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Babes of Burlesque: 40


Born and raised in southern Spain, Medianoche is a professional tango and flamenco dancer as well as a stripper. Some of her acts pay nostalgic homage to Spain — such as “Granada” and “Dada del Ruso” — but she can also bust loose with something modern, like “Typewriters and Fishnets,” in which a secretary abandons her typing for a low stocking peel with a desktop tassel-twirl climax.

A member of the vibrant New York burlesque scene, she tours extensively, including a stint in Dita von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray! cast. Described by the emcee as “sin in a hourglass,” here she performs a sultry number to live music by The Hot Sardines in Dominion, New York. The band members do seem to be having trouble averting their gaze.

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At the 4th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival, Medianoche demonstrates how to do the slow burn. She is quite the tease.

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