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Babes of Burlesque: 18


This British songbird with a snow-white complexion harkens back to the grand Music Hall traditions, delivering comedy and patriotic war songs as well as sultry fan dances and even 18th century satire. C.J. Lazaretti, writing in This Is Cabaret, captured her appeal: “With a pair of war-themed skits, Elsie Diamond is a one-woman show. Tackling classics like `There’ll Always Be An England’ and Florence Desmond’s `The Deepest Shelter in Town’ on ukulele,  she boasts mellifluous vocals before launching into comely strip numbers full of poise.”

Elsie with her rousing England, performed last January.

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Take shelter, boys! Elsie sings and dances to “The Deepest Shelter in Town,” 2011, at the Proud Cabaret.

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