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Beware The Agents Of Woo Woo

Hugo Talks says a bunch of New Age “woo woo” agents have been following his channel and disrupting the discussions on The Bible by linking everything to chakras, meditations and various other New Age concepts. Don’t follow these phonies. Avoid them like the Plague.

real AI: Nothing To Fear

brittle, fragile, frequently wrong, ignorant, but fun. More from Clif High.


Why did the Trump indictment fall now? Clif High reaches into the woo to address the question “why.” He also gets into the theory of everything and how you can harmonize.

Escalation Woo: Turdo Falls

Look for Justin Trudeau’s government to fall in Canada. That’s the prediction of data analyst Clif High, who says Trudeau — whom High calls “Turdo” — will be forced to collapse his government and resign. “We’re in escalation woo,” says High. “It’s going to get chaotic. It’s going to keep getting chaotic.’

Look for a crescendo to hit on or around Feb. 19. In addition to a changeover in Canada, we could see the toppling of other governments around the globe. Besides governments falling, we will likely see an upheaval that brings down the Central Bankers. Quite possibly, the Globalists, as embodied by the World Economic Forum and its leader Klaus Schwab, will be toppled and face consequences.

High also believes retribution is right around the corner for those who pushed Covid-19 and the vaccine mandates. He sees Israel playing a prime role to punish those guilty of crimes against humanity.  The Israelis will be active, he believes, because they are among the most heavily vaxxed populations. As a result, they are now suffering serious diseases and a shocking death rate.

Roi Woo

Clif High does a nifty job explaining Return On Investment, or ROI, and how this relates not only to our energy usage but also our origins and language. You see, ROI is a reworking of the term ROY, or belonging to the king, as in the term “Royal.” The Latins called their leaders “Rex,” while the French used “Roi” itself.

Jumping from etymology, High leaps into physics and energy. He explains how coal and oil, as well as nuclear energy, have extremely high ROI ratios, approaching 185 to 1 for oil and 75 to 1 for coal. By comparison, the numbers for windmills are putrid, at best 7 to 1, or 12 to 1 for hydroponic dams.

What does this suggest? It’s time to hang Klaus Schwab and his fatcat buddies from the highest rafters. We cannot afford to live in the kind of society, or under the kind of brutal and deprecating conditions, these Illuminati leaders have carved out for us. These Liberals preying upon humankind must be stopped and put out of business. From nation to nation, we must fight a new battle for freedom and liberty from tyrants who prey upon us, and especially our defenseless children!



Woo Dough

Clif High says we are in the final stages of a worldwide collapse orchestrated by the globalists with their Chinese Communist allies. The people’s overthrow of the government of Kazakhstan will set the stage for similar upheavals across the globe.

Within a month or two, look for major European nations, possibly Germany or France, to fall. If so, the extent of the damage will be so severe that Canada and the United States also will be likely to topple.  We could have a few weeks grace time after the demise of European countries, but we will not be able to withstand the chaos or the massive hyperinflation.

Here, High discusses how best to prepare. He recommends people invest in alternative staples that might survive or keep pace with the hyperinflation, including gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. The trick: We must all become more resourceful and learn to make dough in these tough woo times.

Never Bring An Ideology

Never bring an ideology to a woo fight. That’s the advice of Clif High, who recommends that patriots cut President Donald Trump some slack regarding his support for vaccines.

If it sounds like High is just kissing Trump’s butt, listen to the wrap first before judging. High notes how everyone was attacking John Durham for doing nothing, but now it’s looking like Durham was doing quite a lot — just biding his time as he gathered more evidence.

Frothy Woo

Clif High says the woo is getting frothy. By that he means it’s becoming much more difficult to predict changing conditions because there’s so much change occurring so rapidly. He’s closely monitoring threats by the elites, including Bill Gates, involving a release of smallpox. Otherwise, he extols the values of chaga, a medicinal mushroom said to have some dramatic healing properties.

It’s The End Of The World

Yes, it’s going to be the end of the world…as we knew it. Look for a Red October!

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High. The two go on a deep data dive as to what’s likely to happen from now to the end of 2021. High predicts a deep financial cataclysm that mirrors the Great Depression.