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Juan O. Savin: The Beast System

In this riveting discourse, Juan O Savin delves deeply into the cosmic clash between the divine forces and the formidable Beast System.

Savin tells Nino’s Corner and guest Ryan Veli about the intricate layers of this spiritual battleground, which is the AI matrix that gives way to some real solutions for the White Hats. Here’s more with Savin, Veli and Rodriguez. Video courtesy of Jaynamy.

Simon Parkes: Truth About Maui

Contrary to reports that the Deep State used space-based energy weapons to ignite the Maui fires, Simon Parkes said they no longer control satellite technology to pull off such a feat.

“What they did use in the Hawaiian Islands was a mobile energy weapon on a truck,” Parkes said. According to his Pentagon sources, Parkes said the Deep State employed teams on the ground, who used gasoline, enhanced by the prevailing winds, to spread the fire after most of the residents had been evacuated, then moved in with a mobile energy-beam weapon.

Parkes says the real reason for the attack was to destroy a Space Force installation at the U.S. Naval Base, in Maui, and also to thwart the White Hats from liberating children from a massive sex-trafficking operation in tunnels below the area. Parkes said the second aspect of the attack was the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii has asked to leave the United States. He alleges that it has been agreed upon, so they will leave and become their own sovereign kingdom, much to the chagrin of the Deep State. That is why the native areas were attacked. Here’s more from Parkes on the Laura Eisenhower podcast. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

Juan O. Savin: Counter Punch

Juan O. Savin tells Michael Jaco that after months of enduring the best Deep State efforts to derail the Great Awakening, we’re about to experience the counter punch from the White Hats.

Savin says it all begins when Congress returns from their brief summer hiatus and the focus centers around the CEFC, a China energy company that Hunter Biden was involved with and where massive amounts of money went to the Biden Crime Family.

Savin explains further and also breaks down how the FBI was briefed and failed to act on the Hunter Biden laptop months before the story hit the mainstream media, how the 2024 Presidential election is in danger of being paused, plus more intel. Buckle up, folks. The push-back is about to become a tidal wave!

Time For Overt Military Ops

Q-board analysis suggests we are fast approaching the time when overt military operations might begin. What sort of military operations?

The alliance is conveying: We are with you. They will never surrender their mission to save the Republic. Here’s more from the Patriot Underground.

WTH Is Going On In Hollywood?

What the Hell is happening to Hollywood? Replacements? Clones? Actors? Something’s so wrong!

Christian 21 Update! Use logic! Bigger than you can imagine! White Hats making deals? Sometimes you have to show the people! Fergal Scahill and Friends: Cluck Old Hen! More from McAllister TV.

Juan O. Savin: Election Pause?

Juan O. Savin believes the 2024 Presidential election will not come off on schedule and there will be a pause, a prediction he says he made a year and one-half ago to a person in President Trump’s circle.

“I told him there would be a pause. Things would have to be reoriented, such as the matters in which they’re conducted. And he agreed with me,” Savin says. Ironically, Savin says, a recent speech by Trump also alluded to a possible delay in the election.

Savin also revealed that the White Hats will deliver a devastating gut punch of their own in the fall. “There’s a lot in play here and we get one shot at this,” he says. “The stakes are so high that we don’t have the luxury of a fly-around.” Here’s more.

Flynn: Election Fix Is In Again!

In a shocking disclosure, Kerry Cassidy says Gen. Michael Flynn revealed to an elite group of wealthy patriots that the fix is in for the 2024 Presidential election.

Appearing on Free Range, with host Gail of Gaia, Cassidy says that Flynn told his audience at a secret meeting that neither Donald J. Trump nor any other Republican will win the election. He said Biden will once again not be out on the campaign trail, but will win anyway, because the White Hats have been unable to unravel the problems with Dominion Voting Systems.

Cassidy, who says she believes Flynn is a double agent but works mostly for the White Hats, explains further and also reveals the stunning truth behind a British TV series titled “The Capture,” and its connection to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Here’s more, and please judge the material for yourself.

The Real Deep State

Kerry Cassidy tells NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that the secret space program is real and is suppressing advanced technology from humanity.

She says the program is run by a secret government, the real Deep State, so to speak. Not the superficial Deep State label floated around and connected to political names and others, such as the Rothschilds, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros. “Those individuals are not necessarily part of the ruling structure of the secret space program,” she says.

Cassidy says that unbeknownst to many, the secret space program takes place in underground cities, especially in the Antarctica region, and in off-planet locations, such as the Moon, Mars and the moons of Saturn. Cassidy says she’s studied the program for the last 18 years, thanks to information and evidence provided by whistleblowers who actually worked on “black projects” and were sworn to secrecy.

According to her whistleblowers, Cassidy says that the secret space program is arguably 10,000 years in advance of surface Earth. “There’s probably unlimited aspects to what the technology could solve,” she says. Here’s more with Cassidy and Veniamin, and please do your own research and use discernment when watching the video.

Gitmo Channel In Near Future?

Secret tribunals are legal under the law! Schumann resonance…what is it? News is indicating that a Gitmo Channel could be in our near future! Will this be the Christmas that the world gets a surprise?!

For generations, rituals have been held at Notre Dame to open a gigantic portal for the anti-Christ to enter! Did the White Hats thwart their final attempt to resurrect this fiend? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Simon Parkes: Disinformation

Simon Parkes says there is an unusually huge amount of disinformation being pushed forward by the White Hats. Though their goal is more than likely an operational maneuver to throw off the Deep State, Parkes says the problem for the public is searching for the truth.

Parkes says many of the well-known White Hats are pushing nonsense, proclaiming this or that will happen on certain dates, which never comes to fruition. Among some of the recent claims were that martial law would be imposed on the United States over the Labor Day weekend, and recent reports that the Supreme Court’s Brunson case would be decided soon. And the revelation that President Trump was returning before the 2024 election seems far-fetched.

“What we’re looking at is a very well-orchestrated operation from the good side and the bad side,” Parkes says. He further analyzes the issues, plus brings more intel.