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The State Plans To Starve You!

Josh Sigurdson reports that the scripted attacks on our food supply has reached insane levels.

The latest victim is an Illinois corn and soy processing plant that exploded, leaving at least eight employees injured. Add to that the number of substations and oil refineries blowing up and it’s obvious the bad guys are reaching for their end goal of starving the populace. More from World Alternative Media.

Wikipedia Run By The CIA!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Mark Sanger exposing Wikipedia for being infiltrated by the intelligence community, namely the CIA. Intelligence agencies have been manipulating Wikipedia articles since as early as 2006 and continue to this day alongside groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr have also recently called out the mainstream media for being infiltrated by the CIA. Of course, we all know of Operation Mockingbird but the monolithic, real-time revisionism of history continues in the media to this day, likely now more than ever. Tucker Carlson claimed recently on Adam Carrola’s podcast that he’s personally seen the CIA attempting to manipulate stories at major mainstream media stations.

In this video, we break down how the intelligence agencies are engineering information to commit information warfare.Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Bill Gates’ Chopping Spree!

As if he hasn’t done enough damage to the planet, Bill Gates is now bankrolling the destruction of 70-million acres of tree cover in the name of saving climate change!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Gates has seed-funded $6.6 million into Kodama Systems, which plans to cut down the trees and bury them in hopes of stopping the carbon from being  released back into the atmosphere. Sigurdson explains further in this episode of World Alternative.

Biden’s Weather-Modifying Plan

Josh Sigurdson reports on the lunacy of the Biden Administration’s latest attack on the food supply by advancing $1.2 billion plan to build direct-air capture facilities in Texas and Louisiana.

Sigurdson says the plants will be calibrated to suck CO2 from the atmosphere, robbing crops in the United States of the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis to occur. He says this appears to be a slow drip toward 15-minute cities and carbon credits. More from World Alternative Media.

More Woes For Wells Fargo

It appears that scandal-plagued Wells Fargo Bank is not done with it financial shenanigans just yet.

Josh Sigurdson reports that the embattled bank is not only creating fake accounts, but also  fake insurance scams,  forcing repossessions, faulty mortgages and other forms of fraud. But that’s not all! Sigurdson says Wells Fargo has also been caught stealing thousands of dollars right out of customer accounts!

Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Piccioott to discuss the issue and what customers can do to protect their money.

Travis Scott & Pedo Hollyweird

Josh Sigurdson reports that Rapper Travis Scott is doubling down on his creepiness with the release of his new album, which distastefully features what appears to be a terrified, shirtless, young boy with markings all over his upper body.

Sigurdson says these images are reminiscent of  similar ones seen on the walls of actor Jamie Lee Curtis’ house and in John Podesta’s red shoe paintings of bound children. He says you may remember Scott performed during the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Houston, where 300 concertgoers were injured and 10 died. Scott refused to stop playing, as people were taken away in body bags. More from World Alternative Media.

Panic Buying Is Back!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the ban of rice exports in India, forcing American stores to ration the grain, as shoppers rush stores with panic buying.

Sigurdson says the rice and wheat markets are both collapsing and India, which is the second-largest rice exporter in the world behind Communist China, has banned exports of rice due to inflationary pressures. Meanwhile, countless shoppers in the United States are panic buying for their families, restaurants or for future stock. More from World Alternative Media.

NBC News: Tripledemic Looms!

Josh Sigurdson reports that NBC News’ latest propaganda piece for Big Pharma is calling for a ninth vaccine in light of what they claim is a looming “tripledemic” this fall.

NBC claims Covid is back, in spite of the virus never being isolated during the 2020 pandemic, along with the flu and RSV (respiratory virus). Their solution, of course, is another vaccination. Sigurdson breaks down the lunacy in this episode of World Alternative Media.

China’s Neurological Warfare

Josh Sigurdson reports on the frightening news that the Chinese military now allegedly possesses neurological weapons capable of mind control.

Sigurdson says what China calls “neurostrike weapons” can cause extensive brain damage and behavioral changes. The Washington Times reports that the weapons can also be used against government officials and even entire populations of people. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.