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Does Elon Support Free Speech?

Elon Musk makes a lot of headway playing a free speech advocate, but he is still engaging in censorship on Twitter. In one of his latest moves, he banned Matt Walsh’s film What Is A Woman, before turning around and allowing the film to exist on Twitter. Mr. Reagan expresses relief that the film will remain online, but also disappointment with Musk for equivocating on his anti-censorship pledge.

NASA & The Occult UFO File

Please join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the occult origins of NASA. This follows NASA’s recent public presentation, trying to hide the UFO File in a bureaucratic morass of intel terms like UAP and AARO.

Dark Journalist looks at the early days of NASA and how CalTech Scientist/Occultist Jack Parsons, a student of Aleister Crowley, created the prototype of the Space Program with his mystical rocket experiments and the development of the Jet Propulsion Lab.

How Christians Can Fight Back

Sometimes, the only way forward is backward. For instance, the modern obsession with “my personal truth.” The solution to this destructive force, according to author and podcast host Spencer Klavan, lies in ancient wisdom and the timeless question, “How is that working out for you?”

Spencer joins Glenn Beck to apply his expertise in classic literature and philosophy to the enigmas and culture wars of today, from the hubris of atheism to the rot of academia. And with a Ph.D. from Oxford, he knows a thing or two about academics. He walks Glenn through how the innovations of science have led to the religion of science, which in turn has bred horrors. He explains why he says, “Transgenderism is transhumanism.”

And as a gay man, he responds to the destruction of truth in the name of people like him, including the possibility that Pride Month could be used to paint any dissenters as “Christian nationalists.” Spencer also walks Glenn through the big ideas in his latest book, “How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises.” But, despite it all, there’s room for hope, he says. The decay of society may just be a great opportunity to make civilization better.

Title 42 Kill Shot

Sofia Smallstorm returns to discuss the Marxist cultural revolution that has indoctrinated many Americans to hate their nation, and to turn away from God. Add to that the Title 42 kill shot which has resulted in a total invasion of our country by hundreds of thousands of military aged men, and it seems it’s just a matter of time before WW3 is unleashed on the zombified public. Here’s more from the SGTReport.


Biden Ushering In Recession

The Biden administration is bragging about job creation, yet unemployment is rising. What gives?

Looks like a lot of lower-middle class employees are taking second jobs. They no longer can get by with one job, so they’re now holding down more part-time jobs. These might be 10 to 20 hours a week, but they provide enough cash to offset escalating food costs, utilities, gasoline, the inflationary spiral.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 says this spurt of second-tier jobs likely signals a deeper recession ahead. Another sign of a looming recession: rising credit card debt. So button down, and get prepared for tough times.

Gay Cringe Month

It’s June — the month when all of the fast-food chains and other corporate swills push their gay pride nonsense. Gays are so much a part of the leftist hierarchy that they rank a full month, as opposed to a weekly or daily homage. That’s unfortunate for the rest of us,  as we grow weary of this movement and its ever-growing craziness and lunacy. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Dems: Pay For Your Rights!

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer contends that the Democrat Party’s war against the First Amendment is getting downright ridiculous!

The Dems’ latest assault on our First Amendment rights comes from sunny, uber-wacky California, where Democrat Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks has introduced a bill that would require social media companies to pay a monthly journalism usage fee! Translation: Democrats want you to pay to access your First Amendment rights. Now how Draconian is that? Here’s Shroyer with the details, plus more.


Weather-Controlled Famine

Josh Sigurdson reports that the bad guys are out to destroy the worldwide food supply with not only insane climate policies and sabotage, but also with weather modification.

NOAA recently predicted a 90 percent chance of an El Nino weather pattern from summer into the winter months, which could devastate crop production. Says Sigurdson, “We have to ask: Is the weather being manipulated. We already know governments can manipulate the weather with cloud seeding.”

Meanwhile, green policies have cemented a starvation epidemic on top of already existing shortages across the board, plus a stranger version of mad cow disease is causing mass recalls of meat. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Speaker In Hot Water With GOP

H.A. Goodman reports that Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s victory lap over the passage of the recent debt-ceiling bill may be short-lived.

Goodman says the deal upset Freedom Republicans, who argued the deal should have enacted deeper spending cuts and shorter borrowing limits. He foresees Republicans beginning no-confidence proceedings in the near future against McCarthy. Says Goodman, “The next big test for McCarthy will be if you see more Democrats than Republicans voting on the next big bill in the House, then you will see no-confidence proceedings and an attempt to remove him.” Here’s his report.

Violence Nixed On NY Subways

Why are the criminally insane being made unsafe in their own homes?Why are the criminally insane being made unsafe in their own homes? More from FreedomToons.

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