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Gene Decode: Banking Collapse

Gene Decode discusses the banking collapse and sees it as a sign that the alliance of White Hats are moving swiftly. The banks in trouble are “woke” operations on the East and Least coasts that have abandoned solid business principles, and instead were pushing Leftist and socialist agendas. Now, they are pushing daisies! Here’s more from Nicholas Veniamin.

MSN Facing Treason Charges?

Patriot Underground reports that the mainstream media is being forced to choose a lane: If they opt to bury the truth or shift the narrative, they will become part of the treason rampant in the establishment and will suffer the consequences.

Patriot Underground says that when Q and President Trump mention the word treason, it’s with the full force of what it represents. “This is why the White Hats have been able to flip factions within the mainstream media, particularly CNN,” he says. He adds that not only was the network taken over by a Trump supporter, but employees were told they would face military tribunals if they suppressed the truth.

The revelation comes on the heels of word that the Deep State allegedly blocked Tucker Carlson from releasing any further Jan. 6 tapes, but were thwarted by the good guys. Says Patriot Underground, “As always, White Hat countermeasures are in place.” He explains further, digs in the Covid origin drama, the Ukraine conflict and more.

Sex Magic! Soul-Sucking Rituals!

Christian 21 returns on McAllister TV! He describes Reptilian soul-sucking rituals! White Hat “chemtrails” are making it so Reptilians can’t breathe! After the ‘sex magic’ ritual, they’re dead!

How do Greys escort demons through portals! Demons manifest as Black Dust! Dinosaurs were created for food! The list of shockers for the 78 percent is endless! Arizona Wilder! Here’s more on McAllister TV.

Turkey Quake Was Cover-Up

SG Anon tells Patriot Streetfighter host Scott McKay that the recent seismic activity in Turkey was a well-masked cover-up for the real fireworks below the surface.

SG Anon says there are multiple angles of play in Turkey, the most prevalent being an apparent battle scenario that occurred between White Hats, who were attempting to destroy underground weapon caches and trafficking systems, and the Deep State, who responded with explosives at the surface, similar to the 9/11 attack, and HAARP weaponry(weather-manipulating weapons) below the surface where the White Hats attacked. He brings the details, plus more intel.

Was Balloon American Vessel?

The U.S. government apparently shot down what it has called a “high-altitude surveillance balloon” near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Saturday. Naval and Coast Guard crews were scouring the coastline for any signs of debris. A Naval salvage vessel has been summoned.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the balloon was Chinese, but denied it was a spy balloon. Here’s a report on the originala balloon sighting in Montana from Breitbart News.

Wild theories abounded. Some worried that the Chinese are trying to conduct surveillance on U.S. ICBMs, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

But another theory arose from Real Raw News. Its reporter Michael Baxter claimed the balloon wasn’t Chinese at all, but instead was launched at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington state to keep a bird-s-eye view on a gathering of militia in Montana. This gathering was said to involve conservative members from the region, including not only Montana but also Wyoming, Idaho and possibly surrounding states.

Baxter claimed the U.S. military under Joe Biden’s regime didn’t shoot down the balloon because they launched it. They could have also used satellites for surveillance, but Baxter implied that much of the satellite system is now under White Hat control, and thus, out of the reach of Biden’s puppets. Again, we have no way to determine the accuracy of his reporting. We simply bring it to you to offer another perspective in what’s been a wild source of speculation over the weekend.

Here, Martin Brodel offers more details from Baxter’s story.

Russia Will Take Down Ukraine

Former CIA agent Michael Jaco says Russia will take down Ukraine. In essence, Jaco says the White Hats will be dismantling the Deep State and its arm in Ukraine — the Khazarian Mafia. More from Nicholas Veniamin.

SG Anon: End Near For Biden

SG Anon says that the end is near for Joe Biden. Appearing on “The Michelle Moore Show,” he speculates Biden could be stripped of the presidency in as little as 6 to 8 weeks, but more likely will be ousted in 6 to 9 months.

“As we go forward, I think the manner in which Biden is going to be removed is going to be symbolic,” SG Anon says. “That’s why it leads me back to speculate impeachment or a 25th Amendment situation.” He added that Biden has also been set up in the last 6 to 8 months for a health situation.

SG Anon brings more Biden intel, plus gives his take on Nesara-Gesara, an update on who really controls, the Vatican, which side Ron DeSantis is on and Trump’s return to power, plus more. Video is courtesy of James Red Pills America.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

VPart Two of Christian 21 with captions! Trump and the White Hats kicked their asses right out of the looking glass!

Reptilians are possessed by demons! Gateway 10 is now controlled by the U.S. Space Force! Greys hate the Reptilians!

The Flash! The Aftermath! Our souls! Our future! The best is yet to come! More from McAllister TV.

Adrenochrome Shortage!?!

The elite are apparently suffering a severe adrenochrome shortage! Are they torturing dying patients for adreno-laced blood?

Is there a massive adrenochrome shortage since the White Hats have taken control? Are the Reptilian “elites” forced to find new ways to harvest it? Have the hospitals been told to cause as much pain as possible when extracting blood from dying patients? After all, they’re dying? Who would be left to tell?

Join Laura Greenwood and myself as we ask the cards and go over the evidence that something big is happening! More from McAllister TV.

White Hats Given Go-Ahead

Military White Hats given the go-ahead. Worldwide exposure of the Deep State Cabal now under way. Brazil is heating up. Laws of War 11.3 taking shape. Plan to save the world happening. All scripted! Pray. More from And We Know.