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Manipulating The Media

Author and former investigative journalist Seymour Hersh says the White House has manipulated the mainstream media to the point where it has all the coverage and access it desires, but remains silent on the truth.

Hersh, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize fpr International Reporting for his coverage the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, was especially critical of The New York Times and Washington Post and their leftist ties to the White House. He says one of the low points in recent years, was their dishonest coverage of how the capture and death of Osama bin Laden went down. He elaborates on London Real, with host Brian Rose.

Who Controls The World?

The Universal Council’s Kimberley Ann Goguen reveals to the Project Camelot podcast and host Kerry Cassidy that the world has always been a hierarchical system, with the order at the top, and the covens and a faction of military and intelligence people below them.

So who actually is pulling the strings?  Goguen says the existing structure points to three individuals: the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, a man named Richard Weiss and an anonymous Italian with the code name Mr. Black. “These three seem to be barking out orders to the White House, to the Space Force, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Those are the people I see most often,” she says.

Goguen, who claims she was schooled by the Anunnaki and has had interactions with Marduke, of Babylonian scripture, explains further, reveals more intel on the other-worldly realm, the Black Sun and Donald J. Trump’s meeting with an ascended master, who told him he would win the Presidency in 2016. Please use discernment when watching the video.

Deep State Rages Against Tucker

Senator Chuck Schumer demanded Tucker be silenced and it seems he may have gotten his wish. Republicans and Democratic Senators alike join hands to attack Tucker and anyone who questions the TRUTH about January 6th.

The Media lambasts Tucker, calling him, his viewers and many others January 6 Deniers.

Kevin McCarthy explains the reasoning behind his decision to allow Tucker access to the tapes. Joe Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacts from the White House, and Tucker responds.

As the feds and media enter hyperdrive to cover over their January 6th hoax, we review the January 6th case disposition numbers to dispel two fictions surrounding 1/6.

More from Robert Gouveia om Watching The Watchers.

Another bombshell reveal on Tucker Carlson as he calls out the UNIPARTY alliance to trash Trump and America First over J6 and the fake news narrative.

If Mitch McConnell is supposedly the Republican minority leader in the U.S. Senate, why is he siding with the Democrats to trash Carlson? Shame on you, Mitch! More from RedPill78.

Make America Florida!

In a recent appearance on Fox News, popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was again hinting at a potential run at the White House in 2024.

DeSantis, considered more reserved when it comes to his political future, faces a tough task if he chooses to run because of the main competitor already on the ballot–Donald J. Trump. But DeSantis didn’t have any problem seemingly launching the first salvo, borrowing some of Trump’s magic from his 2016 campaign for his potential motto: Make America Florida! Here’s more with Next News Network’s Ivory Hecker.

Dems Promoting Neo-Slavery

Candace Owens doesn’t mince her words when it comes to dressing down the Democrat Party. She tells Tucker Carlson that the Party’s insatiable thirst for power has blinded them to the frailties of their leaders, such as Joe Biden and John Fetterman.

Owens points out that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, will soon turn 86 and appears headed for another run at the White House. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Sen. Fetterman is plagued with mental problems and is currently bedded down in a mental hospital.

Does incompetency matter? “No, because you are here to serve the party. This is all Democrats care about,” Owens says. “And, actually, if you’re incompetent, that’s even better. The old system that they’re after is neo-slavery.” More with Carlson and Owens.

Is Final Countdown At Hand?

Tick, tock…Are we nearing the final countdown? Q-drops might suggest we are approaching the end. Is it the end of the planet or the end of the corruption?

what’s happening with the deceiving players — like the Democratic oligarths and censors? Trump has said several times that Joe Biden is shot. Is Trump referring to Biden’s addled mental state? Or has The Resident already been shot for his crimes, leaving us with an actor in the White House? Have there been behind-the-scenes executions? If so, who is gone and for what reasons?

