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DC: It’s Worse Than You Think

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, famously known as MTG, represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District in Northwest Georgia. MTG has led the effort to impeach Joe Biden, ban the genital mutilation of children, secure our southern border, end the war in Ukraine, and push the Republican Party to put the American people first.

Her America First credentials are forged in steel and she’s leveraged her power to drive change in the House GOP. She says Washington DC is worse than you can imagine. Here she discusses her experiences with the X22 Report Spotlight.

We Knew This Day Would Come

Jury proved America’s rule of law still exists. Mainstream media lies exposed. Former President Donald Trump is tearing apart the District of Columbia! Propaganda and lies — welcome to the Democratic Party!

Speaker victories, election defeats! Nashville in the news again as the diaries of the child-murdering transgender get released. What’s with the New World Order! Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Against All Enemies

The [Deep State] is about to be exposed. The government of the US has been infiltrated and now they will have to make a decision.

When the chaos begins and DC is being attacked and the White House is being stormed, those people in DC and other places will need to remember their oaths. There is only one more year and the people need to see this play out until the end so they can finally vote to take back this country. More from the X22 Report.

They’re On The Highway To Hell

The RINOs in the U.S. House who sandbagged Jim Jordan’s Speaker bid got their marching orders the night before at the Capital Grille. That’s an upscale steakhouse along Pennsylvania Avenue, owned by the Darden brothers.

Veteran reporter Bill Still says that’s where the backstabbers met with lobbyists while accepting whatever graft they got for their dirty business. They didn’t use telephones or the Internet to work these deals. That would leave them open to prosecution for bribery and malfeasance.

Of course, it’s doubtful FBI would ever arrest any of these RINOS or the leftist Democrats. Christopher Wray’s FBI, as part of Joe Biden’s Police State, primarily harasses MAGA politicians.

Still doesn’t identify any of the RINO crooks by name. That’s a mistake if you ask us. In the weeks and months to come, these RINOs must all be put on the spot. Let them blow up and get mad! They are crooks, the same as the dirty Democrats, and it’s high time they paid the price for their crimes. Here’s more from Still.

People Now See The Police State

The [Deep State] is now heading down the path the patriots want them to go down. The [Deep State] is planning on cheating in the 2024 election. They are using the same tactics. In the end, they will figure out that it is not going to work.

The [Deep State] will then try to postpone the election. The people see the police state and, in the end, when the country is close to war, they will call on Trump to negotiate peace. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Hunter Sues The IRS

Some are wondering whether Hunter biden is still on crack after learning his legal team has filed a lawsuit against the IRS alleging Hunter has been damaged as a result of the IRS Whistleblower revelations. We review the lawsuit filed in the D.C. Circuit Court and hear reaction from Congress and the Whisteblowers.

FBI Agent Elvis Chan skipped a scheduled interview with Congress and Congress is not happy. Rep. Jim Jordan sends a letter to Elvis Chan along with a subpoena ordering him to appear at a future date. We review the letter and hear reaction from Jim Jordan.

Trump’s defense team replies to the Government’s objection to their request for a recusal of Judge Tanya S. Chutkan recusal, saying that arguments from government prosecutors are ludicrous and misleading. We review the filings in the D.C. case.

Former President Donald Trump rightly blames Nancy Pelosi for January 6th in a new interview with Meet the Press. Remember Mayor Muriel Bowser’s email rejecting National Guard support? We do. Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump’s claim.

Madonna! Hermaphrodites!

South Dakota Potus rally notes! These people are animals! White House and DC not recognizable! Biden Border killings!

Another Madonna! How many Madonnas are there?

Sky people with “cloaking” abilities in the year 1400! Human harvesting! Weather control! Watch the water! More from McAllister TV.

Trump Files Chutkan Recusal

Donald Trump’s defense team files a motion to recuse Judge Tanya S. Chutkan from Jack Smith’s January 6th Prosecution in Washington D.C. We review the filing from Team Trump that makes the case for why Judge Chutkan should be removed along with excerpts from her prior statements showing clear evidence of bias.

Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows gets bad news after a Federal Judge DENIES his attempts to take his Georgia Prosecution to Federal Court. We review the ruling and Meadows’ immediate request for an appeal and emergency stay.

Lefty protestors invaded the Capitol Office Buildings and insurrected Kevin McCarthy’s place of business, interfering with the lawful operation of government. Who were these protestors and will they be penalized like the January 6th Defendants? We watch footage of this horrific attack on American Democracy (the worst since the Civil War.)

The New York Times reports that Biden is very SAD (!) about the news that Hunter Biden is about to be indicted. We review the details and hear reactuon from politicians who continue to provide cover for the Biden Crime Family. As usual, Rep. Byron Donalds sets the record straight. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Obama Running White House?

The “whispers” have been growing that former US president Barack Obama is the one “really pulling the strings” in the White House, says Sky News Australia host James Morrow. “Observers have noticed that for some time the former president has been acting behind the scenes, like … a bit of a string puller,” Mr Morrow said.

World War III Already Ignited

Vladimir Putin today said that the United States is forcing this fight until every last Ukrainian is dead. Is he wrong?

Meanwhile, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has claimed a Third World War is already under way, with the Moscow-Kiev conflict pulling in countries far beyond the region. Here’s more from Clayton Morris on Redacted.

Meanwhile, there is mounting evidence to suggest Chinese involvement in the Maui wildfires. Major Jeffrey Prather (ret.) is now the intelligence officer for we the people and he returns to SGT Report with breaking news about China, Maui DEWs and the district of TREASON known as Washington, DC.

“Chinese satellites went over Maui at exactly the times that the fires started,” says Prather, who formerly worked as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency.