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Time to Smoke the Liberals

Remember Mel Gibson rallying the Scottish Highlanders in Braveheart? Breitbart reporter, CNN contributor and Tea Party organizer Dana Loesch channels that fiery spirit in a pep talk she gave 6,500 FreedomWorks grassroots activists attending a bootcamp earlier this month in Cincinnati, Ohio. “I’m in it to win,” Loesch says. “I want to walk away in November and, figuratively speaking, I want my opponents to be nothing but a smoking pile of ash.”

Bear her words in mind on Nov. 6. There are an estimated 41 million Tea Party supporters in America, representing 31 percent of the electorate — a larger bloc by far than the 25 million American voters who identify themselves as liberals. We outnumber them, so now’s not the time to get demoralized by skewed polls produced by biased, left-leaning media outlets. Now’s the time to mobilize, get out the vote and smoke ’em.

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