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Woke Culture Getting Destroyed

Woke culture is on its last legs. Everyone who’s pulling it out is starting to generate a much larger backlash. Just look at what’s happening to the idiotic host from The View: Whoopi Goldberg. More from Steve Turley.

If you need further proof that Whoopi Goldberg is a certified leftist whackjob, Watch as she threatens violence against Republican lawmakers over the 2nd Amendment, protecting gun rights. More from The Salty Cracker.

Weimar & World War, Too

After a long absence, Sir Patrick Mack returns with a gem — Weimar & World War, Too, the fourth installment in his series POP: Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. This installment is well worth the wait.

Still, we are running it on a Sunday, a day where you might have extra time to relax and digest a lot of information. This video runs over two hours. You don’t have to watch it in one sitting, but you might find yourself inclined to do so. It’s that good!

Here, you’ll learn about mass starvation across Ukraine in the early 1930s, a famine used by Josef Stalin to control the population and punish his enemies. You’ll learn about the Committee on Public Information, the first large-scale organization in the United States involved in disseminating propaganda — a group that pushed the Red Cross.

Here, you’ll see how countries got carved up, or reconstituted, or created afresh, in an attempt to provide a new homeland for the Jewish people or others across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of all, you’ll get a sense of how Weimar Germany led to Nazi Germany, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. It’s complicated, requires a fair amount of attention and sorting through history, but in the end, you’ll leave much wiser about the state of the world.


The Woke Bolshevik Revolution

President Vladimir Putin says that woke ideology is destroying Western civilization, condemning far-left progressivism and compared it to Russia’s darkest days during the 1917 Communist revolution, in which the Soviets seized the means of production and overthrew the government. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

A Woke Lebron James

Comedian David Chappelle ponders the woke conundrum of what it actually means to be equal in this gut-splitting stroll into the lighter side of life.

Says Chappelle, “Say Lebron James changed his gender. Can he stay in the NBA or, because he’s a woman, does he have to go to the WNBA, where he’ll score 840 points a game?” Tune in, as Chappelle challenges the woke culture and offers a funny anecdote about comedy favorite Louis C.K. Video, courtesy of Avvin a Laff.

Parent Rips Critical Race Theory

In a Tik Tok video that went viral, Kory Yeshua tears into critical race theory and how he’s waging his own war against his daughter being taught woke culture and racism. The video, which was posted a couple weeks ago, has already received more the 5 million views.

The clip landed Yeshua on the Rubin Report, where he shares his own personal experience of some of the race issues that his first-grader, Royalty, has been taught as well as the reaction he has gotten since the video went viral. Here’s more of the exchange with host Dave Rubin and Yeshua, with some choice words from Royalty.


Ratings Crash For Woke SNL

Saturday Night Life got a temporary ratings boost when it hired the controversial and spacey industrialist Elon Musk as guest host. But only a week later, SNL has sunk to new record lows.

Viewers are no longer watching the boring, half-century-old show. We’ve not only had it with the format, but the snide personalities, the woke Leftist politics and all the predictable propaganda. Time to trash SNL. For that matter, pretty much all of NBC could go down the tubes without anyone missing a beat. More from The Salty Cracker.



The Wokeness Never Ends

One of the stars of the 1980s comedy hit Short Circuit now apologizes for the “offensive” film. The so-called star, Fisher Stevens, played an Indian computer programmer. Now, he’s in a new show, and will say anything for a little publicity.

Here, Mark Dice demonstrates just how far political correctness has gone in Hollywood. The town has always been a sanctuary for Leftist shills, but they are proving just how idiotic they actually are.  Can you imagine Einstein getting dropped in Hollywood? He would not only look like a revered scientist, but sound like he was Zeus! Not hard to seem like a giant when you’re among Lilliputians!


Slamming Woke Culture

We are all battling in the woke culture wars, which essentially is an existential threat to society. And the bad guys are employing it to actively destroy Western civilization.

Liberal Hivemind says it’s almost a call to duty for us to say and do something about it. He reminds us that it’s not just a mere tussle against Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but we’re going up against the corrupt Democrat Party and the many corporations that follow along like sheep. In the following video, Liberal Hivemind features a courageous Ivy League professor, music legend Roger Daltry from The Who and singer-songwriter Glenn Danzig, who speak out strongly against the woke culture, much to the chagrin of the Left.

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