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Schumer Screams Fire

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, calls for limits on the First Amendment during a July 16 speech on the Senate floor. The purpose of Schumer’s address: To pimp his DISCLOSE ACT, aimed at restricting corporations from making financial contributions to political PACs, ostensibly in the name of transparency.

What’s wrong with Schumer’s push? He’s a fraud who didn’t raise any stink whatsoever when Obama outspent McCain, $770 million to $322 million, in the 2008 election. Nor has Schumer objected in the slightest to the more than $500 million spent by global tycoon George Soros to construct an echo chamber of non-profit organizations engaged in secretive, Astroturf efforts to influence the outcome of US elections.

Chuck is only squawking now because the GOP PACs are beginning to outpace their Democratic counterparts in attracting corporate funds, and so, feeling the pinch, he wants to chip away at the First Amendment. Sorry, buddy, but if your party is patently anti-capitalist, and you thus see diminishing donations from businesses, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Your expedient needs and extremist agenda hardly justify undermining liberties we have enjoyed in America for more than 200 years.

Even the ACLU understands the dangers posed by the DISCLOSE ACT, opposing it on the grounds that it “would inflict unnecessary damage to free speech rights and does not include the proper safeguards to protect Americans’ privacy.” Chuck, get serious, dude. Stop screaming fire.

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