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August: A Really Hot Month

The patriots are ready for the offensive. Everything is coming together all at once. The month of August is typically a hot month, but nature is unpredictable. New SM site coming online in August. Election audit report released in August, Congress away in August, coincidence. More from the X22 Report.

This is about protecting our children. For God and country means so much more. Pray! More from And We Know.

Brennan’s Last Words

Was former CIA Director John Brennan executed on June 7th after being found guilty of treason and charges against the United States? Is former FBI Director James Comey the next in line, due to be executed no later than July 4? Sarge from Icons and McAllister TV discuss the growing swirl of rumors involving military tribunals. The first arrest, it’s said, will shock the word. Will it be the Pope? The Queen? A big industrialist like Bill Gates? Or someone else?

Here, Sarge and McAllister TV host Linda Paris talk about the repercussions of military control.  Are there back channels we can begin to understand?

Rothschilds And Coded Warning

WE WERE WARNED. And now they own the world, and manipulate EVERYTHING. More from the SGTReport.

Pardon My Woo

The numbers of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic are going to be infinitesimal compared to the numbers of deaths we will now begin to see from the spiked vaccines. So says Clif_high in a new video exploring the growing evidence that the vaccines aren’t designed to preserve life, but rather to spread mass deaths and sterilizations. It will only be a matter of weeks, if not a month or two, before the population wises up to the chicanery.

Who’s behind it? Powerful politicians and business elites, like Bill Gates, who have been pushing depopulation for many, many years. This is not nature taking down people, but the murdering scum in control of society, backed by their media stooges. Here, we begin to get a look at the repercussions if we see 100,000,000 or even one billion or more people die over the next two to three years.

Food Shortages Inevitable

Industry experts are warning that food shortages are “inevitable” in the UK as crops rot without reaching retail. Imports of beef from the EU are to be cut 85% under Brexit, leaving Brits asking “Where’s the beef?” and seeing absurdly high prices. What’s more — the mainstream media is acknowledging the food shortages ahead, which means we are truly entering the “Problem/Reaction” stage of the dialectic intended to herd people into accepting the “Solution” of the fake food from the technocrats. The UK may be ahead of the curve here, but this is going global — watch this video to find out why. More from the Ice Age Farmer.


Video Proof Of Voter Fraud

The following video, which includes evidence of voter fraud from various sites during the November 2020 election, has been summarily banned on YouTube more than once.

It was obtained by the Eddy English channel and features a 17-minute compilation of cheating at various locations, from ballot stuffing, to completing blank ballots to illegal transfer of ballots, some of these deliberate actions right in front of law enforcement.  As always, use your own discretion when viewing the clip.

#Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged Cold War operation where the CIA manipulated the media for propaganda purposes. With growing evidence that the FBI was complicit in plotting the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill, could Operation Mockingbird be back?

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald tells Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that not only are the intelligence agencies manipulating the media  and deceiving the public again, they are doing it openly without fear of repercussion. “They don’t even do it secretly anymore. They don’t need Operation Mockingbird,” Greenwald says. “They literally put John Brennan, who works for NBC, and James Clapper, who works for CNN, and tons of FBI agents right on the payroll of these news organizations.” Here’s more analysis from Greenwald.

Giant Asteroid Headed To Earth

Stay tuned for Friday the 13th, April 2029! On that date, a massive 1,100-foot-wide asteroid named Apophis will pass near enough to Earth, making it clearly visible worldwide. Rest easy that the giant rock won’t strike our planet, but will come within 20,000 miles of Earth.

We might not be as lucky in 2036, when Apophis returns. In the 2029 flyby, Earth’s gravity and the objects Sun perihelion could alter Apophis’ orbit enough to pull it into a collision course with the planet in 2036. Check out more details on Lost History Channel TKTC.

Prayerful Milo Goes Straight

Milo Yiannopoulos has gone straight. At least, he’s been eschewing the gay and lascivious pathway for the past year. Here, he offers a message to his gay brothers and friends, encouraging them to adopt a different lifestyle. He’ll be opening a center in Florida to help gays who want to join him and go straight.

The Joe And Putin Show

Joe Biden meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. Joe is proud. He can still spell D-O-G! More from The United Spot.


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