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Spider’s Web of the Conspiracy

Finally, we are beginning to see the full dimensions of the Department of Justice-FBI network that conspired to steal the election from President Donald Trump. It was the biggest and most treasonous coup attempt in American history, run by and for Liberals who saw their worst enemy elected President. Dick Morris reports.

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Now, FBI super-spy, Bruce Ohr, has been painted in the past as a minor Justice Department official. Yet, he was the guy who, after the FBI cut ties with British spy Christopher Steele – the guy collecting and selling the fake Trump “dossier” – Bruce Ohr was Steele’s connection. Bruce Ohr’s wife funneled money from the Clinton campaign to continue to fund the fake dossier effort and Bruce Ohr continued to disseminate it in government circles. Now, here’s the kicker, it turns out that Bruce Ohr was the highest-ranking permanent resident of the DOJ. Rosenstein, Sally Yates – all of those better-known names were all political appointees. Tucker Carson explains, with additional commentary by Bill Still.

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