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Space Force To Play Vital Role

The [Deep State] is now floundering. Those who said that spying was lie, and that they were trying to protect America, this is going to boomerang on them and it will show that they are treasonous to the US. These are the same people that overthrew the US government.

Judgement is coming and the Space Force is very important. Trump caught them all and he has it all. Time is ticking down and the truth will expose their lies. More from the X22 Report.

Shape-Shifter! What Was This?

Are the White Hats exposing us to shape-shifting Reptilians at major events? What was that thing that made an appearance at the “children’s charity” event, dangling from the ceiling, above Kate and William’s heads? Soon, they will not be able to walk down the streets! Are we about to see what they all really look like? Who’s really in control? More from McAllister TV.

America’s Broken Military

America’s humiliated and demoralized military reflects the fractured state of the nation in the Joe Biden era. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

What’s The WEF Up To Now?

Richard writes in with a creatively worded question about the World Economic Forum and its role as a possible distraction. James answers in his usual too-thorough style. If you like Questions For Corbett, you’ll love this edition of Questions For Corbett!

They’re Coming For Me!

Madeline Berg, the Media Editor at Business Insider, takes a broadside against Mark Dice, accusing him of supporting Q-Anon because he sells 1776 T-shirts.

All that Berg has done? Prove she’s not a genuine journalist, but just another Leftist douchebag, pushing censorship and downgrading the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Twitter In Bed With CCP

Twitter is taking money from the Chinese Communist Party and it’s putting users of the social media company at risk. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell sources an enraging report from Reuters, breaking down how China became big business for Twitter, even though it is banned in the country.

Exposing Britain’s Racial Divide

In the wake of her death, Queen Elizabeth was attacked as a colonizer by many people of color on social media.

Mark Collett reports this is rather ironic, when you study her legacy. The colonization she presided over was not the aggressive expansion of the British Empire, but instead she oversaw the control of Britain by an ever-growing migrant community. Here’s Collett’s report.

Former Player: NFL Rigged!

In a sports shocker, Jake The Asshole features a two-year-old audio clip of former defensive standout Dwight Smith, who adamantly believes all NFL games are rigged and for entertainment only.

Appearing on a radio sports talk show, Smith says Super Bowl LV between Kansas City and Tampa Bay was predetermined at the beginning of the season. “I said if the NFL wanted to have the home team in the Super Bowl, this would be the perfect year–pandemic, people can’t travel,” Smith says. “Football is about entertainment. The game ain’t decided on the field. That’s all I’m going to say.”  Please discern the video for yourself and do your own research. Video courtesy of the Jim Crenshaw channel.


FBI Gets Great Night’s Sleep

The FBI raided Mike Lindell looking for evidence of a crime, but what they found instead was a good night’s sleep. More from The Babylon Bee.

The Roast Of The Big Guy

Nancy Pelosi leads the roast to Joe Biden. She asks him, “Who gets the pay check…you or Obama?” More from The United Spot.

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