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Countdown to Bacon…2

Only two days to go before Call Me Stormy’s A DAY OF BACON marathon. That’s right. On Monday, September 24, we’ll bring you 24 different prime bacon clips from the movies, cartoons, music videos, you name it — a new one every hour for 24 straight hours.

Our purpose? You’ve heard of drawing a “red line” in the sand? Well, we’ll be drawing 24 of them in the form of succulent, mouth-watering bacon strips. Who are they meant for? Who ever wants to catch the dripping grease.

These are troubling times, so we all could use a heaping helping of sizzling bacon humor. Do tell your family and friends so they can get in on the fun and the free and freedom-loving group therapy. Here’s a little taste of what’s in store…as a few Canadians with a healthy appetite for comedy prepare the ultimate Great White North Hoagie.

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