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Distractions Everywhere! Focus!

aDistractions are popping up everywhere! Stay focused!

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin meet. Talk of a Trump indictment rattles patriots, while sending the Leftists into a derision of grandeur! Kari Lake discusses election fraud. Let the world witness the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News Live, we examine the continuing investigation of the Biden Crime family and the impending arrest of DJT.

Also discussed: Allegations by journalist Ava Chen that Anthony Fauci conducted an illicit sexual affair with Wang Yangyi, the 41-year-old director-general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Chen has called upon Congress to examine the email exchanges between Fauci and Wang, and called upon journalists to issue FOIA requests to secure the emails.

The full title of the episode is How To Murder A Nation: The Arrest of Donald J. Trump. More from RedPill 78.


Evidence: Biden Paid By China!

More evidence has surfaced from the House Oversight Committee, revealing that payments to the Biden Crime Family have a direct link to the  Chinese Communist Party.

Sourcing Gateway Pundit, Josh Sigurdson also reports that the Biden Administration’s bailout of Silicon Valley Bank helped saved CCP investment ventures in the aerospace and defense industries. Further investigation reveals that New York Congressman Jamie Raskin  helped Biden cover-up many of the shady dealings.

Is the Biden Administration purposely collapsing the government to pave the way for China’s New World Order? Here’s more from World Alternative media.


Xi Makes Journalists Disappear

We’ve seen China crush the freedoms of its own people in Hong Kong. Sara Carter says it’s now expanding that repression into neighboring countries and the United States.

She says major corporations, sports leagues and Hollywood studios all pathetically grovel before Beijing in order to squeeze every possible dollar out of the Chinese market. Meanwhile, all of those entities refuse to condemn China for its concentration camps against Uighur Muslims, slave labor or religious persecution. And the Biden Administration doesn’t seem serious about confronting any of this behavior.

Carter welcomes activist Yoko Ishii to share the story of China literally trying to stamp out the native language in Mongolia, replace it with its own and imprisoning those who resist.

China’s Big Secret

Chris Chappelle says the Chinese Communist Party has committed a number of genocides since it came to power in 1949, its signature modus operandi for maintaining power.

He says Mao is often quoted as saying, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun,” which is why the CCP makes sure it has all the guns. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chappelle discusses China’s secret genocide, how it’s being covered up in the West and why.

China To Arm Russia?

Josh Sigurdson reports rumors persist that China is contemplating arming Russia in the conflict against Ukraine in order to test its own weapons in the battlefield.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told BBC News that such a move would put China and Russia in a dangerous proxy war with the United States. More from World Alternative Media.

Where Will The Nukes Drop?

Where will the nukes drop? And when will they start dropping? JustInformed Talk gives us a sneak peek.

Blown Up: Chinese Spy Balloon

The Biden Administration finally decided to destroy the Chinese spy balloon. China responds with anger and indignation. The White House and the Media say the Trump administration had prior balloon encounters and Mike Pompeo and John Ratcliffe responded.

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price takes questions from the international press about the U.S. actions against the Chinese spy balloon. Did the US overreact and how does this impact US-China relations?

Karine Jean-Pierre takes questions from the press on the Chinese Spy Balloon and explains the decision-making timeline. Biden reminds us he ordered it on Wednesday — Dd he? The media wonders how damage has been done to the U.S.-China relationship. Did Trump really not know about prior balloon incursions?

Republican Senators fume at Biden’s incompetence in eliminating the Chinese Balloon. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Rand Paul all weigh-in while the Capitol is secured for Biden’s State of the Union speech. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

What Happened In China?

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell says something major is currently going down in China, which YouTube is attempting to censor. He says it revolves around mass protests in China last weekend, when protestors called for Xi Jinping and members of the Chinese Communist Party to step down.

Chappell says that a full episode on China Uncensored covering the demonstration appeared on the channel earlier this week, but it was age-restricted by YouTube. “What that means is that YouTube will bury the episode so that no one sees it,” he says. “The point is, intentionally or not, YouTube is helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up their crimes.” Here’s more.