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The World Is Venezuela

And it’s going to get bad really soon. That’s the bleak message from two financial experts — Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter — interviewed by Greg Hunter of Get ready for the reset in the price of everything, including gold and silver.

Sinclair says, “It’s going to be a Friday to Monday event. There is going to be an explosion, and the explosion is a change. It may blow your mind, but the explosion would not be three or four months or a year in upticks in these items (gold and silver prices). Oh, they are going to uptick. That’s for sure. The finality of this is going to be the reset. . . .It is going to be something entirely new that doesn’t exist now. It may be engineered and not happening by natural causes. . . .You need to know who President Trump is, what he is a master of and what tools he has used effectively as part of his business. It’s not “The Art of the Deal,” it’s the science of bankruptcy.”

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