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Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed

The secretive scheme for the newly born central bank was a means to an end, for nine months later would come the Great War… creating a global superpower operating under the reigns of those who conceived it. More from Truthstream Media.


A New Populist Champion

Steve Turley talks with State Sen. Douglas V. Mastriano, R-Penn., who conducted the Pennsylvania legislative hearings that could pave the way for an overturn of that state’s fraudulent election results. Mastriano is one of the populist champions helping President Donald Trump secure a second term. Mastriano holds multiple degrees and has written two books, including a biography of the World War One hero Alvin York.

Remember: Hold

Timing is everything. The famous Hold scene from Braveheart.

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Says Thomas Wictor, “The Trump counterattack will blow your minds.” He cites, as an example, the German counterattack squads from WWI.

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Stop the Steal rallies took place Saturday all across the nation. Some of the largest rallies occurred in states where the vote count is heavily contested — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. Here, C.J. Pearson speaks at the Stop the Steal event in Atlanta, Ga. More from Culttture.


Fall Of The Cabal Sequel

The Wrath of the Jesuit Council… From Adam Weishaupt and the creation of the Order of the Illuminati to Napoleon and WWI. Follow their trail of destruction in order to know whom we are dealing with. By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter. Music: Alexander Nakarada.

You And I Are Not Alike

Carlos Osweda unrolled thread, video-style.

On doubters, defeatism, confidence, and the absolute baller that was Sholto Douglas. More from John Ward.

The Most Terrifying IQ Statistic

Clinical psychologist and commentator Jordan Peterson says the most terrifying IQ statistic in America is you can’t induct anyone into the military with an IQ under 83. Peterson says our U.S. Armed Forces has been on the forefront of intelligence since World War I, because they are onboard with the idea–especially during wartime–that you had to sort people effectively and without bias so you can build up the officer corp and, of course, so you don’t lose the war.

The motivation was equally as important during peacetime, where the military could take people out of the underclass and move them up into the working class or middle class, actually using the process to promote social mobility. So after 100 years of careful statistical analysis of the process, the results were stunning.

Says Peterson, “The Armed Forces concluded that if you had an IQ of 83 or less, there wasn’t anything you could possibly be trained to do in the military, at any level of the organization, that wasn’t positively counter-productive.” Learn more in this edition of Simulation.

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The People Must Be Shown

The [Deep State] event is now running out of steam. The patriots are now ready to strike. The operators are now standing by. The people must be shown the truth to understand what has been happening in our country. Now is the time. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump confirms: The US military is engaged in a fight against a silent enemy, namely, human traffickers, whose primary targets are women and children along the southern border of the United States. More from RedPill78.

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And We Know gets into greater depth on the underground war taking place beneath our homes and cities. The US military is moving swiftly to block and destroy the tunnels used by the traffickers. In some locations, there are even more elaborate structures — laboratories, military bases, even whole cities. It could be awhile before we learn exactly what has been uncovered and neutralized in these underground missions. But here’s an advance look at some of what is unfolding.

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This is a war, all unto itself. The press discusses the coronavirus. But they do not discuss a darker and deeper war that seems to be taking place. We are talking about a war aimed against rogue elements of the Deep State, aimed at ending human trafficking and apprehending villains who have been abusing children, not only for sex but also for their adrenochrome. This is unlike any war we have ever seen, although some parallels have been drawn to WWI. More from JustInformed Talk.

The pandemic is being used for fascist government actions around the world as Bill Gates calls for “digital immunity proof” for those who want to travel. In South Africa, troops are in the streets and promising to enforce ANY order that is handed down. “Operation Chariot” could result in the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Brendi Wells, who was born and raised in South Africa, joins SGTReport to discuss.

Coronavirus vs. Spanish Flu

As the Covid-19 virus strengthens its grip on the planet, it reminds us of the last time we truly experienced a worldwide pandemic–the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918. And the similarities between the two are uncanny. We know that Spanish Flu infected about 30 percent of the then-world population of 1.8 billion and went on to kill somewhere between 13.5 to 50 million, depending on how you interpret the data.

It’s virtually impossible that this would happen again as we know far more than we did then and now have antibiotics for pneumonia and experimental antiviral drugs. Plus, we are working together rather than fighting World War I as the world was when the Spanish Flu outbreak started. Here’s more from Curious Droid.

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Who Is Smedley Butler?

Have you heard of Major General Smedley Butler? If not, you might want to ask yourself why that is. As one of the most highly decorated Marines in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps and as a passionate and eloquent speaker about the racket that is war, Smedley Butler deserves to be a household name. Find out more in today’s edition of The Corbett Report with James Corbett.

100 Years of Immigration to U.S.

The last 100 years of immigration to the United States paints a tale of two scenarios. In the aftermath of World War I and II and through the first 41 years of the century, Italy and Germany dominated mass immigration, followed closely by Canada, the United Kingdom and Poland.

But the 1960s presented a much different picture, as immigration from Latin countries exploded, led by Mexico. Our southern neighbor catapulted from mid-pack to No. 1 in 1971 and, as we well know, has far outdistanced every country through 2019. In a unique view of the last 100 years, Animated Stats presents a statistical, year-by-year timeline of the immigration cycle.

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