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Are You a Psychopath?

Psychologist Kevin Dutton presents the classic psychological test known as “the trolley problem” with a variation. Take the test and measure your response on the psychopathic spectrum.

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5 thoughts on “Are You a Psychopath?

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  2. Does the fat guy falling on the track derail a speeding train and potentially kill many more than on the track?

  3. Capt. Craig on said:

    You have gone off the rails Kelvin.

  4. High Plains Grifter on said:

    This guy’s hairstyle is so unflattering and so unlike anything a competent stylist would create, that I find it unsettling. My altruistic and non-psychopathic nature demands that I look him up on the intertubes and tell him so he can fix this hairstyle and stop inflicting it on the world.

  5. High Plains Grifter on said:

    PsychopaTHIC option is impractical and should be rewritten. The fattest man in the world would not slow a train noticeably.

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