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Game Over

The mainstream media is now being forced to admit: Putin and the Russians have defeated Zelensky and Ukraine. The war in the Ukraine is effectively done. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

Preparing For Shutdown

Dan RadioStyle says we are seeing the play before the play. The noise is being made early for the issue that is looming. The good guys are likely going to shut down parts of the government–which parts remain to be seen.

Says RadioStyle, “The shutdown is going to happen because the Deep State needs it to.” Things are definitely going to get spicy! RadioStyle brings the details, plus a breaking story from the Lou Dobbs podcast that the Bidens will be served subpoenas in days.

Adrenochrome Cartel Crushed

One of the world’s largest cartels, if not the largest, involved in the illegal adrenochrome trade has been crushed in the Ukraine and Poland by U.S. special forces acting in cooperation with their counterparts from Russia. The fight pitted the US forces, under the direction of General Eric M. Smith, and a team of Russian Spetznas under the command of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Journalist Michael Baxter provided details on his realrawnews.com website, claiming the joint military operation brought down the Radchenko Cartel — controlled by Petro Radchenko — responsible for at least half of the adrenochrome exported globally beyond the borders of Ukraine. Baxter reported, “the joint unit capsized a multi-billion-dollar Adrenochrome cartel that had been operating with impunity along the Ukraine-Poland border. Sources said the unit spent the first half of October dismantling the Radchenko Cartel, which kidnapped countless children, sucked their adrenal glands dry, and, after nourishing them back to reasonable health, sold them to pedophiles and into sex slavery. Reportedly, children can be drained several times before adrenal fluid becomes inert.”

The realrawnews.com website claims that the billions of defense dollars Joe Biden has given Ukraine are meant to prop up Radchenko’s wretched global adrenochrome trade and keep the drug supplies running for adrenochrome abusers, scattered from Hollywood to Moscow. But Radchenko won’t be supplying the drug any longer.

Russia sent missiles showering down on his villa in Kviv, killing him, his mistress and two dozen armed guards. Numerous drug facilities also were destroyed across Poland and Ukraine, including a dealer’s swanky villa in  Hrubieszów, Poland, and an industrial park in Lutsk, Ukraine, used as a transport hub for the drug dealing trade.

Here’s a video from Dobie_Tejas that captures more details from the operation. We have no way to gauge the veracity of any of these claims, so we caution you: This could be a strong blow against pedophiles and drug criminals, but it also could be a smokescreen, involving pro-Russian propaganda. We present these assertions so you can strive to learn more and, hopefully, help end the rancid adrenochrome trafficking.

Badass Verbal Assault

An unsuspecting liberal, from Massachusetts, makes the mistake of taking on Badass Uncle Sam on the streets, where he gets a stern lesson on the Constitution and the mess in Ukraine.

Says Uncle Sam, “He should be arrested for stupidity and I should be arrested for verbal assault.” Here’s the exchange.

The Calm Before The Storm

Who is meeting in secret? We see you! These evil, sick creatures are stupid! The traitors are now seen and heard! Iron Eagle: The hunt continues.

DEFCON 1. We are in the calm before the storm! Power moves are being made!

Things are unraveling at the border. MAGA is under attack! Potus was up all night! Pray! More from And We Know.

Canada Politicos Applaud Nazi

David Freiheit, host of Viva Frei, took on a new role as interviewee on Going Underground, supporting the outrage surrounding the standing ovation for Ukrainian Nazi Waffen SS veteran Yarosav Hunka by key Canadian government members.

Frei aimed his ire at the Canadian Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who gave Hunka two standing ovations for fighting the Soviet Union during World War II. “They’re so oblivious to history. They don’t understand that Soviets, good or bad in the time, were the allied forces.”

Frei elaborates, plus also blasts Frances’s total censorship of Rumble for carrying RT (Russia Today) after the ban on YouTube, and much more.

Zelensky Wants Crazy Marina!

President Volodymyr Zelensky appears to be fully immersed in the Bizarro World, after calling for spirit cooker Marina Abramovic to become an ambassador for Ukraine!

Josh Sigurdson reports that not only does Zelensky want to employ Abramovic as a PR flack of sorts, but also wants her to rebuild Ukraine’s educational system, despite her documented ties to convicted sexual offenders Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

While Abramovic fancies her self as a Serbian conceptual and performance artist, Sigurdson says she’s notorious for embracing the occult and Satanic rituals, including openly drinking blood. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Clinton Graft In Ukraine

Cue the grift in 3…2…1! If there’s anyone who’s best positioned to capitalize on the suffering of nations, it’s the Clintons! Now, the Clinton Global Initiative is swooping down for a slice of the pie in the Ukraine. Here’s more from RedPill78.

Roseanne Barr Uncensored!

Roseanne Barr schools Piers Morgan on what’s really going on in the Ukraine, including the presence of a large faction of Nazis and their atrocities not being covered in the mainstream media.

Barr explains that the “Zelensky being Jewish” narrative doesn’t work anymore. “Just because he’s Jewish doesn’t mean he’s doing anything good for the Jews,” she said. “People better wake up and do some research on their own, instead of buying what comes across on the screen.” Here’s her rant, courtesy of Free Speech Warrior.

McCarthy Caves On Debt

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reach an agreement on raising the debt limit in exchange for some reductions in spending. We review the terms of the deal and check the reaction from members in Congress.

Lindsey Graham visits with Ukraine and Zelensky and tells him that sending money to Ukraine to eliminate Russians was the best money ever spent. Meanwhile, the United States keeps spending!

New evidence is released in the Kari Lake case that purport to show people adjusting machines after they were certified and sealed. Arizona officials react and the corrupt Katie Hobbs suffers another major blow to her “administration.”  Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.