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Satan’s Ultimate Objective?

The World Health Organization, or WHO, funded in large part by the deceptive jerkoff and creep Bill Gates, now is warning of a virus yet to come that will be deadlier than Covid-19. WHO often engages in fear propaganda and conditioning of the public, backed by the United Nations and the bombastic, leftist press.

Are these agencies really looking out for us, or are they all just vanguards for Satan? And what is Satan’s final objective? Here’s more from Hugo Talks.

Trans Human Psy-Ops!

This week on the New World Next Week: The World Health Organization, the United Nations and other globalist institutions are grooming children for sexual activity; the culture creation industry is grooming children for gender dysphoria and the transhuman future; and Epstein’s child sex operation continues to unfold in the courts. Here’s more from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Roman Empire Never Ended

The Roman Empire never went away. It just morphed with the times. The symbols stayed, but a few of the names changed.

What didn’t change? These rulers remain paganists. They are anti-God, anti-Jesus. Here, Hugo Talks helps us to identify these bums so we can steer clear of them, or throw them out, whichever is possible.

Sum Of All Fears

The [Deep State] is now panicking and they are desperately trying to get control of the narrative. This is failing.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  is now red-pilling the Democrats. The majority of the country will be awake and thinking logically when it all goes down.

Scavino sends a message. The song is from Sum of All Fears, Nessum Dorma.

The people will be brought the precipice. At that point, Trump will push peace and the assets will be released to round up the foot soldiers. When dawn comes, Trump will win. He will win, he will win, and the people will win. More from the X22 Report.

United Nations’ Power Grab

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes one-on-one with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of LibertySentinel.org, author of the book Deep State and a contributor to The Epoch Times.

Newman reports how the United Nations is conniving to seize more authority on a global level, usurping duties previously handled by nation states. Likewise, he discusses similar power grabs from Bill Gates and the World Health Organization.

Throw in the World Economic Forum and you’ve got a host of takeover plans packed with wickedness, straight from the bowels of Hell.

WHO Wants Vaccine Passports

The World Health Organization is pushing for global vaccine passports at the same time they are pushing for global pandemic powers through the CA+ treaty we have been discussing. Reclaim the Net published dozens of edits to this document from various countries.

This would establish vaccine passports that would be digital and paper records of your health records, your travel history, your vaccination status for ALL vaccines and an assessment of your threat level based on various data points about you.

These would be readable and shareable by all WHO countries across the globe and it could be used to stop you or your luggage from crossing borders. This gives WHO nations the power to detain you, stop you, require a medical exam on the spot, quarantine you and place you under observation. They could also take possession of your luggage or other possessions.

These powers are being justified because countries could not validate one another’s Covid tests or vaccines during the pandemic. More from Clayton Morris on Redacted.

Senate Derides Pandemic Treaty

The World Health Organization issues a new proposal on developing a new “accord” or treaty to establish rules for the next Pandemic. Republicans warn Biden about adopting any agreements without Senate confirmation and Senators draft a Resolution. Members of the Parliament in the UK ask to debate the treaty.

Twitter Files 17 by Matt Taibbi provides a deep dive into the Global Engagement Center, a group created by Obama to combat misinformation. We hear from the Special Envoy in Charge James P. Rubin and review Taibbi’s thread. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

U.S. Sovereignty Not For Sale!

Sarge, host of ICONS2020, says Americans, Mexicans and Canadians need to pay close attention to what went down with the Declaration of North America treaty, a pact he calls gibberish!

In what is being called a globalist maneuver that was performed well under the radar in January, heads of state Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and Manuel Lopez Obrador signed the treat in January, basically forming a North American Union and surrendering their sovereignty. One pundit says it is what some people called globalism–a single market, a single regulator, a single currency, a one-world government.

Sarge says no president can give away our sovereignty. “The only people who can give away our sovereignty is we the people.” Here’s his report, courtesy of The Patriot Angels.

Unleash The Kraken Crapola

The Luciferians at the World Health Organization have run through the Alphas, Betas and Zetas, and now are searching for scarier names to dub new strains of Covid, otherwise known as the common flu. So we now have a new variant rummaging the planet from Australia to Timbukti, and the peabrains at the WHO are calling it “The Kraken.” Ooohhh. We’re shaking in our boots! More from Hugo Talks.

Bill Gates: The Next Pandemic

It’s starting again. Bill Gates and his associates from the WHO (World Health Organization) conducted another simulation event — this one called Catastrophic Contagion this past October in Belgium. They brought together scientists, politicians and media representatives to predict the next pandemic. Sponsors not only included the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and WHO, but also the John Hopkins Center for Health Security.

The result? The participants “forecast” a new global pandemic will hit in 2025 that will usher in a disease they’re calling SEERS, standing for Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome. This time out, they’re predicting up to a billion deaths, many of them children.

Are these participants visionary? Or simply a bunch of dupes tied into the CIA? Are they really able to see the future or are they simply reporting the plans of the globalists to exterminate and depopulate humans? More from Redacted with Clayton and Natali Morris.