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Canada’s Sad Eeyores

Ezra Levant, pundit with the Sun News Network in Canada, is on a roll, fighting back against the “sad Eeyores” of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council who have made it their mission to censor him. Not only is Levant coming out swinging, but so are the CBSC censors, who he says are transforming from “Eeyores” into Green Hulksters, hellbent to “smash” him. Just how big a threat do these censors pose? Hard to say judging the situation from afar here in the States, but bear in mind that the CBSC is the same ridiculous outfit that recently upbraided a Canadian radio station for playing Dire Straits’ song Money for Nothing. It seems one listener had complained, more than 25 years later, because the 1985 song contained the derogatory word “faggots.”

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