, bordering Poland has expanded its ground force to 200,000, With the American neocons dead set on continuing the war for nefarious reasons, will Poland be the next proxy for the U.S.? Lira gives his take on the crisis, and more.

Together We Stand Tall

Together, we expose the mainstream media, RINOs, corrupt Democrats, 3-letter agencies and the social media colluding to destroy us. But with God on our side, we can still stand tall, and continue to prevail. More from And We Know.

The Context Of The Battle

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow reports that for the first time in history, the United States will send a patriot missile battery to Ukraine. The system is part of a massive $1.85 billion weapons package the Department of Defense introduced earlier this week.

The announcement, Sekulow says, coincided with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the White House. Sekulow welcomes former CIA chief Mike Pompeo to weigh in on the significance of it all.