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Satanist Overthrow Of America

Cloned Waffen SS Elite Soldiers still alive?!? Himmler and Rosenstein! Podesta and Mengele! Waffen SS and Nacht Waffen! What about Michael Aquino, the Satanic pedophile?!? Presidio Daycare torture! Mae Brussell! Hitler messiah! Potus announcement! More from McAllister TV.

Chelsea Clinton Robo-Witch!

The 3rd Reich Reptilian Alliance! U.S. Navy spies! Chelsea Clinton’s witches brew! Watch the water! Tarot by Janine! Nuremberg Robotoids! 100th Monkey Syndrome! More from McAllister TV.

Beware The Useful Idiots

Beware the useful idiots that the Democrats are dispatching to do their battles on gun control and abortion. Saul Alinsky wrote about these braindead Leftoids, and McAllister TV gives us a handy refresher course.

In a jampacked video, McAllister TV also gets into:

  • Hollywood clones. Bear in mind, the cabal always creates backups.
  • President Donald Trump is safe and sound, and well-insulated from assassins.
  • Donald Marshall’s advice on Vril lizards.



Gene Decode Explores Cloning

Gene Decode gives us a broad introduction to cloning centers, vril lizards, drones and body snatching. He’s interviewed by Nicholas Veniamin on NVTV.


Human Cloning: In Our Face

The Vril Menace! Celebrities tweet about the cloning centers! They are telling us through their album covers and photographs! Cloning in hip hop! Cloning in sports! Stop human cloning! McAllister TV presents much more, including first-hand accounts and warnings from cloning whistleblowers Donald Marshall, Bernie Mac and Phil Chuppa.


Princess Diana Ritual Sacrifice

Why was Princess Diana sacrificed inside an underground tunnel in Paris, the Pont D’Alma, that served as a ritual site to the Moon Goddess Diana during the pagan era of the Merovingian Kings? Here, McAllister TV questions the trappings of this murder. Has it exposed the Reptilian Royals? Who was there? Why was the Pont D’Alma chosen, a place whose English translation is “Bridge of the Soul?”

Otherwise, here’s also a second look at Anthony Hopkins’ weird, snapping video. Is he imitating a Vril lizard? What are these strange creatures?



Diving In: Underground Bases

Underground bases! Reptilian bloodlines! Are Antifa and Black Lives Matter actually Vrils? More from McAllister TV.


The Dragon Bloodlines?

What are the Dragon bloodlines? Do Rep_Tilians rule the Earth? McAllister TV dives into the deep end, where most political commentators refuse to go.

Learn about the three main races of lizards. The biggest of these, the gray men, occupy the methane-drenched recesses deep inside the Earth. Key to the lizards: The proboscis that extends from their faces.

Also, we hear about body snatching and vril drones.

Nothing Can Stop Truth

The event is now coming to an end. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are pushing everything they can, but it is failing. The people are waking up. They see what is happening. Relevant events are about to unfold. Nothing can stop the truth. Exculpatory information has been released that should dismiss Flynn’s case and exonerate him. Kim Jong Un is missing. Have the chains been broken? The cure can not be worse than the sickness.

And what is the deal between the Joe Biden campaign and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams? This is a frou-frou “artisan” ice cream company from Columbus, Ohio, owned by Jeni Britton Bauer. The Biden campaign has already spent some $10,000 on this designer ice cream, in $70-$80 increments.

What’s unusual? The owner, Bauer, serves on the board of directors for the Wexner Center for the Arts, the foundation run by Les Wexner: the Victoria’s Secret CEO who fronted many of Jeffrey Epstein’s operations. Oh, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is the same designer brand that “let them eat ice cream” madam Nancy Pelosi showed off in her late-night TV spot! Most fascinating, wouldn’t you say?  More from the X22 Report.

How can you tell if you’re on the right track when you’re conducting any research on YouTube? If YouTube starts flagging your content with Wikipedia comments suggesting the content is false or erroneous, you’ve hit paydirt. YouTube is run by fraudulent Leftists. Wikipedia is a paid to lie and camouflage the truth. So when you see something flagged, chances are good it’s actually genuine and real.

McAllister TV discusses these fine points of Internet research in a new video where she delves into whether Tom Hanks has been arrested for pedophile activities. Another hot topic for this episode: The Vril Lizards of Hollywood. How do they stack up against their Nazi counterparts? What do they have over Anthony Hopkins?

Here is the Tom Hanks video McAllister TV references. It’s from Eye See You, who offers this description: “Images that support theory Tom Hanks may be in custody and providing information on the DEEP STATE CABAL that exists.”

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Donald Jeffries and John Barbour join the SGTReport from their command centers for a roundtable discussion about the virus, the lockdown, the agenda, and freedom.

On A Decode With Gene

McAllister TV joins Decode with Gene on a deep dive to uncover the forces of Evil! Who are the Vril lizards! The witches and necromancers! Who are the gods that the Left worships, other than Lucifer? Sure, perhaps you’ve heard of Baal and Molech but what about Sophia? The Satanists call us “sheep.” They call us “meat suits.”  Now, it’s time to sprinkle your line of salt around to protect yourself and loves ones. Join in the Great Awakening. Banish Blucifer and the rest of his ilk!

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