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Watch Bill Gates Squirm!

Watch closely as poor, poor innocent Bill Gates squirms during a recent ABC Australia interview when confronted by questions about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

At one point, the former Microsoft CEO-turned-COVID-Czar  becomes visibly unhinged when he frustratingly describes his response to a question as “for the “100th time!” Gates continues lying through his teeth when he claims he only had dinner with Epstein and there was no relationship with him of any kind, including with the Gates Foundation.

This, despite overwhelming, documented evidence that Gates visited Epstein Island 36 times, when Epstein had a knack for compromising high-profile visitors with sexual favors. Rest assured there will be more squirming for this gutless snake in the near future.

Clayton Morris, host of Redacted, welcomes a panel of guests to discuss the interview and more.

In the following video, Melinda Gates spills the beans on her husband, Bill, in an interview with CBS Mornings. Despite her alleged concern, you have to wonder what her role was in the whole Epstein fiasco. Guess we’ll find out down the road.

Race Of Giants In Wild West

Is it really possible that a race of red-haired giants once inhabited the Wild West, as the numerous discoveries reported throughout the 1800s and early1900s suggest?

Perhaps the most convincing evidence came from a Lovelock, Nev., cave, where more than 40 skeletons of abnormal size were unearthed in 1911, along with a slew of unusually oversized artifacts, such as clothing and utensils.

The following video, courtesy of the Xandrewx channel, dissects the mystery, including the connection between the race of giants and the Piute Native American tribe who also inhabited the area.

Antarctica’s Ancient Civilization

Step pyramids, the favorite architectural form of ancient builders, dot the planet with their magnificent and mind-boggling architecture and technology that didn’t seem possible back then.

But what civilization could beat us by hundreds, or even thousands, of years? Could it be the builders of a giant pyramid on Antarctica’s surface? Scientists now believe this could be the remnants of the Antarctic metropolis of an ancient advanced civilization, possibly of an non-terrestrial nature. Here’s more from Xandrewx.

Darkness Of An Oreo Cookie

Have you ever looked at the pattern on Oreo cookies? The darkness is overwhelming, including not only Free Mason symbols but also many signs of Satan. More from XAndrewx.

Elvis’ UFO Sighting!

The late songwriter and musician Sonny West recalls the day, in 1966, when he and Elvis Presley experienced a UFO sighting. West says Presley believed every minute of the encounter and said, “They’ll be back.” Video courtesy of Xandrewx.

Clueless Celebs Paying The Price

Unaware celebrity performers are falling like flies for what the media says are “unknown causes.” Could they be paying a high price for being clueless about the dangers tied to vaccines and the endless array of booster shots?

Top-level performers, such as Ringo Star, Stevie Nicks, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Carlos Santana, have encountered major emergencies, leading to the cancellation of their gigs. Others haven’t been so lucky, falling ill and collapsing while performing, and in some cases, dying on stage. Xandrewx reports there have been 53 instances of medical emergencies or death in the last three months alone. Here’s more.

Coming Soon To Your Block

Remember when they initially said these walking Boston Dynamics robots would be the perfect tools for rescues? Soon, they’ll be coming to your neighborhood…and rescue will be the last thing they ever do! More from XAndrewX.

It’s All Of Them

Want to see how widespread Satanism is among the entertainment elite? Here, we see these Satanists across Europe, across Asia and across North America. they are easy to spot. Simply, observe their signs. More from XAndrewX.

The Plan: 10 Years Of Pandemics

Xandrewx reports that a Dutch virologist whistleblower from the World Health Organization (WHO) says there was always a plan in place for a series of non-infectious diseases from 2020 to 2030.

It’s a Deep State scheme that has evolved over many years, as evidenced by a published report by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, describing the coming coronavirus pandemic more than a year before its onset, which practically shut down the planet. The report described “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.” Xandrewx digs into the details, including the globalist objective with the vaccines.

The Free Masons’ Bible

Let’s take a look at a King James Bible that’s been modified by the Free Masons to fit their perverted sun god and phallic worship. More from XAndrewX.