Here, Christian Patriot News explores many relevant Q-posts and deltas, giving us a sense of the multiple possible meanings and interpretations. Time will tell which actually apply, and which are lose ends. But the Q-posts suggest we should remain vigilant and watchful, especially around March 16.

Cuomo In The Spotlight

The [Deep State] has been trapped again by Trump. They caused the problem in Ohio and they turned their backs on the people. Trump says he will help the people and Biden now looks like a fool.

Cuomo is back in the spotlight and the nursing home scandal is back. The [Deep State] is trying to keep Trump out the White House and Trump is attacking them and calling them out. Trump can now see who is loyal and who is not. Sometimes plants need water. More from the X22 Report.

Something Strange Happening

The number of train derailments and chemical fires occurring at the same time across the United States defies imagination. These are not accidents, but an internal assault on our nation, our waters, our skies and our people. Here, Really Graceful looks at the widespread carnage, and puts “all the events of February 2023 on a timeline so we can decide for ourselves what is going on.”

J.D. Vance Visits East Palestine

A tip of our hat to J.D. Vance, the new U.S. Senator from the state of Ohio. On Thursday, Vance visited East Palestine, Ohio, to survey first-hand the devastation caused by the train derailment and the release of toxic chemicals.

Here, he provides persuasive evidence that these toxic chemicals have seeped and leached into the soils of a creek running through East Palestine. Seems like he’s doing a job that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should have done a week ago, if the agency had been even half-way performing its supposed duties.

Toward that end, Michael Regan, the head of the EPA, joined Vance Thursday in East Palestine, As they say, better late than never! More from Dinesh D’Souza.

On today’s episode of Occam’s Razor, we continue to examine the disaster in East Palestine, the new Marburg false flag & the recently exposed Israeli election hacking team. More from RedPill78.

China Joe Biden finally speaks to explain his decision to shoot down the Chinese balloon and other objects. President Biden says the 3 objects mostly recently shot down may have been commercial or scientific balloons, and we check in with Little Timmy.

China threatens countermeasures and tensions escalate after the shooting down of their spy balloon. Karine Jean-Pierre explains the White House response and the launching of sanctions against China. Did the Chinese balloon stray off course?

Angry Ohioans attend a town hall demanding answers to questions stemming from the Norfolk Southern Chemical disaster. Rep. Bill Johnson explains the company did not send any representatives as residents debate test results with government officials.

Biden EPA official Michael Regan explains that Norfolk Southern will face the consequences for the spill, including costs of the clean-up. We review the Notice of Liability sent from the EPA to Norfolk Southern.

Congress wonders where’s Pete Buttigieg? Newly elected Senator J.D. Vance releases a video of a creek in Ohio, showing chemicals bubbling up from the floor. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz join Ilhan Omar in demanding action from Pete Buttigieg, who responds by blaming Congress.

The White House stands by Pete Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation’s response to the Ohio Train Derailment. KJP explains multiple agencies are facilitating the response and that she has total confidence in Pete.

As the finger-pointing starts in the aftermath of the Ohio Train Derailment, Republicans want to know more from the Biden EPA. The Oversight Committee sends a letter to the Biden EPA demanding answers about a stalled proposal for improved containers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Pictured are members and sponsors of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. These young balloon enthusiasts had launched one of the balloons shot down by Joe Biden’s hardened military. The balloon was knocked out with a Sidewinder missile costing roughly $400,000.

This Time Biden Shoots ‘It’ Down

White House Spokesperson John Kirby and Pentagon Spokesperson Patrick Ryder share new details about the latest incursion into US airspace and the downing of an “object” over northern Alaska.

Who launched the object, and what were its capabilities? ABC called it “cynlindrical and silver-ish gray” and it was said to be a “high-altitude object,” but no one was describing it another balloon as of yet. U.S. Air Force F-22s struck down the object. We review two press briefings from the White House and the Pentagon.

James Comer’s House Oversight Committee sent letters to Hunter Biden, Eric Schwerin, and James Biden demanding access to records. Hunter’s lawyers responded, telling Congress to pound sand. James Comer responds. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching the Watchers.