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The Sons Of Hercules

What’s Hercules’ son Maciste doing as a time traveler? Find out in FIRE MONSTERS AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES (1962), which transports our intrepid hero back to prehistoric times to wrangle with dinosaurs and tangle with moonbat cavemen who have stolen the women of a sun-worshiping tribe. The dinosaurs don’t breathe any fire, the cavemen have underwear on beneath their loincloths, and there’s not even a Solyndra cameo!

Still, the excitement mounts as Maciste (played by Rex Lewis from SEXTETTE) leads the sun-men into the bowels of a volcano to pummel the moonbats and save the enslaved women from a fate worse than death. Today’s Trillion $ Movie offering was shot on a shoestring, in Yugoslavia, in glorious Cro-Magnacolor, more than 50 years ago. Stop by every Friday for a new Trillion Dollar Movie (T$M), something vintage from the vaults of YouTube.

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