Coming Soon To Your Block

Remember when they initially said these walking Boston Dynamics robots would be the perfect tools for rescues? Soon, they’ll be coming to your neighborhood…and rescue will be the last thing they ever do! More from XAndrewX.

It’s All Of Them

Want to see how widespread Satanism is among the entertainment elite? Here, we see these Satanists across Europe, across Asia and across North America. they are easy to spot. Simply, observe their signs. More from XAndrewX.

The Plan: 10 Years Of Pandemics

Xandrewx reports that a Dutch virologist whistleblower from the World Health Organization (WHO) says there was always a plan in place for a series of non-infectious diseases from 2020 to 2030.

It’s a Deep State scheme that has evolved over many years, as evidenced by a published report by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, describing the coming coronavirus pandemic more than a year before its onset, which practically shut down the planet. The report described “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.” Xandrewx digs into the details, including the globalist objective with the vaccines.

The Free Masons’ Bible

Let’s take a look at a King James Bible that’s been modified by the Free Masons to fit their perverted sun god and phallic worship. More from XAndrewX.


Bill Gates In Panic Mode

Bill Gates appears to be soiling his pants, as he senses an awakening and looming reckoning for the entire Covid-19 fiasco that was a fraud.

The usually confident and flamboyant Gates was in obvious panic mode during a recent interview, exclaiming, “If we knew the vaccines didn’t work, why were they mandated?” Then he came back later in the interview and said the world didn’t go on alert as quickly as it needed to. “Pretty scary period that the world didn’t go on alert as quickly as it needed to,” says David Knight in jest. “It’s a more scary period for Bill Gates, because the world is on alert to his crimes against humanity.” More from “The David Knight Show,” courtesy of Xandrewx.

Worse Than The Depression?

Economist Neil McCoy-Ward warns that the central banks are lying, inflation is not transitory and a major recession–if not a full-fledged depression–is looming. “The period that we are in right now and going into, could be worse than some of the things that happened during the Great Depression,” he says.

McCoy-Ward says the current Ukraine-Russia conflict is not to blame, as many pundits would have you believe, because most of the inflation, energy and supply issues were here before the war. Here’s his report and, as always, use your own discernment to judge the material.

Alien-Government Treaties

Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, tells Xandrewx that the rumors that her great-grandfather met and signed government treaties with aliens is true. She says the treaties had to do with bartering planetary goods–natural resources, elements and compounds–in exchange for human abduction.

She explained the the alien abductions were carried to unlock the secrets of the universe, which they believed was hidden in our DNA. Here’s the video and please judge the material for yourself.

Hidden For Centuries

There are many examples on Earth of fossilized trees passing through stone. Scientists believe that most of the Earth’s surface layers were deposited slowly over millions of year.

Everything Inside Me reports there is no way this happened. He says the trees were probably covered in soft soil, the result of a major catastrophe. So, the question is, what caused tens of meters of Earth to fall out all over the world? And most importantly, why are scientists silent about what happened? Here’s his scintillating report.

Truckers Roll Over Mandates

This week on the New World Next Week: OSHA withdraws the (temporary) big biz vaxx mandates; the Freedom Convoy prepares to roll into Ottawa; and the BBC license fee system is set to come to an end in 2027. More from The Corbett Report and from Media Monarchy.

Exactly how did a 1999 episode of The Simpsons foresee the Canadian truckers’ protest — even down to the dirty details, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau running for cover! In actuality, Trudeau and his family have been moved to a secret location, as he’s afraid of the truckers.

Apparently, in New Zealand, the prime minister Jacinda Ardern, from the Labour Party, is also now in self-imposed isolation. Maybe she’s got some truckers on her tail, too! More from XAndrewX.

Hidden Anomalies of Antarctica

Brad Olsen, host of a three-hour radio talk show called “The Esoteric Circle,” offers a summary of the oddities and extremities to be found on the hidden continent of Antarctica. Olsen is one of the rare individuals who have actually seen Antarctica after having joined a 2019 expedition to reach the continent by sailboat.

We often think of Antarctica as a gigantic iceberg, but it’s teeming with life as well as diverse environments, including 91 active volcanoes! Many are hidden under ice and have only recently been discovered, using radar mapping data.

Mount Erebus, due south from New Zealand, is regarded as the most active volcano in Antarctica and also the southernmost  volcano on the entire planet. More from XAndrewX.