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Evil Knocks, Will You Answer?

The [Deep State] knows they are in trouble. The people realize that there is a two-tiered justice system.

The [Deep State] is trying to reverse this by indicting one of their own. This has failed.

Trump is showing the people the evil. It is knocking at the door. Trump wants to know if the people will answer and will fight.

I do believe this is happening and it will build as we get closer to the 2024 election.More from the X22 Report.

Democratic Senator Charged

Robert Menendez, Democratic Senator from New Jersey, has been charged on multiple counts of corruption and bribery. Damien Williams from the Southern District of New York announces the charges. This isn’t Menendez’s first rodeo, as he was previously charged under circumstances over a decade ago. We review the Senator’s prior case and the press conference from the Southern District of New York.

Menendez is indicted in the Southern District of New York. We review the 39-page indictment, which includes photos of the gold bars Menendez allegedly received along with his Internet search history. Does all of this sound familiar? Of course, Biden ran the same scam, except he was smart enough to use his son to handle the cash.

One House Democrats is calling for Menendez’s resignation but being careful to distinguish this case from Joe Biden’s bribery allegations. Rep. Dean Phillips shares his opinion on the Menendez news, Chuck Schumer issues a statement and Karine Jean-Pierre responds. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Epstein Island Satanic Tables!

They sell your blood! Reptilian disclosure! The sun is close!

Rothschild Christmas castle! Rothschild flea collection!

Epstein island Satanic tables! Expand your thinking! Chatty Cathy! Here’s more from McAllister TV.


Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

Nathan Reynolds was heir to an illuminati family fortune, but after a childhood filled with unimaginably horrific physical, sexual and mental abuse, he learned that the cost of his inheritance would be his first-born daughter, and his eternal soul. With the grace of God, he escaped, but just barely. This is his story. Here’s more from the SGT Report.


A transvestite working as a military spokesman for Ukraine has been removed after threatening Americans. The spokesman, ‘Sarah’ Ashton-Cirillo, has been suspended and placed under investigation. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Has Alice Cooper adopted a new monicker — “No More Mr. Nice Non-Birthing Person?” And why is the leftist stooge from Offspring attacking Alice Cooper, as well as Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Paul Stanley from KISS?

Finally, how did the creepy, depopulation cretin Bill Gates spawn Offspring? Here’s more from Jamie Dlux.


Alliance Thwarts Infiltration

ICONS2020’s Sarge reveals never-released intel that the Alliance was infiltrated earlier this year, prompting a highly-classified meeting and plenty of finger-pointing.

Sarge says the top hierarchy of the Alliance were called to a meeting at an unknown location in late May to discuss operational strategies and coordination. He says there were heated exchanges over lagging operations in the final stage of the Great Awakening and fingers were being pointed at the European contingent and Western leaders for dragging their feet.

“I was told there was major infiltration at the highest level of the Western command that was the problem,” Sarge says. “But since then, they have identified and rectified it and cleaned it up.” Sarge says the Alliance also discovered there was a major disruption by enemy combatants in Middle Earth–which was responsible for the disaster in Hawaii–that needed to be cleaned out.

Sarge welcomes starseed warrior, Heidi, to the podcast to dissect the turn of events and discuss the threat of Inner Earth.

Emergency Spending Spree

John Stossel reports that Joe Biden and the Senate plan to get around budget caps using an “emergency” loophole. 

CATO Director of Budget Policy Romina Boccia explains, “Call it an emergency, done. Spend the money on whatever you want.” Stossel says that, sadly, that’s how it works in Washington. And it gets worse.

Stossel says the budget caps that politicians want to evade never even cut spending to begin with. They merely slowed the planned increase in spending. Here’s more.

Jailed For Journalism?

Viva Frei’s David Freitheit digs into the story of North Carolina independent journalist, Stephen Horn, who was recently convicted for reporting on and documenting the activities of Jan. 6–or, as the government contends, parading and picketing unlawfully. Here’s his report.

No Dress Code

John Fetterman makes a rare appearance. Does his voice sound deep enough? Here’s more from the Conservative Momma.

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